Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5th, 2015 Doing What They Do

December 5th, 2015 Doing What They Do

Today was a really good Saturday. I slept in fairly well, enjoyed some great coffee and prepared a wonderful brunch. I planned on seeing the new Hunger Games movie today, but scrapped that plan when other things popped up.

I made my way to the studio for a special broadcast this afternoon, interviewing the stars of a big concert set for tonight at the historic Poncan Theatre. Their tour manager called this afternoon to take us up on the offer for interviews prior to showtime. We quickly put together the special broadcast. It was fun! 
 photo With Ronnie and Friends_zpsurhgiuvq.jpg
Tommy Cash (Johnny Cash's little brother), Ronnie McDowell, Deborah Allen and me, right after the broadcast.
 photo With Ken Mellons and Teea Goans_zps11oledno.jpg
Country artists Teea Goans and Ken Mellons joined me for a selfie.

I left the studio in just enough time to pick up Amber for a daddy-daughter evening out. We dined at our favorite mom and pop country cooking type place. I treat myself to some good fried catfish once or twice a month. This place has excellent catfish.
 photo With Amber Girl_zpsljtzmbs7.jpg
We made our way to the theatre for the big concert, stayed for quite a while before leaving a little early, picked up a coffee and enjoyed some great conversation.

I hit my daily maintenance goals today. It was an off/rest day for a workout. I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I maintained my abstinence from refined sugar, I hit my water goal, logged everything in MyFitnessPal, Tweeted pictures and descriptions of everything and I'm writing this blog tonight. These are daily elements regardless of what the day presents.

If you're on MyFitnessPal, friend request me! My food log/diary is set to public. My username is: SeanAAnderson

I'm very grateful for where I am today. Maintenance mode has been a nice surprise for me. Being able to consume the higher maintenance calorie level (600 more per day over weight loss mode) has required a mental adjustment. At my current activity level, 2300 seems to be the maintain budget. When I increase my workouts, I could very likely add more.

Making the fundamental elements of my recovery important each day is giving me a lot of hope that maintenance mode will continue in stride. I'm not in fear of a regain. The only reason I'm not in fear of regain: Because I fully appreciate the fragile nature of my balance. I acknowledge that if I no longer make the elements of my recovery important--I will regain, no question. But, if I continue to hold sacred the elements of my recovery, come what may, then I'm confident I'm going to make it another day--and another and day at a time.  I have many friends in maintenance who have years and years of successful maintenance behind them. This is what they do. I'm doing what they do! 

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  1. I too would love to try some catfish. I just never see it here in BC. I love fish of any kind. Well Sean, your post is encouraging as ever. I would love to get to where you are. I have faith though that one day I will. I've made it this far so far. I would like to keep trying to cut back on the sugars with the plan to go sugar free again. I've tried it "cold turkey" which led me to a binge before I found that "sweet spot" of not craving it. Yes, I gave in to it. Thanks for your post. As always it's full of encouragement whether you meant to or not. Hope your Sunday is as enjoyable as your Saturday. Take care.

    1. You're on your way, Leah. Don't give up, my friend. It's been a great Sunday!!! By the way, I promise that "sweet spot" exists. :)

  2. It's exciting that you no longer fear maintenance. For me, I've had to make small shifts every 6-12 months, but we are talking tiny. I know there are others who have maintained for 10-20 years+ . I'm in this for the long haul. Onward, Sean!

    1. That makes a lot of sense, Karen--to make very small shifts occasionally. I'm with you, Karen--the long haul indeed!!! I look up to you and all the years of maintenance you have!


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