Friday, July 5, 2019

July 5th, 2019 Good Timing

July 5th, 2019 Good Timing

Yesterday was a 5-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, I exercised well at my event last night, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

The schedule was challenging yesterday; a well-timed set of things needed to be done and I'm happy to report it worked out perfectly. Once the twenty-four on-air breaks were done, the choreography with the pyro crew was established and the fireworks started--I could finally relax, and I did. It was a beautiful display with a finale that filled the night sky in the most spectacular way. I watch it a little differently--constantly and automatically trying to decide how precisely the music is lined up by comparing the beats of the explosions with the rhythm of the music. It's not always apparent until the finale; when the music hits the final note at the climax of the display and the sky returns to darkness at precisely the moment the music fades--that's when you know for sure, it couldn't have gone better. 

Good pacing and good timing made yesterday work well. I also timed my food plan in order to eat a late lunch (Instagram below) right before my five hours at the station event. I packed some watermelon, a banana, a few bottles of water, and a refined sugar-free Quest protein bar for the night's festivities.

I feel a nice groove happening and I'm grateful for that peace. When a groove starts to form, especially in the midst of uncertainty, stress, and high emotion--historically, it's somewhat of an anomaly for me. I'm grateful!

Mom stayed at the nursing home yesterday. She didn't care for that plan, but her care plan called for it. I visited with her and her nurse in the afternoon and we spoke on the phone a few times. Her blood sugar levels are still too high. They're certainly staying on top of it with this new plan outlined by the doctor from the hospital.

Mom has two things to look forward to this weekend. She's scheduled to get her hair fixed today--which is good considering her hair was all she wanted to talk about on the way home from the hospital Wednesday. Tomorrow is my grandson Noah's 6th Birthday party. It will take some coordinating with the nurses regarding her new insulin and medication schedules and her constant need for oxygen, but we're going to make the effort to get her out and over to the party. It likely won't be as long of a visit as she prefers, but it'll be a visit out and about. We'll make the most of it!

I have minimal radio things to do this weekend--which is perfect for me because I have some other things I've been wanting to work on and it looks as though I'll have the time!

I ran into an old friend at the grocery store this morning, he was walking out as I was heading in on a quest for a ripe avocado (didn't find one). He and I share very similar stories in terms of this transformation stuff. It was the best mini-visit just steps from the sliding glass doors. We talked about food plans and the challenges of creating a daily practice we can embrace long-term, and the importance of learning from every experience along the way. It was a serendipitous blessing to see him this morning. We haven't been in contact with one another for quite some time--so we agreed a sit down visit soon was certainly in order. Staying connected with people "in the same lifeboat" is critically important! What a wonderful reminder.

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