Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 90 Big Dinner and Drinks Completely Handled

Day 90

Big Dinner and Drinks Completely Handled

From the start today I was ultra conservative on my calories. I knew we had company coming over and a dinner planned, plus we planned on having a couple of mixed drinks. Whenever I'm this conservative, I worry that I'm not doing my metabolism any favors. By the time dinner rolled around at 7pm, my total so far was 350. I had a bag of Baked Lays chips for 160 and a small bowl of chili for 190. It's funny, because I really wasn't that hungry. I knew what was coming. A small ribeye steak, baked potato with sour cream, corn on the cob, and a dinner roll. My dinner plate pushed me to 1,000. So then I had 500 remaining to have a couple of peach ice teas and a snack later as we played cards. The peach schnapps had 72 per ounce, so I had two ounces per drink, times two drinks for 288. I used the last 212 calories on some pizza we were snacking on as we played cards.

During my remote broadcast from Wal-Mart this morning, I had a really cool experience. We were outside at the start of the remote with the fire department collecting toys for Toys For Tots. Wal-Mart and the fire department do this every year, and we were there to promote it. We had three empty baskets, a large fire truck, and the remote broadcast vehicle. The wind was blowing around 25 to 40 mph, when all of a sudden one of the empty baskets started rolling into the parking lot. The 505 pound Sean would have had to watch as it flew into the parked cars across the way, but not now. I started running, OK, maybe jogging is a better description, to keep the runaway cart from doing any damage. I caught it just in time! It actually felt good for some strange reason. I wasn't winded at all. I felt like I could've gone further. It was really amazing. I made me think that maybe I should start adding a little jogging to my routine. I would have never thought of doing that yet, not until I lose down to 300 or below. But now, huh, I just don't know. Maybe I could handle it. It felt that effortless jogging to that runaway cart. I may give it a try and we'll see how far I can go. Maybe it was a fluke. I'll find out!

Courtney and I had a great workout at the YMCA this afternoon. We usually workout in the evening, but I knew with company coming, we wouldn't have a chance later. Speaking of company, they're still here, and I need to get back to the table! I'll cut this one short and re-join the party. For the rest of the early morning it's just straight zero calorie tea for me! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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