Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2nd, 2016 I Don't Know

November 2nd, 2016 I Don't Know

Two big things haven't been consistent for me: Sleep schedule (although I'm making incredibly positive strides in this critically important area) and exercise schedule. And these two things were on my mind prior to this morning's trip to the doctor's office and my meeting with the scale. Can my body and metabolism support the maintenance calorie budget I maintain each day with the above mentioned, critically important elements not up to par?

The weigh-in went well, but I don't believe it's okay for me to continue an inconsistent pattern with rest and exercise--not at all. 

The fact that this weigh-in showed a normal one-pound fluctuation, I believe, has more to do with what I eat and what I don't eat (refined sugar) than some kind of permission slip to continue a wonky pattern with sleep and exercise.
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I couldn't be more pleased with how maintenance mode is progressing. I feel like my body is working properly--my metabolism is efficiently handling what I'm putting in and my activity level is just enough to keep it very steady. This will sound like a rationalization or excuse for inconsistent workout schedules--and maybe it is, subconsciously--but I do get my 20 push-ups and 20 squats each morning--and between stairs at work and home, I climb anywhere between 12 and 16 flights of stairs each day. It's minimal, but it's something, and maybe that helps keep this balance. I don't know.

And that's just the thing. I don't know everything. All I know is, I must maintain certain things each day in order to continue this path in maintenance. I did these things again today.

I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I exceeded my daily water goal and I stayed well connected with great support contacts. These things, I know I must do--each day, just as I've done for the last two and a half years. Because if I don't, then I can kiss this maintenance mode goodbye. And I don't want that. I value this peace, calm, and stability way too much.

Each morning, before anything else--I say a prayer followed by a meditation. This personal "me time" is a humbling experience, where I admit I'm not strong enough to go it alone, I ask for help in maintaining the integrity of my food plan and then I envision how I want the day to unfold. Will I take extraordinary care of my food plan? Will I be available to help someone else? Will I live in a perspective of gratitude? I try to answer yes to those questions each day. Because if I do, my "research" has shown, I'll do well.

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  1. Oh how I wish I had a stable metabolism

  2. Sleep is top priority, working in exercise will help, but if you are tired, sleep- IMO. It will become natural to fit exercise in around your sleep schedule- I know you'll prioritize it.

    Lack of sleep can really impact life negatively. Glad you are still working on it. Sleep is not prioritized enough. So many at home, work, and driving accidents.



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