Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 20th, 2015 I'll Get There

August 20th, 2015 I'll Get There

Today kicked my tail. It was busy from start to finish with a big meeting, away from the studio, smack dab in the middle. By the time I strolled into my apartment late this afternoon, there wasn't any question, I was taking a nap. I was a wreck. A good nap was absolutely necessary to get me through this evening. Kind of like hitting a refresh button, I jumped up just before 7pm, enjoyed some coffee and prepared dinner, followed by some exercise in the park, a fast and small grocery trip and now sitting down to write tonight's blog post.

I sincerely appreciate all the fantastic advice, counsel and opinions concerning yesterday's weigh-in. I hope you understand why I haven't replied. I sincerely haven't been able to, in the way I like to do it. 

When I sit down to reply to email or a blog comment, I take my time to really absorb and understand the communication--then I reply in complete and thorough fashion. I'm looking forward to making time to catch up this weekend. Your thoughts and questions are important and appreciated. Thank you for your support and understanding!

It's Throwback Thursday!
 photo revisedbeforeandafteronthegrill.jpg
#TBT I believe this was one of my first "before & now" pictures. The 329lbs photo is further proof that I've always carried my weight as well as possible. I've been very lucky in that way. I look at 329 pounds and think, that physical version of me doesn't look like it has 111 pounds to spare.

Even at my heaviest, most who guessed my weight, (like there was some kind of constant line forming--it really wasn't that many--but several over the years, for sure) guessed one hundred pounds too low.

Apparently it's a common game people like to play when you're morbidly obese. I always smiled and accommodated their curiosity while thinking, what am I, a carnival side show? Step right up ladies and gentleman!! I suppose it's the same thing that compels people to find out the weight of anything abnormally/excessively large--like pumpkins or squash, or really big animals.

If the guess of your weight comes from someone you hardly know, or just met, it can feel kind of dehumanizing--like your obesity suddenly becomes a curious-fun little game for the entertainment of the intrusive and inappropriate people. I've always been way too nice to the yahoos, who, bless their hearts--don't seem to possess the slightest common sense and decency. Their ignorance contributes to their bliss and now I'm enabling it with my silence and compliance. LOL, literally, LOL. 

Tomorrow is setting up to be even more involved than today. I have an emcee/dj gig tomorrow evening for the Party At The Palace. It's a huge fundraiser for our area chamber of commerce. One thing I resolve to do better than I did today: Plan and prepare. My lunch was a peanut butter tostada and fruit. It wasn't planned. It came about because I made my way into the studio kitchen and discovered I was out of most everything I keep. I made something work with what I had on hand.

I hit the trail tonight in the cool 65 degree air. I love the cooler weather we're experiencing lately. Several days separating me and my last jogging attempt--and wow, okay--tough tough tough. My times reflected the challenge. I'm fine with what I accomplished. I'm just getting started. I'm going to make it very well. I fully expect to have already made it through a 5K jog a couple times before the run for autism in late September. I'll get there.

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  1. How did you handle busy days when you were heavier?

  2. I like your food choices in adding the extra calories. I think it's very smart to increase by no more than 200 per week. Adjust slowly, if you go up again I suggest no more than 2300 next adjustment up.

    Since my eating habits are height is similar to yours. If it helps at 335 my last 18 weeks weeks has resulted 20 pounds loss at 3200 daily calorie intake, with 8 weeks averaging less than 3000 and 9 weeks averaging more than 3000. Lowest average at 2600, highest week average at 3800. I have to be honest and a little embarrassed to admit I have lost over 200 pounds knowing I am averaging over 3350 the entire transformation. Considering the similarities I am not at all surprised of your success as the incredible x factor(natural burning metabolism) plays a huge role. IMO, I am estimating your daily intake will eventually average between 2400 to 3000 depending how much exercise you get each day. That's assuming all the extra calories is 100 nutrition, no empty calories, just like your doing now.


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