Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 30th, 2016 Outside Of Our Fog

January 30th, 2016 Outside Of Our Fog

I slept in this morning really well. A few hours later, I took an awesome nap. Today was a good rest day. It was well rounded, too. I had some really solid support connections, prepared some great meals and picked up and brought home my grandson.

I had a friend watch Noah while I made my way to the gym for a quality workout, then came home for dinner and playing with the Noah Monster (a game he loves to play where he pretends to be a monster and I pretend to be frightened). I wasn't planning on getting Noah today, but it worked out well. And he's always so much fun!
 photo Noah Wrestling_zpsuxqsknhb.jpg
Getting down in the floor and wrestling or running after him is very easy at my current weight. At my heaviest, most of this wouldn't have happened. I can say that with certainty considering I was once that 500 pound father of two kids his age. I did a lot of recliner lounging and sofa sleeping when my girls were young. I can't go back two decades and change my lack of activity. But I can sure take extraordinary care now and be very active with my grandson and future grandchildren. I guess it's easy to not fully realize what you missed until you start experiencing life unencumbered by morbid obesity. It's a whole new world.

This full appreciation of where I am is more profound than before. Making the connection between this freedom and these blessings and how what I do each day in support of my continued recovery directly affects all of it, is a daily awareness. I don't take any of this for granted.

The acceptance and full embrace of what I do (my fundamental elements of recovery) and the desire to do these things well is made much easier when I'm most aware of what they support in my life. And what they support is a life worth living to the fullest.

Does it mean I'm not tempted or occasionally lured into old ways of thinking more food will somehow fix things? No. Those thoughts creep in every now and again and always will for the rest of my life. I don't believe those lies anymore. Still, I'm never above getting lost in the deception. And this is exactly why maintaining a strong accountability and support system is critically important. More often than not, the perspective of another who's residing outside of our fog, and who's experienced in navigating this course, can help us see and guide us through.

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  1. I always thought it was goo-goo g-joo? (your mug says job)

  2. That is some good popcorn calories!

  3. Hi Sean, I'm a new reader and enjoying your blogs. You make one good looking omelette. You obviously have the technique down. Mine turn out like scrambled eggs lol.


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