Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20th, 2015 It's So Happy

December 20th, 2015 It's So Happy

First of all, I must pause to express tremendous appreciation for the overwhelming support this weekend. The well wishes, prayers and messages really encouraged me to do the right thing and get to a doctor. Thank you. I'm blessed and immensely grateful.

I was at the urgent care facility not long after they opened this morning. It was busy. After awhile, they called me back and I explained the incident. The doctor on duty explained to me how they didn't have the proper tests needed to determine the things needing certainty and immediately referred me to the emergency room.

I chose to travel to my hometown medical center with the plan to see mom after getting checked out.

The nurse who was getting my records and information ready for the doctor did a double take at the old information she had on file. I smiled and calmly said, "I've lost a lot of weight." "Wow, I guess so, how did you do it?"

This is the point where I decide what's appropriate, the slightly longer explanation or the short and sweet version. I opted for short and sweet. Besides, I wasn't there to discuss the multitude of variables that go into all of this transformation. It's certainly not all about food and exercise. Those two are the least of it, really. But that's what I said, "just eating well and exercising." There's a time and place for every conversation. This wasn't the time or the place. Although, it's always tempting to launch into different dynamics and perspectives that have helped me in monumental ways.

The doctor came in and immediately started reviewing my vitals and administering some basic tests. Then we talked about what happened. He went over each detail carefully and we explored the cause and effect family tree, if you will. After a series of different evaluations he smiled and said, "you're fine. You're sore, but that'll wear off over the next several days. Everything looks great."

This whole thing could have been much worse. It wasn't. My ribs hurt, my shoulder blade carpet burn is irritating and my head hurts to the touch--not on the inside. I'm hobbling around like a man 40 years my senior, but that's okay. I'm lucky. This shall pass!

The description of exactly what happened is actually comical. After the doctor determined I was all clear, we once again started recounting the details and we shared laughter. It wasn't funny when it happened and it wasn't funny while worrying about what it could have been or was--but I must say, it felt good to laugh with the doctor--at least, mentally and emotionally. Physically, laughter hurts my bruised ribs!

I stopped by mom's house after the ER to put her fears to rest and was delighted she hadn't read anything online about this situation. I surprised her when I arrived through her front door. She wasn't expecting me. I love mom's delightfully surprised look. It's so happy. We visited for awhile before I headed home to relax and rest.

I've taken it easy since I made it back home. I prepared a late lunch and laid down after taking some OTC pain reliever. I fell asleep of course, enjoyed the rest actually, then got up and carried on.

I've contacted a colleague about possibly covering my radio show in the morning. I may need to stay home. I haven't decided and I won't make that call until I see how I feel around 5am. This is the busiest time of year for our industry. If I can make it through, I need to do it. I might work a half day if possible.

I took time and care in preparing today's meals. I left 181 calories on the table. I'm not the least bit concerned about this. It's fine, especially considering I didn't workout yesterday or today for obvious reasons. 

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  1. So happy to hear you are fine health wise (I know not hurting wise) and am glad you checked it out all the way to the ER. What did the Drs say you could do to prevent future charlie horses?

    1. He suggested stretching more prior to workouts, drinking more water, continuing to get enough potassium and keeping the legs warm at night. Cold legs can trigger these! I was relieved to get an all clear!!! Thank you, Nancy!


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