Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 6th, 2016 I Almost Did It, Remember?

January 6th, 2016 I Almost Did It, Remember?

The car situation put me home super late last night. I hurried through my blog post, hit the pillow and then stayed awake for I don't know how long. I was obsessing about the car. I did get to sleep, finally--incredibly late. I woke feeling completely out of sorts. Once again, for the second time in three days, I had to call for backup on my radio show.

Mid-morning found me contemplating a postponement of weigh-in day until tomorrow. I even sent a text to Gerri regarding my intention to postpone.

But then it hit me. Wait a second, okay--I'm on tilt, I missed work, I don't feel well and my car is still sitting in Stillwater, forty-two miles away. The best way for me to get through this instability and uncertainty is to maintain stability and certainty where I can. Isn't that the prayerful path to serenity?

This too shall pass. The car will get fixed. I will get back to work. I will feel better. And sacrificing things important to me will not make any of those things happen faster or better.

Maintaining the integrity of the plan is paramount to my success. My non-negotiables can remain stable in my fundamental elements stream even when my life stream experiences instability. This parallel streams philosophy, with life in the foreground and the elements of my recovery running constantly in the background like a computer's anti-virus, has proven to be a monumental perspective shift during the turnaround from relapse/regain.

This kind of perspective isn't anything new. People in successful recovery from many different things go through much more challenging life happenings while maintaining their sacred embrace. It's just that important. My life and freedom depend on me giving what I do each day, a tight embrace, a warm acceptance and an importance level set on high. If I don't, I will become lost and I'll quickly return to 500 pounds and beyond. I don't say that in fear. I say that in fact. I almost did it, remember?

So, I made my way to the doctor's office almost an hour past the normal maintenance weigh-day time, and I found this:
 photo 211.4 weigh day_zps7107ydvw.jpg
This represents a .6 pound loss in the last two weeks. I couldn't be more pleased. I could elaborate on reasons why I expected something in the other direction--but I'll just be quiet and grateful. I truly feel blessed beyond measure. Maintenance is working very well. The last few months shows a fairly tight trend.
 photo photo 20_zpsjszbkkxv.png
I'm proud of the numbers trend. It shows me what I'm doing is working well.

I had the honor and pleasure of recently being interviewed by Regina Swarn for her show "Inspirational Topics Worldwide." The interview aired today at 1pm my time on iCona Pro Radio. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a location recording session with a client at that time, so I missed most of the show. I caught the last few minutes. If you missed it too, no worries! It's available by clicking the link below and pressing the play button on the podcast. Happy listening!

I enjoyed dinner out with Amber in celebration of her 26th birthday. We dined at a barbecue place. I pride myself on approaching just about any menu with an eye for what will work within my plan, but I must admit--after requesting a couple of sugar checks from the general manager, it became increasingly difficult tonight.

I originally ordered the chicken plate. When it arrived I could tell, just by looking--it had some sugar based sauce. I asked and sure enough, sugar was the number one ingredient in the sauce. The meat is prepared that way, so there isn't a way to order it without. I asked if they had something without this special sauce. And they did...

Turkey! I've had my fair share of turkey this week!! But you know what? I enjoyed the turkey. But mostly, Amber and I enjoyed each other's company. And really, that was the point of our time tonight.

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  1. "Maintaining the integrity of the plan" is such a great phrase. I love it. I think integrity is one of the favourite words/values that I teach the meaning of to the kids I teach and I feel that I have integrity in my everyday living, but when it comes to weight loss? Not so much! I feel a post coming on about that exact topic!

    1. FFF, Yes, is a powerful thing. Isn't it a normal thing to apply integrity in every other area except the areas we're capable of rationalizing less? Especially if the rationalizing is in protection/enabling of behaviors we've become really good at doing. I always had great explanations/rationalizations for sacrificing the integrity of my plan--any time, for any reason. Exploring this, for each of us, is critically important, in my opinion. :)

  2. Sean, firstly congrats on the weigh in, yes your maintenance plan is working. Next, your explanation of "parallel stream" - well, it made great sense and something that seems so obvious but that I hadn't thought of before. The world at times can be crazy, and our lives can get crazy but as you pointed out, having the maintenance basics running all the time in the background despite whatever else is going on - well that's the magic bullet (although we know there is no magic, don't we). Thank you for putting your thoughts out like this, they do make a difference, they do make folks see things differently - I know I can't be the only one. Kind of a deeper insight of the phrase 'look after yourself first' - the parallel stream theory fleshes out what looking after yourself could be. (sorry this is so long!)

    1. Isabel, thank you! The parallel streams philosophy has played a major role for me in maintaining consistency through tough times. I appreciate your words here. Thank you. I try to communicate/describe the shifts in perspective that have helped me in monumental ways. I'm glad this resonated deeply for you!!!

  3. "...And sacrificing things important to me will not make any of those things happen faster or better."

    That is an awesome statement! LOVE IT!

    How wonderful that you've maintained over the traditional overindulgent eating times of the year. Proud and happy for you!

    1. LM, thank you!! It's true!! When I stopped depending on food to do things it's not capable of doing, it stopped a lot of the insane merry-go-round that often becomes a part of the process. I appreciate this, LM. Thank you!!

  4. I am sooooo happy for your maintenance. Awesome!!! Sorry it's been a rough week but you sure are handling it great!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Lynn!!! It feels incredible. A lot of peace and calm. I'm intensely grateful for this. Doing my best to maintain peace and calm each day.


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