Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14th, 2016 You Okay?

November 14th, 2016 You Okay?

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I exceeded my daily water goal. I stayed well connected with great support and I had a fantastic stair climbing workout tonight!

"Are you okay?"-My downstairs neighbor after the first ten minutes of tonight's stair climbing. She regularly walks her dog around the neighborhood. This is the first time she's noticed me doing the stair workout. She's in her early 80's and is likely the sweetest neighbor in the history of neighbors. "I'm exercising! Feeling great! Hope I didn't disturb you." She assured me I didn't. I love this neighborhood. It's peaceful. I'm grateful.

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The Sean & Coach Kathleen December Speaker Series is coming! All talks are via LIVE conference call. Wednesday nights in December are super special! Our lineup of experts includes world-renowned authorities on eating disorders, food addiction, recovery, weight loss, successful weight-loss maintenance, designing a plan and schedule that best fits you and how to never make a News Years Resolution to lose weight, ever again.

The speaker series fee is $60. Membership includes a secret Facebook page community of support for the month of December, special Facebook LIVE presentations with Coach Kathleen and Me and more! Plus, all members will have access to the online recordings of each week's talk in case you miss one of the live presentations. This is comprehensive group support focused on not only the challenges December naturally presents, but also on preparing members for their best start toward personal goals of 2017.

Give 2017 a head-start when you give yourself the gift of this speaker series! Have you signed up? Why Weight? Here's the link:

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  1. New there a reason some of your food measurements are English and others metric? TBH I find it hard to follow without looking up all the metric and converting to ounces. Just wondering.

    1. Betty, thank you! It depends on the best listing I find in MyFitnessPal. I prefer measuring in grams when I can. Of course, my food plan isn't meant as a guide of any kind, it's only meant as an accountability tool for me. But-you can certainly get some ideas from the different items shown! Glad you're here, Betty!

    2. Thanks - I wasn't using it as a guide, per se. I am in my 12th year of weight maintenance following a 90-lb loss and very happy with the way I eat (clean/whole foods) and exercise (daily!) -- really was just wondering why the different methods for measuring (I measure a lot, still, too -- but don't track calories diligently; I just know my foods well at this point and I am able to stay within my range in my head). I am not a huge blog reader or internet user but wish I'd found you before! Plan to go back and read some archives. Thanks again, Sean.


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