Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 413 Solid Gold Motivating Thoughts and They Use To Hide Their Bags From Me

Day 413

Solid Gold Motivating Thoughts and They Use To Hide Their Bags From Me

The new jeans feel amazing. It’s surprising to me how long it’s taken to go from a comfortable 42 to a nice 40. Much longer than it took going from 54 to 48. I’m looking forward to the 30’s! It doesn’t seem possible really, but it is, and I’m totally thrilled. I keep going back to my childhood to remember wearing jeans this small. I’m almost positive it was junior high the last time I was sporting 40’s. From 64’s to 40’s in 413 days---I’ll take that.

Our Sunday found Courtney and Me heading south to Stillwater for a visit with the family down there and to pick up my phone from Rachel. We visited for a while before I realized that someone was missing. It was Aunt Kelli. I found her in a back room alone and upset. Without getting too personal about Kelli’s situation, let me say that it is a variety of issues, her weight being one of them. Kelli and I talked for a little bit about her situation. I told her that she needed to devote the next 365 days to herself. Be selfish, make it all about her, make it the most important thing she does. 365 days. That’s all it takes to change things forever. Let no excuse or rationalization get in the way, this is Kelli time. The next 365 days can completely change Kelli’s life for the better. I love my Aunt, she’s only three years older than me and we were raised like brother and sister really. Come on Kelli---you’ve witnessed what one year can do, and it can do it for you too!

Sometimes our motivating thoughts get blurred or we simply get distracted by other issues in our lives. Carry those motivating thoughts like they’re bars of solid gold and never take your eyes away from them. Circumstances and issues come up, read back through the archives of this blog and you’ll find all kinds of things that could have been derailing issues. A wise person once said, it’s not about what happens to us, it’s how we handle what happens to us that’s important. I know it seems too easy to say what I’m about to say, but really--- just choose happiness. Choose it, and embrace it….not feeling it? Fake it till you make it! Dwelling on the negative has nowhere to go but down. Stay positive, keep your head up, and realize that you really do have the power to overcome.

Uncle Sig prepared a wonderful vegetable beef stew for everybody. It was an amazing dinner. Afterward, I enjoyed a mini-Snicker bar! Yep, grandma had some on the table. I just knew I would have one before the weekend was over. They’re my favorite!

On October 30th, 2008, I was on Day 46—and I shared this true Halloween story from my daughters early years: I'm going to dress up my two daughters for Halloween and take them out to collect candy bars for daddy. Oh, wait...That's what I use to do. I can remember driving them around to trick-or-treat and “charging” them for the ride. “Girls, if you want this car to go to the next block of houses, then I'm going to need two Snickers and a Kit-Kat.” The longer they kept the chocolate coming, the longer we would trick-or-treat! Irene would finally have to step in and ban me from their bags, after all they were doing all the work, and I really didn't need 4000 calories worth of chocolate in one night. My girls would actually hide their bags from me! Isn't that horrible? No, no, not horrible that they were hiding the bags, horrible that they felt they needed to. I guess the days of trick-or-treating are over for us now. In about ten or fifteen years I can look forward to charging my grandkids for trick-or-treat driving. Wouldn't want to break tradition would we? I'm kidding! No, I'm not. Snack size Snickers, man those things are little morsels of heaven. Hey, some things are harder to quit than others.

My food was perfect today, my workout wasn’t. We planned on working out when we got back home, but it was already nearly 11:30pm, so I opted instead to take the night off and drop into bed. Looking forward to a killer Monday workout!

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Look forward to your post! I had a manic weekend and only managed my *proper* post today - it's weigh-day so I try to make a real effort... ;o)

  2. Waiting on your next post!! :)

  3. 413 kudo's to you, Cousin Sean!!! You deserve so much more than that! I am online with Kelli on a regular basis trying to help her. I feel so bad for her, but she's got to realize that she is the only one with the power to turn all the bad things around for herself...weight and personal issues alike! I love her too. I changed her diapers just like I did yours, only I preferred hers most of the time! LOL Sorry...couldn't resist you stinker! LOL Wouldn't it be cool if all the weight loss bloggers and doers lived nearby and planned it to go trick or treat each other and get all kinds of healthy treats!!! Have a good one!

  4. Great post...I love Snickers, too..but not as much as I love M&M's :) Hope you have a killer workout on Monday....I just did and it feels fantastic!! :)

  5. Sending out positive vibes to your cousin Kelli.

  6. thank you for your concern to your readers..i appreciate all the positive thoughts..i need them and i need prayer..i loveya brother and you have done a great job and inspired so many people..i am very proud of you..always your aunt kelli

  7. I had aunts very near to me in age as well. They were more like 'get into trouble and have fun' I know how you feel, it sounds condescending when you say it out loud, but really, we just want people to feel that spark, that lightbulb, that sudden feeling of 'no turning back'. It's almost indescribable. It's no longer a choice, it just is. If I could bottle it, and give it away..I would, and so would you I bet.
    Great post. Kelli, you can do it.


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