Friday, November 18, 2016

November 18th, 2016 I See One Person

November 18th, 2016 I See One Person

Over six years ago on August 28th, 2010, I found myself struggling a little bit with the dramatic transformation of appearance. The following is an excerpt. And it comes with its own excerpt... It's an excerpt within an excerpt:

I've looked at the pictures over and over, and it's strange, but I really do kind of miss that guy. 

 photo l_6ed5279928b8b743c301f6beb6c282c6.jpg

I "get it." That guy was affected in so many different ways. Ok, I need to stop talking about my previous physical appearance like it was someone who passed away. But, in many ways, it is just like that.

I was that big for so long and my personal appearance, the morbid obesity, helped shape my personality and social behaviors. What has remained the same are my thoughts, beliefs, fears, and personal values--the stuff I know inside, when I'm all alone---just me. That guy is exactly the same. I love that guy too. It all reminds me of the reaction of my now ex-sister in law, when she laid eyes on me for the first time in a long time. It was almost a year ago:

Wait-- I need to interrupt this excerpt--because I noticed something noteworthy. That was written over six years ago. I listed the things remaining after dramatic weight loss--- Important things, for sure--thoughts, beliefs, fears and personal values. Knowing what I know now--some critical things were missing from the list. The core elements of me go far deeper. I didn't mention my likes, dislikes, passions, talents and core qualities--all of the things that contribute to personal happiness. 

No wonder I hit goal a few months after that was written--and still wasn't truly happy. I couldn't even acknowledge them--forget about nurturing these core elements.

Okay--now, let's go to the excerpt within the excerpt---this goes back to 2009:

My sister-in-law is staying the night with us. Irene has several sisters, and this one hasn't seen me in a really long time. I really don't know how to take her reaction to the much smaller me. She was shocked, I mean in total disbelief. She told me I looked great and that she was happy that I was healthier for the effort and then she did something unexpected.

She started crying. It wasn't tears of happiness, these were grieving tears. 

She was grieving the loss of the old me. She said “My entire life you've looked the same and now that person is gone.” 

 photo RyansIphonepicofme.jpg

I assured her that I was still me inside. I still have all of the memories, all of the feelings, all of the humor, I'm Sean Anderson, that will never change! She kept wiping away her tears and we hugged, to which she replied “you don't even hug the same.” 

I guess I didn't realize how much she loved me. It really touched me deeply. I love her too. Judging from her reaction, you would have thought I had died. And I explained to her that I would have died in the next five or ten years more than likely, had I stayed at over 500 pounds.

She just kept going on about it. She'll never see the old Sean again, and that just devastated her completely. It wasn't the reaction I expected at all.

It's really a swim through a giant pool of emotions when I look at my before pictures. I can absolutely relate to the feelings my sister-in-law expressed. I look at those old pictures and I feel sorry for that guy. He's gone. He'll never be back. He'll never walk into the room. He'll never walk onto that stage. That guy died a long time ago.


I must correct my 2010 self. I didn't die.

That guy is me. That guy didn't die, he came alive. 

 photo cff3741e-8bed-4f88-8f66-ad2e7636b45d_zpsqhyqysod.jpg

I love that guy.

He's alive and living. Not dead and gone. The opposite of dead!

 photo IMG_2877_zpsatqxkxzs.jpg

My perspective has been transformed. I don't look at before pictures the same as I once did. I also don't look at "now" pictures the same.

 photo Selfie night_zpsk0fsvnqm.jpg

I look at "Before" and "Now" pictures with a perspective focused on the core elements of me. I see one person. Not two.

It feels great to be transformed and live life at a healthier weight, for sure. And I hold my recovery tight because I value the benefits of the healthier weight. But...

My happiness is no longer found in external sources. My happiness is found and was always available for discovery, in the core elements of me. 505-pound me, then and 204-pound me, today--same person, same core elements and the same opportunity for happiness.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I met my daily water goal. And I stayed well connected with great support. I'm aiming for another day like today, tomorrow.

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  1. Interesting.... when my Mom was turning 60 (and me a mere 30 something) she made the comment that inside she still feels like when she was 21 but the outside doesn't show it. Her thoughts, her feelings, her personality was still there. I didn't get it.... thinking I don't want to be the same at 60 as I was at 21. But what she was saying is what you are saying. Now I'm almost at 60 and the "young whipper snappers" who didn't know me at 21 have no idea that who I am now is who I was then (hopefully a bit more mature but nevertheless... me.) Perhaps that's why people like reunions, because our classmates knew us then and we see them as that same person back then. I have to ask myself, what do I see when I see an old person.... usually never thinking they were young once. The physical changes (good or not so good) but the heart of a person only grows and learns and expands. Great thoughts you share on this Saturday morning. <3

  2. Thank you for this post Sean. I can relate, well said and great prospective!


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