Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 87 Weigh Day Number Five Equals Seventy-Five

Day 87

Weigh Day Number Five Equals Seventy-Five

Today was yesterdays understudy, ready to step in in case inclement weather prevented the trip to Stillwater. It did very well as my official fifth bi-weekly weigh day. I was really hoping for another ten to twelve pounds, because I wanted to hit the 420's...But the scale went all the way to 430. I've lost another eight pounds! My total loss so far: Seventy-Five pounds! If anyone had any doubts about losing weight while eating “anything you want” and without any magic pills, I think I may end up convincing them! I'm not complaining at all. I'll take four to five pounds a week all year long! I have to admit, I was a little uneasy about this one. You see, even though I managed Thanksgiving well, allowing myself 2500 calories that day, my brain still registered that I had gone over 1,000. Now I know that going over 1,000 for one day out of two weeks will not contribute to weight gain, but I still had trouble with the mental acceptance of that well orchestrated plan. Then of course I had that little miniature meltdown the other night. I guess if my brain determines that I've cheated in any way, even if it was part of my plan, I still feel guilty, and expect to be punished for it come weigh day. Sounds silly, but I'll tell you this, one of the biggest things I've learned is how crazy the psychological aspects of this mission can be at times. I guess if losing eight pounds in two weeks is punishment, then bring it on! It was certainly a success, not punishment of any kind. I really wanted to hit at least 429, and had I taken off some clothing to weigh, I probably would have made it, but I probably would have been in jail too. I don't take anything off when I weigh. The way I look at it is real simple. When I weighed on Day 2 I was wearing clothes, as long as I always wear clothes, then I'm still getting an accurate “total lost”. If I had some high capacity scales in my bathroom, I'd probably weigh without the clothes, but I don't, I weigh in a very public place, so I gotta keep my britches on. On the way back I celebrated with a 280 calorie 99 cent bag of Rold Gold pretzels and a 25 calorie Propel grape fitness water. Yes, I spent 25 calories on a flavored water drink. Unlike me indeed, but I deserved it! For dinner I had an American classic, a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. I made it a double cheese grilled cheese sandwich too. And I put five saltines in my soup, all for a very nice dinner total of 525 calories.

I'll tell ya, my “cheeseaholic” post from not long ago was right on. I think it's just the holiday season, but for whatever reason, I've used more calories for cheese in the last two week period than all of the others combined. That's OK, but just strange really. I've had several people comment about my love of cheese, and several of them have admitted they too have a weakness for good cheese. I apparently have a weakness for even the not so good cheese. As long as it's real cheese, I'll give it a try. If it's imitation or “fat free”, then forget it! Cheese was meant to taste good! I'm not ready to call it “The Amazing Cheese Diet” just yet, but wow, I've really enjoyed cheese lately.

I'm hoping that my continued success will continue to inspire and re-inspire some of my friends and family. I would love for us all to do it together. I'll always give you my 100% support if you'll run with me! You can do it! Just decide. Of course a lesson I've learned, and it's one I've mentioned before, it doesn't matter how bad I want it for someone else, they will only make the decision and commitment necessary when they're ready. I just hope that doesn't become an excuse. I used it for years. “When I'm ready, I'll do it” is an excuse that allows you to eat whatever you want in the meantime. And remember, “someday” isn't listed on a calender. You have to decide, then commit, then make the very next morning that “someday” otherwise “someday” may never come. The only way I've been able to do this for 87 days in a row is by battling every excuse that comes my way. The great thing about this is, the more results you get the more exciting it gets. There are some really fun times ahead for me on this journey, and I give thanks everyday that I was given the internal power to stop myself while I still had time to be saved. It's very basic health facts: Obesity leads to all kinds of deadly things. I want to live. That's why I'm doing it now. What do you want?

I'll be in bed tonight before 9:30pm for the first time in a very long time. I'm looking forward to a really good nights rest. Stay warm and thanks for reading and giving me your support, because it plays a much bigger role in my success than you might imagine! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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