Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1st, 2016 As Planned

April 1st, 2016 As Planned

There are times when the occasional Tweets Only edition doesn't really give much insight/context into a particular day--it only shows the consumption of food, water and coffee.

Tonight's edition offers a little more in the Tweets. I look forward to elaborating on the experience of the last two days, much more, in tomorrow night's edition. Tonight, I must drop in bed.

I'm looking forward to sharing certain maneuvers that were pivotal in insuring my success at the broadcasting convention. It was a a wonderful experience.

The best thing for me was making the decision to confirm sugar-status with each chef prior to meals. My abstinence from refined sugar is the single most important nutritional element of my maintenance plan. I confirmed, once again--if I politely ask for what I need, people are generally happy to help.

Until tomorrow night's recap of the experience--I'll simply say without question, everything went as planned.

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  1. Is it common to have your dessert/cake sitting in front of you for the entire meal? I would find that very distracting!

    I'm glad things went well.

    1. It isn't common, really. That was lunch--and the table was set with it from the start. The dinner, however--was more traditional, with each course coming out separately. It did go very well. I'm grateful!! Thank you, Natalie!

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