Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22nd, 2014 Post-Weekend Blues

September 22nd, 2014 Post-Weekend Blues

I think I had a little of the "post-awesome weekend blues," today. I first experienced this as a kid when grandpa and my uncle would take me to Kansas City to watch the Royals play over Labor Day Weekend. Returning to school on Tuesday after an incredible weekend away was always the toughest thing in adjustment. This same dynamic is commonly referred to as the "post-vacation blues." Yes, it was alive and well today, no doubt! 

I also felt a little sick to my stomach this afternoon for no obvious reason. It wasn't too bad but it was enough for me to justify a short nap mid afternoon. Of course, with me, these "short naps" have a tendency to become something way beyond a short description. And that's exactly what happened. My plans to workout at the Y late afternoon were changed as I slept the rest of the afternoon away and woke needing to immediately adjust my perspective and plan while fighting off the urge to brutalize myself with negativity over the situation I had created.

I decided to prepare dinner, go to the store and do my best to replicate the quality workout of Sunday at the trail. I'm pleased to report I did well with all three facets of my amended plan. It wasn't spinning, swimming and weight training, like I had planned, but it was still active and good.

The down side of this situation: It throws my sleep schedule off. I was in bed early last night and felt the benefits of the added sleep throughout my day--until mid-afternoon at least.

My workout tonight was a 5K in the park. I had the entire park to myself. I did not see another soul out there--not a car, nobody hanging out--nothing. It was very quiet. It was perfectly calm and cool. I slacked the first lap. Then I turned it on for the last three laps, increasing my intensity with each. It was solid. It felt great.

I'm feeling very positive about the upcoming weigh-day Wednesday! I ran across a picture of me with Noah from March and the difference between then and now is dramatic. Noah looks like a completely different baby! And his grandpa looks a little different too.

I had the pleasure of taking Noah to his preschool/daycare today. It's amazing how seeing him brightens my entire world. His smile, his wave--oh my, I'm in love with this kid!! I'm seriously looking forward to watching him grow up and being an active part of his life. Taking extraordinary care gives me the best chance of this possibility!

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  1. Sorry you had the blues...but glad you didn't let it crash your entire day.

    I love a good nap, but hate the insomnia it usually leaves me with. LOL

  2. Thank you, Gwen! I tried to be very mindful of how it was affecting me. I feel good about it getting through. Yeah-- a good nap is awesome...the sleepless night after isn't!

  3. Sounds like you handled the "re-entry" phase after a supergood day or weekend well. Those are not easy to get through. If you were going to "treat" yourself with anything, the extra sleep was probably the best. I have very often undone a good week's worth of food choices and kept stuck in place. Your choice was MUCH better than that!
    Also getting your activity in is deserving of a super pat on the back. How great you are learning all the methods to handle these stones in the road of life. You deserve congrats!

    1. Nancy, I like that--"re-entry," yes indeed! Thank you for the kudos! It feels good. Very good!!


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