Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14th, 2016 Who Makes The Nap Rules?

March 14th, 2016 Who Makes The Nap Rules?

Today didn't go as planned in a lot of ways. I slept well, but too long. It was great for my body, horrible for my Monday day-off plans.

I didn't pick up my grandson today like I wanted. I waited until too late--and it didn't work. I'm lucky he's not at the age where he would recognize the difference. Yet...uh, yeah, another six months or so and it'll be, "Is grandpa canceling? He's mismanaging his time again, isn't he?" Okay, maybe he won't use those exact words at three years old, but still--he'll know when plans like this, change.

I had a great support group conference call this evening. I prepared a nice dinner. And as I enjoyed the dinner, I enjoyed a few episodes of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian's In Cars Getting Coffee.  Then, it was workout time. But wait...

I'm tired and so was my phone. My phone was at 10% and I was at 23%. Now what? Okay--charge the phone and take a power nap for 35 minutes. Is that a power nap? Probably a little too long for that title. Power naps are like 10-15 minutes, right? Who makes the nap rules, anyway?

I set an alarm and Kristin agreed to call me, too--phone on charger and so was I. I closed my eyes and no exaggeration, I was asleep within seconds. And I slept...for 35 minutes...Then...give me another 10, please...That felt so good--why stop now? If a little is good, a whole bunch would be great! That's one of the defining beliefs of my life.

I got up after an hour. I've got to get a blog done. Cut some fruit, added a little calorie dense peanut butter--some water and settled into the blog. The workout? 

Yeah. I've successfully rationalized putting it off another day.

Okay--you know what? I'm going to be kind about it. Not enabling--kind, but firm.

I seriously must make changes in these two areas. Workout and sleep schedules. My food? Great. My willingness to participate and participation level in support communications? Wonderful.

I'll be instituting some changes starting in the morning, first thing--before coffee. I'll save it as a surprise in tomorrow night's edition. Or, you can follow along in real time with the Twitter feed.

It's time to step up my game in certain areas before it starts affecting my game in others. Know what I mean?

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  1. Sounds like you might need a coach for accountability and support with the sleeping and exercise habits! LOL


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