Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13th, 2016 Repeating The Same Patterns

January 13th, 2016 Repeating The Same Patterns

My maintenance mode plan involves daily goals. I've discussed these in detail recently, so I won't list them all again tonight. These goals include certain elements I deem "Non-Negotiable." I would need to explore my psyche a little deeper to dissect why certain things get the non-negotiable status and others, like exercise and enough sleep, often don't.

My daily goals were set this morning and included being in bed not a minute later than 10pm. I hit every single one of my other goals square--bulls-eye, except the sleep goal. I promised myself I wouldn't write again about my issues with getting enough sleep. I've exhausted this topic a few times and I keep repeating the same patterns. Maybe this schedule is so deeply ingrained in who I am, that any attempt to change it all at once becomes completely misaligned with my authentic self. I'm not saying change isn't possible, I mean seriously--that would be ironic coming from me. Maybe I need to explore some small changes in the direction of better sleep. A gradual evolution of sleep habits, if you will. I'll give that some serious consideration.

In an effort to salvage a somewhat decent compromise of a bedtime, I'll allow the Tweets to take it the rest of the way.

It was a fantastic day in every other way!

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  1. You're probably not tired at 10 PM or you'd go to bed! I like early mornings so I've always been a person who goes to bed early because I'm TIRED. I eat my dinner a lot earlier though and I have never been much of a snacker. I prefer larger portions when I eat. It's about 4:30 AM here and soon I'll be eating some oatmeal. I'll probably have lunch around 11. It's finishing up the soup I made Monday and maybe a spinach salad since I have half the bag left from the soup recipe. For dinner, I'm having a Thai dish- a new recipe with jasmine rice. There should be plenty for tomorrow. I try to limit my caffeine to 1 or 2 cups a day and maybe 1 bottle of CF diet soda or LaCroix. I can't drink as much water as you do but I like water. Mom just hated it! So what time do you plan on bedtime tonight? Do you read in bed? I read at least 45 minutes every night- that help me fall right to sleep too. Good luck on the sleep- it definitely is good for stress/health.

  2. Sean,

    I feel I'm the same way. For me it is not sleeping poorly, it is the alarm. If I went to bed in a cool dark place, without an alarm, I'd sleep 7-8 hours. I have to be woken up to start my day and go to work. So, my challenge is getting to bed.

    I feel the urge to insert some advice here, but I won't. Another way I think about it is that there are the thin people (like you) who just seem to do it, and that is who they are, and there are those that just seem to go to bed at an earlier time.

    (You are now officially one of 'those people' in my mind that I am not like, because I'm different and it is harder for me. :)

    This little story about 'others' doing it so effortlessly is just a story about how I'm suffering an extra burden and I really can't do it for one reason or another. Bunk. Thin-early to bed- people have their work that they do, and their challenges, I am just as capable of adopting practices and steps and supports to eat reasonably, maintain a healthy weight, and afford myself the opportunity to sleep 7-8 hours by going to sleep at a certain time. I'm no different. But it is a good story I tell myself.

    I hope you do start delving in to your "story" that you use to fighting against good sleep. It might help me.

    What does it say about you to shut everything off and brush your teeth at 8:50 pm?

    Good luck, and thanks again.



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