Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6th, 2016 Testing The Theory

March 6th, 2016 Testing The Theory

I'm very grateful for so many blessings in my life. I've developed a greater sense of gratitude since I started this turnaround from relapse/regain. I'm more aware. I look at things differently than I did before.

The "epiphany day," May 15th, 2014 and then May 19th, 2014 (both easily located in the archives) describe a recipe for a nice measure of happiness, regardless of circumstances. I feel like I've been testing the "happiness code" theory every day, since those dates.

Nurturing the core elements of me--the ones I've always possessed, at 500 pounds and my healthiest weight, is a practice I plan on continuing. When these core elements get nurtured, they can blossom and when this happens, suddenly things to be grateful for show themselves more clearly.

Today was a really good day. Noah joined me for a trip to see mom and we had a blast. He's growing so quickly, developing more and more all the time. He's communicating well and speaking more, too. He doesn't fully understand that if you throw your shoe out the window of a moving car, it's probably gone, forever. He likely thought I would go get it back for him. Had I known when he did it, I likely would have turned around and searched. So, I guess he was right. Maybe that's what he was throwing a fit about. I just started singing finger family puppet songs (trust me-it's a thing) in response. He was probably thinking, hey--stop with the singing and go back for my shoe!  

We enjoyed a nice visit with mom over dinner before grabbing some milk for him and coffee for me, for the ride home.

I had a great workout tonight. I hit my other goals for today as well-- calorie budget integrity was maintained, I remained abstinent from refined sugar and I exceeded my minimum 64oz water goal. I'd say it was a complete day. I'm grateful.

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  1. Oh my gosh that's hysterical!!! Sounds like something my grandbaby would do. Hey I don't believe you ever commented on my comment about getting an infuser water bottle for your water. You said you had a little trouble at times getting it all down.

    1. I know!! I think he was trying to tell me what was up, too--I was just too busy paying attention to the road!
      Thank you for the infuser bottle idea. It's not a bad one at all. It certainly might help improve my water experience! Thank you, Robin!

  2. Oh my word Noah has grown
    Who took that photo of you three?

    My baby brother threw his bottle out of the car window on the highway ... Never had a bottle since lol

    1. Our server took the photo! She was so nice. He has grown and continues!
      Your baby brother was finished with the bottle! That's funny!

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