Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 16th, 2015 Then Okay, I'm Okay

August 16th, 2015 Then Okay, I'm Okay

I slept in very well this morning. I needed the sleep. The only real issue for me when I do this is my food schedule gets tilted. What would normally be lunch, is breakfast and dinner is actually lunch. It left me short on calories, fairly late--so I did the best I could with an apple, some natural peanut butter and 21g almonds. It was 419 calories of snack. Or was it dinner? See what I mean?

It was Noah time this afternoon. Thank goodness a friend volunteered to help me out with him. I become a complete nervous wreck with a two year old. We picked him up from his Nana's and traveled to Stillwater to visit with mom and have lunch--or was it dinner out at our favorite Mexican place? Little man will be staying with me a few days.

The restaurant selection was simple. I don't need a menu. I know exactly what I want with very little deviation--although I did add some cheese and a tablespoon of guacamole to my fajita chicken crispy tacos.

I've had restaurant meals the last three evenings. These days, it's kind of a rare thing. I even indulged in one of my occasional favorites, fried catfish, on Friday night. And last night I allowed myself a deep fried pork and vegetable egg roll without the sauce, of course!! The sauce on the side was liquid sugar. I kept the portions within my boundaries and felt good about it all. I prefer cooking my meals at home. But occasionally, restaurants happen. For me, as long as I order well--maintaining the integrity of my calorie budget and abstinence from refined sugar, then okay--I'm okay.  

Noah didn't want to go to bed tonight. It was a two hour process. I finally laid down with him for a little while and ended up falling asleep....luckily, so did he.

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  1. My Grandson Noah is 15 months old. We had him last Friday through Sunday. It was exhausting. He is a climber and you constantly have to be sure he's not falling and getting hurt. Quite a challenge. I was completely exhausted. As cute as our Noah's are, they are so much work!!!

  2. Wow Grandkids are amazing and he is so adorable! Thanks again for sharing your meals. Whenever I run out of ideas I know that I make something that you posted and it will be on point. That omelet looks so good!


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