Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21st, 2016 Rested and Ready

November 21st, 2016 Rested and Ready

The schedule was tight today. I woke rested and ready to handle it well. I did radio until 11:45am, then hosted the TV show thing I do for the school system Monday's at noon--and then it was off to Stillwater for my Aunt Wilma's funeral. I skipped the family meal afterward in order to get back home in time for the Monday night conference call support groups.

My food was planned without an organized lunch--some almonds, a Quest protein bar--some water, and some coffee for the drive back--and I was fine.

Aunt Wilma had a very nice funeral. There's a lot of family members we only see at funerals and that's too bad. When I was a kid, we all got together about once a month for music, food, and laughter. It seriously was like a family reunion once a month and it was special. I miss those days. Now, often times, the ones who pass are those I wish I would have made more time to know in the later years. At the graveside, after the funeral, Keith Cox--who was married into the family when I was a kid, played a song--and it reminded me of my childhood when he (must have been in his 20's back then) would join my great uncles for jam sessions.

I spent some time with mom today and we'll spend more time together tomorrow when I take her to her doctor's appointment mid-afternoon.

It was a solid day, plan-wise--I ate well, maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I exceeded my daily water goal and I stayed well connected with fantastic support.

Coach Kathleen and I launched our first public "like" page on Facebook. Up until now, we've only had the private group page (that page remains exclusive to group members) This "like" page will serve as a public way to communicate upcoming openings in our group sessions. Plus we plan on exploring others ways for the page to be informative, inspirational and fun! We would love you to give it your "like!"

When/If you like the page, you'll find a post about our December Speaker Series. We've invited a powerhouse lineup of speakers (and they all said yes!!!!) If you're tired of dieting and you're ready for some powerful perspectives on developing the plan that you can maintain the rest of your life--this speaker series might be just the thing! Each week's talk is recorded and available for playback exclusively for our December Speaker Series members. Plus, as a member of this series, you'll have an opportunity to submit questions for our experts!

Sign-ups are in progress. This special series starts Wednesday December 7th at 8pm Eastern.
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