Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 99 On The "Fasting" Track and "Zero Calorie" Lasagna?

Day 99

On The “Fasting” Track and “Zero Calorie” Lasagna?

Here we are. Day 99. We're on the edge of 100! I'll find out tomorrow just how close we are to 100 pounds lost. I was at 75 lost two weeks ago. Tomorrow's total will break me into the 420's...I'd really like to completely surpass the 420's and head straight into the 4teens. Ya know what I mean? But I'll be satisfied with whatever total rings up on that old scale. OK, I need to stop before I start speculating. Speculating leads to wild guessing and that leads to expecting and that leads to disappointment. Have I done everything I can do calorie wise? Yes. Have I done everything I could have done exercise wise? No. I'll be honest with you, my workouts are starting to be of little challenge. I've got to push myself harder, I've got to upgrade my workouts to another level. I've talked about doing it enough already. It's time to put it in gear. Here's the deal. When I first started, a quarter mile walk was a tremendous workout. Then it became a mile, and before I realized how quickly I was adapting, two miles was not a real big deal. Now a 5K walk is still challenging enough! And a really hard workout in the racquetball courts at the YMCA can still be a very nice workout. But not like it once was. I get more out of the jumping jacks I did the other night. So I guess my body is asking... “So, is that all you got?” “You call that a workout?” And I'm like the worried parent telling it to “be careful!” “You're gonna hurt yourself!” I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. I need to have my blood pressure checked and make sure we're good, plus they need to do blood work. So they tell me to “fast” before I go in. No food or drink after midnight. Ughhhh! How am I going to get through my show without liquid of some kind? I'll have to figure that one out pretty quick. Then as quickly after 9am as possible, I'm headed there to get a complete profile. Is that what they call it? They'll check my blood sugar, my cholesteral—good and bad, and several other things I'm sure. The last time they checked all that stuff I weighed over 500 pounds. We'll see what a difference my results have made. Can't wait! Then it's off to Stillwater for an early weigh day, then back to Ponca City and the studio to do whatever work I need to get done before the holiday, then I have a live broadcast scheduled from 4 to 8pm at Wal-Mart. Very busy day planned indeed! I may call ahead to the Payne County Health Department and see if they're open on Christmas Eve. If so, we may move weigh day to Wednesday. I would really hate to do that, but I'm just thinking about all that needs to be done tomorrow, and I don't know if it'll be possible. We'll see how it goes. I really want to weigh on Day 100. I like that number a lot.

DebBdimples (My cousin Debbie) and her mom, my Aunt Violet came up tonight for a visit. We took the Christmas lights tour through Ponca City after a very nice dinner. I fixed my lasagna. 290 calories per piece. And my lasagna doesn't taste low cal, I promise. It's meat and sauce and three kinds of cheese, including a soft cream cheese. The last time we fixed it, we calculated all the ingredient calories and divided by the number of pieces. Not bad for 290, considering it's lasagna! I could have gone ultra low-cal with some grilled chicken, but we had that last night. I wanted something good for our guest, but not too loaded down with calories. Lasagna was perfect. Debbie is actually in the living room as I write tonights blog. She's a fantastic supporter of mine. She always finds a way to make me at least smile, and sometimes she makes me laugh out loud. In fact, I think Debbie will declare tonights dinner calorie free, because hey, we were celebrating the holidays! Sure! Don't we wish it worked that way. It is fun to dream a little! I was very happy about Debbie's response to my appearance, she was surprised at what she saw. She said she expected to see a change, but not this big of a change! It really is nice to have noticeable results! Feels incredible.

These days leading up to Christmas are usually very busy in the radio business. So my plan to get into the Y early fell through. Then I planned on getting in by 8pm. But we were having a good time visiting. So I opted for a quick two mile trek at the Hutchins Trail. It's weird to call it a “quick two mile trek.” But it really has become fairly simple. And I did it in under 40 minutes. Since it's 28 degrees outside, I might have pushed myself to move along a little quicker. I hated to leave our company here without us, but they certainly understand that I have to do it. I could have missed with a perfectly acceptable excuse but tomorrow is weigh day! I need to make a good push for the scale!

I better call it a night already. It's been a fun day. Tomorrow is weigh day, unless the weigh place is open on Christmas Eve, if so, we'll do it then because we'll already be there. Can't wait for more results! It'll be a good thing! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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