Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2nd, 2015 Pushed Along By Determination

December 2nd, 2015 Pushed Along By Determination

Today suffered from yesterday's exhaustive schedule. I made today count in wonderful ways, but it was a struggle pushed along by determination to make it through and choose a better bedtime tonight. I accomplished enough throughout the course of the day to enable a much earlier bedtime.

When I'm tired, I must be extra aware of the choices I'm making and the support I'm seeking. I had very little time to be present on facebook today, instead--I contacted support friends directly and interacted via two different calls and a few text exchanges. I took extraordinary care in this way and it helped propel me to another solid day.

This morning's radio show was highlighted by a very special guest!
 photo 0001234 a michaelmartinmurphy_zpsmnvausdt.jpg
Michael Martin Murphy joined News Director Beverly Bryant and me this morning in promotion of his big concert. I was handed a ticket to join in tonight and even agreed to go (It's really hard to say no when the artist is standing right in front of you). But then I realized, as much fun as it would have been to be a guest at his show tonight, it was simply more important for me to get in bed three hours earlier than last night. I called the venue and expressed my appreciation for the invite and to let them know I couldn't make it. It was the right thing to do. Had this been a weekend night, I would have gone! My 4:30am alarm comes quickly on weekday mornings. He was a great interview, by the way!

Another highlight today was finding Sunkist navel oranges for nineteen cents each! I love good food bargains!

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  1. You and I have totally different sleep habits. Here it is 5:30 AM and I am up, have had my coffee and am reading a few blogs. I usually awake between 4 and 5 AM and have most my housework/chores completed early. I love the mornings and am most productive then! I make my own work schedule, visit clients, do my progress notes and am in bed with a book by 9 PM- often earlier. How many hours a week do you work at your job, Sean? Also, I've been meaning to ask why you don't do a big grocery shopping? That definitely saves time although my pantry and fridge are full most of the time. Right now I am avoiding stores to use up food. If there is one thing I hate, it's wasting food. I also don't want to eat the last bites because they are there! Have you ever tried making weekly menus or do you do that in your head? I like to write things down but nothing is in stone and I like leftovers..a lot.

    1. It might be a male, female thing. My husband likes to shop as Sean shops, quick, small trips. If I am there, made the trip, I want to get everything possible so I do not need to go back for a long time.

    2. I've never liked big grocery shopping trips. The grocery stores are close to my apartment. My grocery shopping habits match my food planning habits. I don't pre-plan everything too far in advance. I make sure I have options and I select the one I'm feeling at that moment. Sometimes I'll decide what's for dinner when I walk into the kitchen. But again--I make sure the options are ready to go. That's just what works well for me. I don't do well with leftovers. :) Thank you for the questions, Nan! Oh--work...I'm not least 40 hours at my job--sometimes more, sometimes less... But it's everything else I do, plus that--making for a rough schedule sometimes.

    3. Vickie--you might very well have something there--I like to get in and out quickly.


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