Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14th, 2017 The Good Stuff

May 14th, 2017 The Good Stuff

Regarding yesterday's under budget/tilted food schedule day, anonymous writes:

"Am I reading this correctly that you came in 600 calories under your budget today? This concerns me as you are already so thin (you look great, not TOO thin). I have seen a few other times when you are 400 or so calories under your budget. Question: if the calorie budget has integrity, isn't being so far under budget a breach of that, just as much as it would be going 400-600 over? If I am reading this wrong please disregard. I don't mean to judge at all. I am worried about a pattern of disregarding the budget and it impacting your health."

Thank you for the compliment, A--I feel very well! Good question, good point. I think the important thing I remember is that a few occasional lower calorie days aren't going to make a giant impact. If hitting my calorie budget means eating a 600 calorie meal at midnight, I'd rather just go to bed and try to maintain a better-planned schedule the next day. Sleeping incredibly late was a luxury this weekend--and I enjoyed it immensely, but it does have consequences on my eating schedule. The thing about maintaining the integrity of my budget, to me--means I'm not exceeding the budget--which means I'm NOT using food as a drug. Now, if these lower calorie days become a regular habit, then it will require some serious consideration. Coming from where I've been, this is a nice "issue" to have.

I did eat a late dinner tonight--with a four-hour separation between meals, which is pretty much the minimum separation I feel comfortable doing. I actually slept in a little too much this morning, more than I planned, and that's created a later night than I planned--and that'll present challenges tomorrow, I'm sure.

I suppose the point of it all is: I have some work to do. And really--there will always be work to do. If ever I get to the point where I think it's perfect, that's when I'm in trouble! There's much room for improvement and challenges for me every single day. Some of the challenges have been long and lingering--hanging out waiting for me to take action, and others pop up new, from time to time.

We had a wonderful family get-together this early evening in celebration of Mother's Day. It was at mom's favorite homestyle restaurant.

This restaurant is one we frequented quite often in my 500 pound days. It's amazing how a shift in focus and perspective changes what a place means to me. In the "old days," my focus was on ordering the most calorie dense specialties on the menu--heck, I'd eat 500 calories or more worth of rolls and butter before the meal arrived--then I'd keep eating until I felt miserable. My focus back then wasn't on the loved ones around me, it was squarely on the plate. Now, I can go to this same place, navigate the menu within the boundaries of my plan, and truly enjoy the people around me-- the food becomes secondary--the main attraction isn't the rolls and gravy, it's the visiting, conversation, laughs, and experiences shared. It's about the good stuff. Different from what I considered "the good stuff," all those years ago.

Some pictures of our Mother's Day event:

 photo IMG_2716_zpsgvokkhl2.jpg
Let's do Mother's Day selfies!

 photo IMG_2680_zpsgfi4n3nf.jpg
I just love the expressions on mom's and Noah's face...and little Oliver resting peacefully--oblivious to the celebration around him!

 photo IMG_2665_zpsem4ojeze.jpg
My girls and me!

 photo IMG_2624_zpsroykrlch.jpg
My newest grandson, Oliver, having his Mother's Day meal.

 photo IMG_2620_zpst2zgrb6i.jpg
Mom and me.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met today's water goal, and I stayed connected with good support contacts. I didn't make my goal of getting to the Y today for a good workout.

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