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December 6th, 2015 No Buffet Navigating Story

December 6th, 2015 No Buffet Navigating Story

I made sure to get a good workout in before heading to my hometown for a family gathering this afternoon/evening. I picked up Noah for the trip. We had a blast!

The gathering was in honor of my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary at a big buffet style restaurant. There's no menu ordering at this place. You have the buffet option only.

We arrived and immediately started visiting with relatives. I hadn't seen some of them in years. My aunt Wilma kept staring at my end of the table. Finally, someone told her who I was. She didn't recognize me! She later shared, "I finally asked who's that man down there?" I'll take that as a very nice compliment. I thanked her.

I grabbed Noah a nice plate of food--but he wasn't interested in eating. He wanted to visit and play. I made my way around to the multiple tables of family, catching up and enjoying the visit.

And I didn't eat. Yep. No buffet navigating story to share. I did eat a small piece of my cousin Kristen's sugar free all natural peanut butter chocolate dessert. Kristen is refined sugar free just like me. She brought her own homemade sugar free ranch dressing and this amazing sugar free dessert.

I had a late lunch after my workout. It was a little later than I planned. Arriving at the restaurant for the gathering an hour and a half later, I just wasn't hungry. I had some smoked and salted almonds and some cheese in my man bag, just in case. And I did eat them upon leaving the restaurant. This skipping the buffet meal worked well. It wasn't just because I had an awesome late lunch. I've never been impressed with the quality of food at this place. And honestly, I was there to visit with family and I did just that, very well.

The fact that I didn't eat dinner at the restaurant wasn't an issue. And I could have navigated the choices, easily. I thought about it midway through the visit. I held tight and enjoyed a cup of coffee and conversation with my uncle.

I just liked my plan better, even if it did leave me eating a rather late #lastfoodofday.
 photo A20family20gathering_zpstt1vp5bf.jpg
With Noah, my mom and my cousin Kristen! We had a great time! As we were leaving, Noah decided to make me chase him all over the parking lot. We were literally running. Then, he started chasing me with his arms above his head as he scowled and hissed. It was time to play Noah Monster!!!! Oh no!!! Scary!!! I play along and he laughs and laughs. Awe, that kid is such a blessing, such a joy.

This grandpa is hitting the pillow! Kristen told me I didn't look like a grandpa. I'll take that as another nice compliment this evening!

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  1. I'm hanging on by a thread.... still reading daily. Just disappointed in myself that I let myself not care.... Reading you and some others to find that hope again...
    On another note... You look great and look incredibly happy!! And Noah... who couldn't smile when you see him smile? Good lord.. he is so happy!! Nice life , Sean!! :)



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