Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4th, 2016 Way Too Fast

January 4th, 2016 Way Too Fast

The apples were a bargain so I grabbed a bag. I normally don't buy bagged apples because I like to inspect each one before it goes in the cart. I had one last night and within an hour had a horrible stomach ache that kept me awake. I didn't make the apple connection until today after breakfast when the stomach pain started again. I threw away the bargain apples. 

I stayed home from work today because I was exhausted. I couldn't sleep because of the pain and when I finally fell asleep, it was too late to have any kind of chance at being what I needed to be at the time I needed to be it. I felt horrible all day long. I'm still not feeling my best. But it's getting better. I'll be back at work tomorrow, for sure.

I took care of myself today. I rested a little more and it helped. 

Today was my oldest daughter Amber's 26th birthday. I can't believe she's 26. It doesn't seem possible. Where have the years gone? It seems like just yesterday she was this punk rocker teenager!!
 photo 1224332vc4.jpg
She's going to flip when she sees this picture. I love you, sweetie!! I remember fondly your teenage years!! Now she's all grown up, a special education teacher (and a really good one, too!) and it was last May she married, becoming Amber Eakins. Time moves way too fast.

After my support group conference call and dinner, I made my way over to see her at her mom's house where they were finishing up a nice dinner and visit. We visited briefly and made plans to celebrate her birthday with dinner together later this week.
 photo 01001123amberandme26yearsold_zps2yvt8ygk.jpg
Amber and me, tonight. Happy Birthday my Ambee girl!

There's something exceptionally special about the love I enjoy from both of my daughters, my mom and other family members, past and present. They never noticed my size. Their love hasn't changed. When I went through a very tough relapse/regain period, it was as if they didn't even notice. Same love, same embrace--regardless of size. Their steady and unconditional love served as an example in helping me get to that same place mentally and emotionally in regards to loving myself unconditionally.  

Did you see Angela and Willie Gillis on the Today Show this morning? You can check out their fantastic blog at and the link to the video clip is embedded in one of the Tweets below. I'm so happy for these two! It was very cool seeing them on TV!

I'll let the Tweets take it the rest of the way tonight.

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  1. Just read your blog and am giggling here. Why in the world would you eat chicken drumsticks when you have all that leftover turkey LOL? Just teasing ya. I have a streak of frugality in me and waste next to nothing. I love saving $$. Do you really think that apple caused your stomach ache? I'm not much for fruit so I rarely eat it- I do love veggies so I don't feel guilty about the fruit. Even when I was a kid, I'd take a pepper over a pear. Have you thought about taking a probiotic? I take one daily and also fish oil. I'm not a yogurt fan- I don't see you eating it either- so that's why I take the probiotic.

  2. I did see the couple on the Today Show yesterday. Since I retired in Jan. of 2013, I watch the Today Show every single morning, I feel like they are all my friends after I was inducted into Joy's fit Club back in Nov. of 2012. Everyone at the Today Show was super nice! What a wonderful trip to NYC that was! It was right before husband's Stage 4 cancer diagnosis, so I guess we both remember it as a more carefree time, plus I was so proud of myself for losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF. Today? Not so much. But this is Day 2 of being back on track, and I'm going to lose this 45 lb. regain! Thanks for continuing to be my inspiration.

  3. Hey. Regarding the apples. You might want to alert the store about your reaction. It may be just a personal thing to your own boddy, but it may also be something wrong with the apples. You got a belly ache...a child or an elderly person could get dead if it's the apples.

    Aside from that, happy to see you enjoying 2016!


  4. Sorry to hear about the apples. Glad you got some rest and feel better. You and your daughter look great. I saw Angela and Willie. happy for them.


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