Saturday, July 6, 2019

July 6th, 2019 Already Six

July 6th, 2019 Already Six

Yesterday was a 4-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Yesterday was a good, quiet, slower paced day. I needed that! I did some cleaning, rested some, and had a visit last night with mom at the nursing home.

I'm preparing for a big broadcast this morning. It's a short one, two hours--but it's two stations at the same time, so double the on-air breaks. It'll be an intense two hours! But after that, I'll come home to my oldest daughter, son-in-law, and my granddaughter Raegan. They're coming into town to stay with me tonight. They're coming for my grandson Noah's 6th birthday party this evening! We're excited! I can't believe he's already six years old-- how does time move so quickly??

I made arrangements with the nursing staff last night for mom's outing to the party. Her new care directives are scheduled all throughout each day, so it requires some planning to take her out. Mom's hair looks amazing--I'll capture a picture this evening, I'm sure. When her hair is looking great, it always has a positive effect on her overall spirit. And it doesn't matter how many times I tell her it looks great regardless-- if it isn't freshly done, she doesn't hear it.

My morning routine is done, I've had some good back and forth support communications already this morning, my food plan is set, and I'm ready for a good Saturday. I hope yours is a good one, too!

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