Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 95 Fruit N Yogurt is Yummy and My Incredibly Shrinking Fingers

Day 95

Fruit N Yogurt is Yummy and My Incredibly Shrinking Fingers

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I spent the morning playing in a poker tournament at a holiday party, today I made up for it! The great thing about extremely busy days, it keeps you moving and your mind occupied. I had little time to think about food. Now sometimes that might lead to bad choices, but not today, not at day 95! I'm developing another habit I really shouldn't. Fruit and yogurt parfaits from McDonalds. I had one for breakfast not too long ago and I was hooked. With the granola it checks in at 160 calories and has all the taste and goodness I crave. It taste kind of naughty! But it's good for you right? I like things like that! But, it's a dollar...That doesn't sound like much, but it really adds up. I've had one for breakfast five times in the last two weeks. In comparison, my fruit and cream instant oatmeal is only 130 calories and two bucks worth last two work weeks. Maybe I just treat myself to a fruit and yogurt parfait once or twice every two week weigh period. I could handle that. I don't think the employees at McDonalds know what to think about me swinging by in the mornings and grabbing yogurt. For the longest time, the morning guy on the country station and I have occasionally taken turns at buying each other breakfast from McDonalds. And 9 times out of 10 it was biscuits and gravy. And they always loaded it down with gravy and chunks of sausage. It's funny, because you can't even find it on the drive thru breakfast menu. If you ask for it they'll sell it to you, but I'm not sure it's an official breakfast item of McDonalds. It may very well be, but for whatever reason, it's not listed on their outdoor menu. Perhaps they're ashamed of it! I have no idea how many calories it has, but if I had to guess, I'd say at least 650, maybe a little more. Now I buy yogurt parfaits and I leave 'em wondering... “is this the same guy that requested a side cup full of extra gravy a few months ago?” Yep, sure is! Biscuits and gravy was always like another food group to me. At one time I could tell you the price and quality of every order you could find in my hometown. The best was a restaurant called Johnny T's. They closed in Stillwater years ago. They had a giant order of biscuits and gravy for 99 cents. It covered the entire plate! If you only wanted a half-order (which was completely satisfying) it cost a whopping 50 cents! On week nights you would see plenty of cash strapped college students studying and eating 99 cent plates of B&G! Ah, those were the days! The days that pushed me straight up the scale to over 500 pounds! I still love the taste of biscuits and gravy, but now I'm smart enough and determined enough to make the better choice every time. I'm not saying I'll never dive into another order as long as I live, but I better be in great shape and working out on a regular basis! But at that point, I may not want them at all. I can't really imagine that, but who knows how my new body and lifestyle will effect my future cravings and choices.

I completely missed working out today. It was that busy. I was on the air until 9am, then in production until 2:30pm, picked up Courtney, ran a few errands, paid a few bills, then came home and collapsed for an hour and fifteen before I had to go back on the air for a special promotion from 6:30 to 9:30pm. I guess I could have cut my nap short, but I was tired! And I needed to be rested for the special evening broadcast. I was also letting my right leg recuperate after I wrapped it way too tight yesterday. Remember me telling you about my damaged right leg and how I depended on Irene to wrap it in low stretch bandages everyday to prevent swelling? I don't remember the day I blogged about that personal health issue, but I do remember talking about how someday I will have lost enough weight to enable me to easily wrap myself. Well, I'm there. I can do it, just not real good. I wrapped it way too tight and nearly did some horrible damage. The pain from the constriction was so bad this afternoon, I could barely walk. Irene saved the day with a nice and loose lotion wrap that quickly ended the pain. I need to be careful! My leg is completely healed up since taking that time off way back a couple of months ago. I almost brought all that progress down because I didn't realize how tight I was wrapping myself until it was too late. Anyhow, it's all better now, thank you Irene!

I may need to have my wedding ring resized soon. It's getting really loose! At over 500 pounds, I sometimes thought that I could never take it off again. It was on there tight! But now, it only takes a little pull to easily slide it off and on. See! Even my fingers are losing weight! I've always been big all over, so it's no surprise that I'm losing it all over too. Even weight distribution is one of the reasons I've been able to carry as much weight as I have over the years. And it's the reason most people would have never guessed I was over 500 pounds at my top weight.

Tomorrow morning we're having a company breakfast prepared by the owner himself! I'll get through my show without anything, because we're all meeting at 9:15 for this holiday get together! Bill fixes this amazing dish with eggs, mushrooms, cheese, sausage, I think it has sausage...anyway, I plan on quizzing him on the ingredients in the morning, because it's going to require my best educated guess to determine what it'll cost me to partake. I can't turn it down, the boss might get offended! I'll let you know how it goes in my next blog post. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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