Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12th, 2015 Never In The History of Me

August 12th, 2015 Never In The History of Me

Getting the first weekly weigh-in done this morning required planning out my course. Normally it won't be too much of a challenge, but today's schedule included an 11am-2pm location broadcast. I don't own a scale at home. My weigh-in is at the doctor's office every time and since they're not open before 6am, I haven't a choice but to wait until after my radio show to weigh. And I don't eat breakfast prior to weighing. This meant I needed to get off the air at precisely 9am, drive across town to the doctor's office, weigh-in--then get back to the studio and prepare a late breakfast before time to prep for the broadcast. It was tight. Luckily it worked out as planned.
 photo 219.620weigh20in_zps9abtnb1y.jpg
This represents a .6 pound drop from last week's 220.2 number. I really feel well, great actually--right here, so if I can successfully put the brakes on losing and continue my focus on strength training and training for my upcoming 5K run, I'll be just fine.

I've decided to keep the calorie level where I've had it the last week, 2,000 per day, at least for another week. If there's another drop next Wednesday, I'll up it to 2,100 or 2,200 calories. I can easily raise my calorie level with avocados, almonds and natural peanut butter. It doesn't take much of the peanut butter to give it a big boost, quickly. 

The thought that keeps crossing my mind is how this truly isn't about a number. If I could snap my fingers and make the loose skin go away, I'd likely drop to 200 pounds. And as I continue to develop strength training and add muscle, I'll likely add weight.

It's important for me to find a mental and emotional disconnect from the ups and downs of the scale. Like I've written about lately, I'm working on that by focusing on the fundamental elements of my recovery. If I take care of those in an extraordinary way--and I can see a gain and know in my heart of hearts that it's not a result of doing anything "wrong" or off the rails--then I'll be okay. The key, in my opinion, is maintaining the integrity of my plan and if I do that, I'll have peace and calm in dealing with the various statistics. 

Wouldn't it be interesting if I had the skin removal, then bulked up a healthy amount--and ended up a fit 220-230 anyway? I really believe that's completely possible.

Speaking of skin removal surgery. I'm starting to lean toward NOT waiting three or four years. Not because I'm impatient, I really don't mind the wait--but the truth is, the excess skin affects my breathing, even at night. It might very well be a case of medical necessity. If it continues to affect my breathing and sleep, which I'm getting more and more convinced it does, I believe it would be smarter to find a way (Insurance would likely pay a good portion--so I've heard--IF it's deemed medically necessary) to get the removal--than to go through another sleep lab for apnea symptoms.

My workout tonight was strength training on the weight machines at the YMCA, rail push-ups and walking/jogging on the indoor track--and mostly jogging! I really pushed it tonight and ended up doing something I've never done before. I jogged for over ten minutes straight. This is a big deal. It was tough breaking five minutes the other day and tonight I doubled that time. I knew I was past the five minute mark when I pulled out my phone. It was just past seven minutes. My legs were ready to stop, but I wanted to make it to eight I kept going, slowed my pace a touch and did my best to focus on my music and breathing, instead of the burning in my legs. When OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" started playing through my ear buds, I knew I could keep going a little longer...eight and half---nine minutes--why not shoot for ten? I mean seriously, we're almost there!! That song does something to me.

I guarantee--never in the history of me, have I ever jogged ten minutes without stopping, not as a kid and certainly not as an adult...until tonight.

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  1. Amazing ten minute jog! Great work.

  2. Glad you're thinking about the skin removal. I've heard it is painful but everyone I know who has had it is so glad they did. In your case, it sounds like a medical necessity- you did not have bypass surgery so saved your company there. I'd be saving every cent I could for the deductible. Sean, you have never mentioned a budget? Are you as disciplined as with your weight loss? I am so much better saving money than losing weight!

  3. Congratulations on the 10 minute jog! You're doing great

  4. Congrats on such a great run! You so got this!! And another lb! WTG.. not that you wanted that but it just means you are still working hard.
    You are so wrapped in this tight little bubble of losing and training..... It amazes me and I think I say it all the time... but how do you manage it all? You never seem to faulter on anything! I envy people like you because your so together.. a true testament to who you are!

  5. Okay, Sean, it's time to bite the bullet here. On your next weigh-in day, eat your normal breakfast at its regular time. Your weight will probably be a little higher than if you had delayed eating but, going forward, the scale will reflect the true change in your weight. In the big picture, the difference is miniscule. When I made this change myself, it diminished the scales' power over me. Eileen

  6. That would be awesome to have the extra skin removed! What does your doctor think about your plan? Does he have any recommendations as to who will do it and when? All surgeries are safer when you have good cardiovascular / lung capacity fitness, so the workouts will make you that much safer when you have any type of surgery. I once wondered why actors who are wealthy and have a sexy image to keep up haven't had a facelift. It is sometimes because they have poor lung or cardiovascular health and so avoid anesthesia. It is very good that you have a long-running official record of your weigh-ins at your doctor's office. You know this will help support your request for skin removal surgery. The scar may be red for longer than you like, but there is a health value to having it removed and your doctor may support your request.
    Your candid pics look great now and will look even better next year with your fitness plan ongoing! I am so impressed with your commitment to your health. I hope you live a long and healthy life!!!

  7. Great jog. I'm still preparing for the 5K on Aug 30. No Stopping! my relapse has me at 90 lbs over healthy weight, I have a lot of things I need to do differently. I hope the run prep is a good part of helping with commitment, and also to just have the joy and fun of stopping running after going non-stop for 5K

  8. Way to go on the big run! Congratulations, Sean!

  9. You have reached a new pinnacle in endurance in your "going for Health" journey! Congratulations to you Sean Anderson!!!! You are becoming the person you were always meant to be!!!!

  10. When I started to enroll in Intreviews for losing weight, every week I am so excited to know how much I lose weight. I am always excited after an intense work out and you want to see the results. Losing weight should be gradual. I choose to be healthy and forget the bad habits for eating too much.


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