Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 421 Confusing The Drive-Thru People and The Crossing Point

Day 421

Confusing The Drive-Thru People and The Crossing Point

First of all, let me give a sincere thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support and kind words left in comments, e-mails, and phone calls over the last 24 hours. Day 420 was a tough post to write. I didn’t want to write it at all, but I felt that I didn’t have a choice. I’ve always prided myself on having a very real, open, and honest blog about this entire weight loss journey. It is a “Diary,” and just about everything, as long as it’s in good taste, goes into the blog. We have to take the good with the bad right? And as always, we’re trying really hard to focus on the positive aspects of this situation with a level headed understanding of what we need to do in order to grow and learn from the experience. We’re past the anger or blame game portion of the process. The healing and forgiveness part of the program begins with doing what will be so hard, but necessary. Both of us will be seeking professional counseling on an individual basis.

All right then, let’s talk about weight loss! Uh…where was I? Oh yeah, um…Monday morning started with a couple of whole eggs. What? But I thought…Yeah, I was out of my zero calorie cooking spray at home. And when you order a couple of scrambled eggs in a McDonalds drive thru, they typically will not separate them. They’re already confused by the order, I can almost see it on their faces—is this the guy that use to order biscuits and gravy with extra gravy on the side for dipping his hash browns? Couldn’t be, doesn’t look anything like him. It’s the same vehicle though, hmmm. I ordered two scrambled eggs and a fruit and yogurt parfait from McDonalds. Since I have no control over what they use to cook the eggs, I have to honestly count the eggs as 100 calories each. I must get to the store for more spray! I much prefer the 17 calorie egg whites with chopped veggies and a bit of mozzarella---more bang for the calorie buck! When did McDonald’s stop putting blueberries in the parfait? Maybe it’s just here, but it was strawberries and yogurt only this morning.

My blogging schedule is still off balance because I don’t have my computer at home, it’s being repaired---but it should be done today! I can’t wait to get back to blogging before bed, it’s always so much better for me that way. Gayle, a good friend and co-worker—and how handy---our IT specialist, is handling the repair in her spare time. I really appreciate her help! If it were left up to me---we would just have to buy new computers every four months, and that could get expensive quick. Someone suggested I write this blog from my phone. Are you serious? My phone does have a keyboard, but still---it would take me forever.

Courtney had tutoring tonight followed by a stay at a friends house. If I was working out tonight, it was going to be solo and late. I really prefer walking at the trail with someone, but I didn’t invite anyone because I haven’t felt like visiting. I’ve just been doing a bunch of thinking. The great thing about being consumed with thought during a workout? It goes by really fast. I knocked out a 5K tonight in what seemed like 20 minutes, OK—it was around 48 minutes, but I didn’t notice. I should have just kept going, all the way to a 10K! Oh, and speaking of a 10K…

I’ll be doing an organized 10K this Saturday morning with the YMCA. The Turkey Trot 10K is an annual event for the Y, can’t wait! I’ll be sure to include pictures and perhaps a video of me crossing the finish line. Don’t look for any records, it’s a 10K---I’ll be pacing myself all the way—translation: Maybe an occasional light jog, but I’ll mostly be power walking sprinkled with plain old brisk walking, and toward the end I might be shuffling or crawling---kidding.

Wednesday is weigh day. Shouldn’t be too bad, in fact, it might be pretty good. I’ve had a bunch of activity this two-week period. I’m getting in my workouts on a regular basis again and that’s got to make a difference. We’re at 223 pounds lost so far—boy, it would be so nice to cross the 230 pounds lost mark Wednesday. A 7 pound loss may be a little much to expect. Here’s something really cool: Soon we’ll have a very interesting weigh-in. When I get to 253 pounds lost, I will have lost more weight than I weigh. I’m trying to think of a creative name to call that “crossing” point. Until I think of that cool term, I’ll just call it “the crossing point.” If you have any ideas, please let me know! We’ve got a ways to go before we get there, but looking ahead---I can’t wait!

I sometimes can’t believe how far along we are on this mission. I never had a doubt when I started Day 1, I knew this time would be different. I didn’t really know how I was going to do it, I just knew that I would have to figure it out as I went. I didn’t realize how different and how wonderful the journey would become. This entire blogging experience has been a blessing to me, and your readership and support is something I hold very dear. We’ve some wonderful times ahead my friend. I look forward to sharing them here. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. What a strong and good post! Still praying for ya! Blessings--Bonnie and Andy

  2. Oh, Sean, I'm behind on blog reading. My heart goes out to you regarding the last post. You and Irene will be in my prayers. What a beautifully written post, though--such respect and grace you have. I've always admired those wonderful qualities in you.

    I always buy two cans of cooking spray so that I never run out! lol I must admit, I have been craving McDonald's for awhile. I love their Egg McMuffins. I wish they served them at night, I'd enjoy that for dinner.

  3. In chemistry, the half-life of something is the amount of time it takes to lose half of its original mass (usually due to radioactive decay). So at whatever day you get to your crossing point, you could say Sean's Half-Life: 4## Days. It would at least be a cool blog title for that day.

  4. How about "Eliminating the Middleman"? Or "Cutting Off My Siamese Twin"? No? How about "Double Down"?

    Or you could just call it what it is: an amazing accomplishment.

    Congrats (in advance).

  5. I look forward to the crossing point...I'll put my thinking cap on although I like Jacks AAA...an amazing accomplishment and Double Down! It'll be fun to see what everyone comes up with. Hang in there...If God brings you to it, he will also bring you through it! Love ya, Cuz

  6. Hi Sean. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  7. Just got back from an hour and a half at the gym...I'm too damn tired to think up a snazzy title, lol...but I'd definitely consult with Jack...you know how stuff just rolls off his tongue. Brilliant mind. Good luck with the weigh-in tomorrow...exciting stuff! :)

  8. Sean: This is your Aunt Beverly in Alabama. I am really proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Veyon gave me this site. I would love for you to email me @ bab52@bellsouth.net.

  9. lol, eliminating the middleman....I am glad you have such a good and positive vibe going dude. That could cut the knees out from under the most focused person. I am impressed. Keep up the good work and good thoughts to you both.

  10. The crossing point....what an amazing thought!!!!

    I'm really thinking I need to take my walks outside-they just draaaaag by in the gym. Is it not too cold to walk outside right now? What are your plans for when it gets colder?

  11. The better half of the former me.....Just my two cents.

  12. I like Jacks eliminating the middle man... or maybe you could "find your inner Sean" or shedding the outer Sean... Loosing the weight bi-focals? Going to single vision.

    I have trouble even grasping the concept of your achievements in how much control over your weight you have taken. I think about the magic 100 way down the road... I'm pretty sure I will have some kind of joy melt down.

    I remember the first time I eased up on the chinese food at the buffet and the woman actually came over with the check and tilted her head..."more food?"

    You and your family in my prayers.

    Well, at Foolsfitness it's time to go get way to much chinese food for lunch.- Alan

  13. How about "Holy Moly, I'm no longer Roly Poly" Just a suggestion.

  14. I've got a good name for your cross over...how about HALF ASSED!!! LOL Not really...just kidding! LOL I couldn't resist! I'm still thinking!

  15. Isn't the term for when you owe more on your home or car than the value, being "upside down?" So maybe your upside down weigh-day would work.


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