Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17th, 2016 Better, All Together

March 17th, 2016 Better, All Together

I really pushed myself today and I paid for it with my voice. The sore throat wasn't as bad, but the more I used my voice in the course of a busy workday, the quicker it deteriorated--to the point of significant decline. For someone in my profession, this is a serious issue! I've been taking it easy--and maybe a little too easy, tonight--when what was to be a short nap once again turned into something bigger, completely wrecking my plans for a workout at the gym followed by an early bedtime. My voice did need the rest. But I know, it would have been better, all together--not broken up into two long naps, which is basically what I'm doing.

Food wise, I handled today very well. It was well planned, on point and felt really solid. I had a midday broadcast--and I'll have another tomorrow that's even more challenging by being twice as long with four times the amount of on-air breaks. Four times. I'm hoping my throat/voice can meet the challenge. The steroid shot at the urgent care did help, I'm certain.

I was originally scheduled for fasting blood work this morning. That appointment was made long ago--and before today's scheduled midday broadcast. The smartest move for me, today, was deciding to reschedule that blood work for early next week. As it turned out--I had plenty to do after my morning show and before my location broadcast--and a morning lab appointment wouldn't have fit well in the schedule.

I'm overwhelmed with excitement about the next ten week session of the support group I'm co-facilitating with Life Coach Gerri and Kathleen Miles. We're almost completely full. The last check revealed three open spaces for our Tuesday night conference call. That's it! The Tuesday night session is at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

If you're interested in discovering the difference a concentrated accountability and support team can make, I highly recommend you joining us! The call is once a week. But the majority of the accountability and support takes place on our secret Facebook page that's visible only to group members. Our Facebook page combines Monday and Tuesday night group members, too! That's where we all interact daily. In other words--this group is so much more than a weekly call! Couple that with text & call spot-support with facilitators and fellow team members--and it's a fairly comprehensive well-rounded approach.

The group is made up of members at every mile marker along this road. Some are just getting started, some just hit goal or are near goal and are now making the transition into maintenance mode. Wherever you are--100, 200 pounds or more to lose or 40, or even less--this group can be a fantastic tool for you! It's proven successful for many members, past and present. Here's the link for the Tuesday night registration:
Also--email me directly with any questions:

It's Throwback Thursday!! The Tulsa World newspaper has included me in a few feature stories over the years. The stage shot below goes all the way back to a story they published in 2001 about my stand-up comedy and more specifically about New Years Resolutions. Years later, they published a big spread about my blog and weight loss. They've been very kind to me!
 photo IMG_9489_zpsvrbvok7e.jpg
"Stand-Up Comedy-Then and Now" #TBT Side By Side comparison. Photo credits: Tulsa World and Tera Leiter.

I don't have very many pictures of me doing stand-up at over 500 pounds. This is one of the very few--or two, that exist--or that I know of existing. I just wasn't too open about pictures at my heaviest--which seems strange considering the amount of before pictures I seem to have at the ready. The excessive amount of before pics are largely due to some wonderful family members who loved/love taking pictures--even when I wasn't exactly thrilled about being in the pictures. Now I'm thankful for what they've contributed to my archives--namely my Aunt Kelli, whose contributed the most. Here's a request--any friends and family with old before pictures of me on stage doing stand-up, please let me know! I'd love to have a copy.

I better attempt to go back to sleep. I feel somewhat justified in my destructive approach to my schedule this evening in the name of taking care of this sickness thing. Of course, this could be the side of my brain that tries to rationalize all potentially negative choices into a nice pretty little box. Too bad I can't take tomorrow off, or I would. But I'll make it fine--and the weekend is fairly clear of work responsibilities--so I'll have more time to catch up and take extraordinary care.

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  1. I think your push-up thing is very smart. You are linking it to several things - getting up, water, coffee. So it is more likely to continue, which is proactive.

    My husband worked with an former military guy years ago and he did the same thing., push-ups first thing every morning. He did 100, because that was what he was used to on active duty.

    Our son also has a daily push-up routine. He had to start small and build up endurance, which happened easily, because it was daily.

    1. Thank you, Vickie! I'm really excited about it. I love how you put that--by linking it to those things, it certainly does have a more solid feel. Wow!! 100 pushups!!! He's a machine!
      I'm looking forward to doing what your son has accomplished. I plan on being VERY consistent with this-- (because I want that coffee--by golly!!!)--and I know it will build quickly with the consistent effort!

  2. Does drinking black coffee make you lose weight?

  3. What Black coffee lose weight??


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