Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5th, 2016 Within Reason

March 5th, 2016 Within Reason

It was a busy Saturday around here. I was up a little earlier than I wanted, but it was necessary because I had an 11am to 1pm location broadcast at a grocery store. I made sure to prepare and enjoy a great breakfast before leaving my apartment.

There's no doubt that my weight loss has changed my perspective about public appearances. I can remember doing location broadcasts where, if I could possibly stay in the broadcast vehicle, I would. I don't do that now. I get out and active. I'm moving constantly and the broadcast is more energized as a result. The overwhelming amount of confidence that goes along with this is such a blessing.

Confidence plays a big role. And not just from a physical perspective. Even better than physical confidence is the confidence I feel in my plan. I'm very careful to not get too confident, but I am confident. As long as I give it the importance level it deserves each day, this confidence will continue. If I ever decide I'm so confident that I no longer need certain elements I make important each day-- that'll be when confidence starts to get lost, again.

I grabbed an inexpensive take out meal for lunch-- my usual chicken tacos. They could easily charge me more than the six bucks, but they don't--and it's truly a bargain for what I'm getting. I guess I better hope they don't discover this blog. Normally, if I can, I prefer to cook something at home. Today was an exception. I wanted to focus on my material for tonight's opening set at the Ronnie Milsap concert--not spend time cooking.

I prepared well, enjoyed the lunch and even found time for a quick refresher nap before getting ready to leave for the gig.

I grabbed a coffee on the way out of town and sipped it as I mentally ran through my set a couple of times during the drive twenty miles North.

My dinner plan was scheduled for after my performance. The venue had a large backstage buffet style spread with all kinds of things--but I just can't eat right before a performance, so I waited.

The set went very well. I opened strong-closed strong and had some fairly decent laughs midway--and a couple of lulls in the middle. As challenging as opening for a big musical act can be, I consider tonight a big success.
  photo DSC_2960_zpsrxgbd5fj.jpg
With Ronnie Milsap about a half hour before showtime.
And here's several animated shots during the set:
(Photo credits: Tera Leiter and KC Wright)
  photo DSC_2970_zps7pzkzc4v.jpg
   photo DSC_2972_zpszx7j36ar.jpg
  photo DSC_2978_zpsrx1tdpcg.jpg
 photo DSC_2995_zpsushbvljv.jpg
 photo DSC_2999_zpsb5dv32ji.jpg
 photo DSC_3009_zpsopu3bilp.jpg
 photo 12828346_1053846334661245_7468923570165512486_o_zpsc2q69nu6.jpg

It was a fantastic experience, better than the opening set for Smokey Robinson a month or so ago. It's hard to accurately express how different it feels to do stand-up at a healthy weight. I didn't realize how restricted mentally, emotionally and physically, I was, as a 500 pound comic. The calm and clarity I now feel on stage suggests to me that I can literally take this as far as I want to take it...within reason. I'm not turning my life upside down anytime soon in pursuit of a second chance comedy career. But just knowing I could, feels great. 

I spent a lot of time today nurturing some core elements of me!

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  1. Would love to hear a podcast or snippet of your stand up sometime... That would be so cool

    How's the weight lifting going?

    1. I need to record some and share it sometime. I will, I'm sure! I'd like to do a video at some point.
      Thank you for calling me on the weight lifting. I've really slacked off in that area, a bunch!!! It's on my mind though, all the time.

    2. I look forward to hearing about your weight lifting in the next month (I was going to say week but decided to give you a little bit of extra time ) 😉😊

  2. It made me happy to see you so happy! Great picture of you with Ronnie Milsap! :D

  3. Way to go Sean. Just shows that even being on the go you can control what you eat.

    1. Very true. Ultimately, I get to decide what I consume. Making it super important means that I'm willing to wait if that's the only solution.


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