Friday, December 18, 2015

December 18th, 2015 Simply Beautiful

December 18th, 2015 Simply Beautiful

I overslept this morning. Not enough to be late, just enough to rush through my early morning. When this happens, I end up sacrificing important things I do each morning. I planned on adding some simple body weight strength exercises in my morning routine. That is a plan that is happening. It didn't happen this morning, but it's happening. It'll be fun and easy to do. One of those, why didn't I start doing this sooner? ...type things.

There's always the potential for instability all day when a day starts rushed. Fortunately, I was determined this would be a great day. I made it great. I had a good show, I accomplished some things at work, I engaged support and I made a couple of really important phone calls. I also took extra care in preparing great food. I found a less than half price deal on fresh salmon, I resisted the coffee at the store (not too impressive--I did have coffee at home, tonight), and  I enjoyed a great treadmill workout at the gym. I came home, prepared an outstanding dinner and enjoyed a nice call with a support buddy.

Now, I'm looking through my photo collection (over 1,700) and selecting some for a collection of before & now pictures.

Just for fun...
 photo 52503214.jpg

 photo Beforeonstageatponcan.jpg

 photo Mail0025.jpg

 photo 36thBirthdayMoneyPicture.jpg

 photo Oldbeforephoto.jpg

 photo RyansIphonepicofme-1.jpg

 photo seansantapresents.jpg

 photo stage.jpg

 photo 0123aastandupset_zpsszlv0wwf.jpg

 photo Ladies night 3_zpst6vavj6p.jpg

 photo Selfie20night_zpsk0fsvnqm.jpg

 photo mom and me_zps34uknkvv.jpg

 photo 98655181-74de-44fc-8a9a-a74b9947b141_zpske39oqvx.jpg

That was fun! Okay-- I plan on having a productive and enjoyable weekend with plenty of rest and some pure joy built in each day. I get to sleep in tomorrow morning before a 1-4pm location broadcast, then I'm traveling to the LOL Comedy Club in Stillwater to see the show and perform a couple of short ten minute guest sets in the 7pm and 9:30pm shows.

This is likely one of my earliest posting times on a Friday night in more than a year.

Oh-- one more thing... I was sitting at my desk this evening, waiting for an expected support call when suddenly I heard singing. It sounded amazing. I quickly made my way to the door, opening it up to the most wonderful thing. Christmas Carolers--right downstairs! They immediately looked up, smiled and continued singing their beautiful song. Then--my phone rang... I couldn't shut the door on them!!! So I whispered into the phone... "I'll call you back in a few minutes, carolers are outside." I smiled at the carolers as they performed and they smiled back.

Is it normal to get slightly emotional when a large group of people are singing so beautifully while looking at you? I couldn't help it. I didn't start crying, but I had some lip tremble happening. I've never experienced this before...carolers, not the lip tremble thing.

Do I sing along? Or do I just enjoy and smile? Do I tip them or give them food? Invite them in for dark roast with half and half? These are questions that ran through my mind. What a blessing. After two encores, they made their way to another neighborhood to make someone else's day... simply beautiful. 

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  1. Christmas carolers want COOKIES and sugared hot cocoa ... Hahahahaaaa!

  2. You can give carolers a small monetary donation for their church or just for them to buy treats at the end of their singing evening.

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  4. This is a spelling edit of auto correct of previous post:
    Your joy at their singing and your "thank-you" are enough for most carolers! :)
    I met my spouse while caroling and we did get cookies from the retirement home we visited. People at homes and apartments just listened, smiled, and wished us a Merry Christmas as we finished singing.

    Merry Christmas, Sean! You are a blessing to many who hear your voice and read your writings!!!

  5. I imagine cookies would be nice here and there - but you wouldn't want them from every house! Not unless you wanted to look like Santa by the end.

    We don't have a roving caroller tradition in Australia, it sounds nice. Big department stores do often have a staff choir who sing in the store, and we have things like Carols in the Park which we are going to tonight, people will lead on stage but everyone will sing along. Of course it's the middle of summer here, it will be stinking hot and still full daylight.


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