Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 12th, 2016 Each Day

January 12th, 2016 Each Day

I've canceled my upcoming workshop/seminar. It was a fairly easy decision considering my registrations numbered zero. I'll regroup and consider a different approach. I'm fine with this and still just as determined to develop these seminars. Someday, when my seminars/workshops are successful, this will be an interesting fact. "Hey, remember canceling the first one because not one single person registered?" Yep.

Today was solid on a few different levels. I make the elements of my recovery very important each day. My goals are supported by these elements of accountability and support. I'm not immune from relapse/regain, ever. I'm maintaining very well. But I'm always aware that this successful maintenance mode I'm experiencing isn't successful because I've found any sort of magic. I haven't. It's successful thus far because I make the fundamental elements of my recovery critically important each day.

Each day, I track and log all food and water in MyFitnessPal. I maintain the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget and I remain abstinent from refined sugar. As an accountability measure, I Live-Tweet the entire process each day. I stay connected with great support friends every day. I write this blog each night without fail, even if it's a really short one. Some nights I enjoy exploring certain mental/emotional elements. I've done quite a bit of this deep exploration stuff over the course of the last seven years--and especially in the last 600 plus days of daily postings during this turnaround from a 164 pound relapse/regain.

Each day, I remind myself how my continued success isn't guaranteed. I remind myself the importance of staying grounded and tightly embracing my recovery. It isn't magic but the feeling I get to experience each day I remain food-sober, is magical.

Letting the tweets take it the rest of the way. Goodnight!

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  1. Hey Sean, you should revise the header on your blog! It talks about how you are currently on your way back down after regain, but you're back into maintenance now.

    Sorry to hear there were no registrations, that must have been disappointing.

    1. I need to see if I can get Loretta to do another one for me. I originally gave her the wrong regain amount...it was 164, not 143...I have no idea how to do that kind of stuff. I agree, it needs changed! I'll send her an email and see if she can help me.
      Awe...the seminar--yeah, it's okay. I've put together a powerful curriculum for it--and I have some very high hopes for it moving forward. It will happen. I'm not worried. I'll regroup and approach it again soon.
      Thank you, Natalie!

  2. Such a shame about your seminar ...
    So disappointing when you put so much heart and soul into preparing for something that you really believe in and ppl don't seem to catch your vision
    Don't be too down just know your ahead of your time
    I would have love to come

    1. Thank you, TR, very much. I'm not taking it personally--It'll be okay. I'm confident that I have something of value to offer...and I'll continue developing it and be back again.
      If you weren't a 16 hour flight away from another continent, I know you would be here for it! :) Thank you very much for your awesome support.

  3. Keep the faith Sean. You're awesome!

  4. If I was closer, I would have attended the seminar Sean. I find so much value from reading your posts. I wish I had the strength and courage to put a similar plan in place.

  5. I would have loved to come to your seminar but time and travel are not part of my plans right now. Bring a seminar to upstate NY and I'll be there. I believe once the ball gets rolling, you will be in high demand and your seminars will sell out and you will have to decline requests because of time constraints. Keep on keeping on. Your journey is touching more people than you will ever know! Peggy


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