Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14th, 2014 Excited and Happy

September 14th, 2014 Excited and Happy

I rested even better last night. It must have been in excess of eight hours. All I know is, it's lasted me all day. I enjoyed some good coffee this morning with sugar free chocolate flavored creamer and a gooey cheese omelet for breakfast. Heather and I decided to hit the trail today for a great workout. She ran five miles and I did a brisk three mile walk with spurts of jogging. I have some kind of pain in the top right hand side of my right foot. I need better shoes for this, I'm convinced. It was a fantastic workout and since Heather was doing five miles, I actually beat her back to the less than five minutes. She was moving pretty quickly.

Heather and I work well together. I'm soaking up things from her all the time. I'm learning from a wonderful teacher. She's very studied on nutrition and fitness, as separate subjects and how they each work together. She's very advanced. I'm not advanced, necessarily, but I'm at the point where I'm interested in learning more.

I'm feeling the differences in my body everyday. My clothes are fitting better, getting loose--and these are clothes I couldn't wear two months ago and now they're about to be retired too!

It's a consistent approach, a steady approach, supported by a variety of tools along this road that's making this trek back to my healthiest weight a successful one. It's different than my initial weight loss in many ways. I'm more grounded, I'm more open to learning, I don't subscribe to the "my way or the highway" type attitude that I may have had a smidgen years ago. I've been humbled--I've been shown the way and shown the error of my ways and I've discovered how to properly and truly love me for me, regardless of anything else. And that one epiphany will be something I discuss, write about and talk about the rest of my life. It's why I seem so incredibly happy these days. You couple these revelations with my abstinence from sugar and you've got what feels like a completely different experience from my initial weight loss. The differences are profound, yet, in many ways--a lot of the emotional/mental dynamics remain identical to the initial trip down this road.

I enjoyed lunch with Heather and her son before departing for Stillwater for an evening with mom. Mom and I dined at Mexico Joe's. We shared the most incredible chicken fajitas in the world. I ordered a couple of taco shells for my plate and I loaded them with chicken, a little sour cream, lettuce and salsa. I counted out 9 chips, separated them from the bowl and enjoyed each one with the freshly prepared salsa.  We had a fantastic conversation too. It was a wonderful night.

I got a call on the way to Stillwater from my oldest daughter. She was calling with some wonderful news! She's now officially engaged to he boyfriend KL! My little girl is getting married! Oh my-- I'm gonna be a big bundle of emotions when that day comes around. They haven't settled on the date just yet, but they've agreed, for sure--it's happening!

I shared the news of Amber's engagement with mom and she was elated. I'm so excited and happy!

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  1. Congrats, all the way around! Have a fantastic week; I know you will!

  2. Congratulations to Amber! My daughter just got married a few months ago, and what an emotion-filled day! Also congratulations on another good food day in the books and the 3-mile walk! Great job, Sean! Hope your mom is doing well. : )

    1. Congrats on your daughter's wedding! It will be tough walking her down the isle!! Getting plenty of Kleenex on the supply list now! Lol
      Thank you, Becky!
      Mom is doing well. We had a good visit!

  3. I found it interesting when you talked about how it's different than the last time you lost weight. My initial thought was "It has to be!". Your on the road of life my friend, there are no do-overs. You might have taken a wrong turn for a while and then found your way again, but you keep all that knowledge (both the sucess and the failure). In fact, you couldn't be feeling the way you feel today without all of those ups and downs.

    You are truly inspiring and someone that I want model my own transformation after.

    PS congrats to your daughter


    1. FD, my friend, thank you. You're absolutely right. Had I not experienced what I have, I wouldn't be where I am. I'm grateful. It's a very tough perspective to adopt, but it's very true. All of it has brought me to a very good place.
      Thank you for your kind words here, I'm honored, FD!
      My best always

  4. Congrats to you and Amber. Exciting News! You are going to look great in that tux as Father of the Bride. I wish I could go back to my two older son's weddings and have a do-over in my now normal-sized body. But one son is still unmarried, and I am determined to stay at this weight, so I don't like a big flat blob at his wedding, whenever that is!

    1. Oh Dupster, be kind to you, my friend!! You're a shining star!!
      Thank you for the reminder--I get to wear a tux on their special day!!! Yes!!! That'll be a very fun day, indeed. An emotional one, for sure--but fun.
      When you last bachelor son ties the knot-- I bet you'll be ready in an amazing outfit!
      I'm so very proud of you--and to "know" you (quotes because we've never actually met face to face)...I was so very proud when you appeared on the Today Show. I still am. You're the real deal, my friend. Keep up the amazing work and give your hubby my best!

  5. Congrats all the way around! I marvel at how you can put restaurant meals together the way you do Sean! I love it. You sound happier than you've ever been.
    Thinking about your getting criticism at times, makes me want to want tell you story of the giraffe and the turtle. Their point of view is very different as the giraffe nibbles from the treetops and the turtle moves through the grass. When the turtle criticizes it is honest BUT from his point of view. The giraffe has a 9 pound heart to pump blood to his brain. If he lowers his head to the ground, the height of the turtle, he will faint. They occupy the same space but don't have the same point of view. Also, Their poor understanding of who you are will have the turtle drag you to your lowest self instead of evolving to your highest self. You will endanger your position if you lower your perspective! T.D. Jakes
    Just had to share this......

    1. Nancy, thank you!! I think the ability to navigate any restaurant starts with attitude and perspective. I do not go into it feeling defeated. I go into a restaurant determined to "win." When I leave--I am going to feel good about my choices. I remember in my distant past--losing weight right up until a visit to a particular restaurant--and I would walk in with a defeated attitude even before glancing at the menu. As if I wanted to be defeated--I would declare, "well--I guess I'll have to do better next time--I'm here, so I have to order________." I do not walk in with this attitude anymore. And I don't walk in feeling like I can't enjoy the experience. I can, do and will enjoy the restaurant experience---and I will eat what I like--and even if I need to get specific with special requests, I can navigate this place and feel amazing afterward.
      OMGoodness--thank you for sharing the wonderful words of T.D. Jakes... I love that man. I need to seek out more of his work. Nancy--your support is so very much appreciated. Thank you again!

  6. Another great day? Good for you! You're on a roll.

    Glad you seem to be getting more and more quality sleep. It's so important to keep the mind and body firing on all four cylinders :)

    Congrats to your daughter! Awesome news :) Most people I know stay common-law for years.

    1. Nikki, thank you very much!! Yes-- a roll, indeed! I still struggle with getting enough through the work week. I made the mistake of taking a nap today--and that pushed everything back later. Not smart!
      The weekend presents opportunities to sleep longer---and it feels so good. I've tried to stop complaining about my sleep time during the week. I'm making choices that clearly display my importance level assigned to each thing along this road. I'm the one who makes the schedule. I'm the only one who can fix it!!
      Thank you for the congrats!! I'm so happy for those two--and elated for my daughter. They've been together 6 years--so I was wondering if it would ever happen. I'm so glad it's going to happen. They're so very good together!!!


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