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March 21st, 2016 My Entry To Willingness

March 21st, 2016 My Entry To Willingness

I don't want to speak too soon, but I think this before coffee--water and light strength training routine--is having a positive effect. It seems to have expanded my willingness to accept accountability and support for things I truly desire changing.

Willingness to accept accountability and support is a big deal. Late summer 2014, I was asked a simple question: "You take pictures and tweet everything else, so why don't you take pictures of your water?" My answer was straight to the point: Because I don't want to be accountable.

It didn't matter that I had knowledge of the positive effects hydration brings; the increased efficiency of the metabolism, the flushing of toxins, helping flush away excess sodium and a long list of other beneficial perks. I knew if I stated a goal and tweeted the water, I'd be held accountable--if only in my mind. Anything less would give me enough outs, to not--ever, get enough water.

This was one of the many points of getting real along the way. I needed more water. But I constantly struggled with getting enough--I became willing then added a strong accountability element to it--and what do you know? Suddenly I made it important to hit my minimum #watergoal each day.

When restructuring a plan to help turnaround the relapse/regain--it required another level of accountability and support like I'd never allowed. I didn't automatically embrace the idea of abstinence from refined sugar and tracking every single bite--and documenting it all with photos, descriptions, calorie counts and tweets--oh no, that took some convincing. 

The convincing for me was a constant on again--off again...the doing well, then crashing--the doing well---then crashing again and again, over and over. Finally--I reached a point where I was at a make or break point in every way; Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and absolutely, physically. To be so completely out of control--that a personally unprecedented approach to accountability and support are necessary elements needed to turn it all around--that was my entry to willingness.

If you've followed this turnaround from relapse/regain, you know what happened next. Everything changed. And I mean, everything.

This morning routine thing is showing me how the things I want to accomplish aren't impossible. It starts small--a glass of water, twenty push-ups--a simple reward/payoff dynamic--and an accountability/support measure.

Then I sent a support text of my intention to workout right after work--and I did it, for the first time in months--I did it. I didn't wait until super late to do it or not at all--no, I left the studio and headed straight for the gym. 

My mind is open and constantly learning along this road. And that's super-important. If ever I reach a point where I believe I've nothing to learn and experience--that's the beginning of the end.

I've had a busy evening. I enjoyed preparing a nice meal after the group teleconference support call--I even prepared extra and invited Kristin over for dinner. She did her thing while I worked the rest of the evening on one of my upcoming projects.

It's later than I wanted it to be by the end of this post.

Perhaps, someday, I'll be willing to accept accountability and support for getting more rest. Seriously.

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