Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11th, 2016 It's An Honor

January 11th, 2016 It's An Honor

Keeping tonight short and sweet. Mostly Tweets.

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The Ponca City Board of Education honored me with a "Friend of Education" Award at tonight's school board meeting. The bottom picture is Ponca City High School teacher and DECA director, Heather Monks presenting the award. The top photo includes the other two honorees tonight, Cathy Swenson and Kara Anderson. It was a big honor! Thank you, DECA, Mrs. Monks and Ponca City Public Schools!

After the presentation, I participated in the conference call weight loss support group and made a fast store run for several things. I decided on what to eat for dinner earlier today. I should have thought it through a little further and picked something a little quicker to prepare. The kabobs tonight were exceptional, but the prep time, for me--takes a little longer than I wanted to invest.

I feel really well tonight. It was a solid day at the studio. I enjoyed a nice nap late this afternoon and some really good coffee.

I discovered something interesting about Twitter. I misspelled Colombian in a Tweet this morning and it was brought to my attention by a twitter-bot. I guess it's a computer program designed specifically to correct people who misspell Colombian. Anyway--okay then...The Columbian, oops, I mean Colombian medium roast was fantastic.

I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar and I consumed 64oz water. I enjoyed some good support interactions and I'm hitting the pillow feeling great about another strong day in maintenance mode.

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  1. Those kabobs look good! I'm actually making a big pot of lentil soup as I type and read a few blogs. I bought myself a new cookbook and it really has a lot of good recipes. My downfall is I really don't like chopping so now what I do is gather my ingredient/veggies for the week and chop away. I am trying to give up plastic so I put the cut veggies in Pyrex and store until I need them- it seems to work for me. This soup also has spinach in it so it should be quite healthy and nourishing- I hope!

    1. I love the kabobs!! Smart planning, Nan! Planning ahead would have saved me time with this particular meal. Your soup sounds great!!


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