Friday, November 11, 2016

November 11th, 2016 Head In The Game

November 11th, 2016 Head In The Game

One of the things I enjoy most these days is working with others one on one. Helping someone else helps me. It keeps my head in the game. I had a couple of those experiences today and it's the best, ever.

I also had a wonderful visit today with my longtime friend and life coach, Gerri Helms. I'll be honest, I'm not sure how she's stuck with me for so long, considering how stubborn I am about certain things like sleep and time management. What I appreciate most about Gerri is how she shoots straight. She doesn't sugar coat (pardon the pun) in any way. And nine times out of ten, whether I'm willing to admit it or not in the moment, she's right. It sometimes takes me a while to see it for what it is, but when I'm in a position for growth, those things mentioned, suggested, challenged or planted--become perfectly clear.

I plan on making some changes to this blog very soon. These changes will freshen it up and get it more in line with what it's all about--and of course, it'll do this while maintaining the integrity of this blog's original mission: To be an accountability and support tool for me. An unexpected gift has been what this blog has come to mean to others along the way. I believe there's a way to honor both--to stay true to the original purpose and continue offering perspectives that might help someone else.

I Dj'd a sweet 16 birthday party tonight at the country club. A few weeks ago, on the same stage--I entertained the class of 1956's 60th high school reunion. The differences in music was an interesting contrast. They say one's favorite music for life is most usually what they loved as a teenager. I suppose it's because those songs flood back the memories of our youth. But I just can't imagine today's teens at 78, grooving to the likes of Flo Rida and Miley Cyrus at their 60th reunion in the year 2078. Music was different years ago, possessing a timeless quality I'm not sure exists in today's selections. But that's just my opinion. I might be wrong.

I'm exhausted tonight. I'm off tomorrow, so I plan on sleeping in as late as I desire. I'm picking up my grandson tomorrow afternoon and we're headed to Stillwater for a visit with family. I didn't have input on the restaurant selection--and it's a Chinese place, so there's a good chance I'll opt to enjoy the visit--make sure Noah eats well, then grab something for me afterward, somewhere else. Me eating or not at this get together isn't a big deal. The most important thing is the visiting with family. My aunt and uncle go back home to Michigan Sunday--so this is our last chance to catch up with them for awhile.

I pride myself on being able to navigate most any restaurant by ordering off menu and simply asking for what I need. But this place isn't going to be that accommodating. It's a buffet. And yes, I've navigated this very place before--but that was back before relapse/regain--and back before I became abstinent from refined sugar. I'll survey the choices before making a final decision tomorrow evening.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I exceeded my daily water goal. And I stayed well connected with great support.

In honor of Veterans Day, I'm sharing pictures of both my grandfathers and my dad. All three served this country in times of war. I'm proud to be the son and grandson of these brave men.
 photo grandpa.jpg
 photo 012707001.jpg
 photo 8627a134-7a5f-4e72-8ea7-969bde442fd7_zpsewt0ktc5.jpg
 photo GrandpaduringWorldWar2.jpg
 photo 226289_10150179526778371_673093370_7125443_2252486_n.jpg

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