Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 27th, 2017 Bargain Shop

May 27th, 2017 Bargain Shop

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with great support.

Today was a fairly involved day. My midday location broadcast from a grocery store's meat and produce sale provided an opportunity for me to grab some super cheap deals while working at the same time. I bargain shop. Certain things I enjoy regularly, I often find on sale. If I go more than a couple weeks without salmon or sirloin, that means it hasn't been on sale! I grabbed petite sirloin today for $3.99 a pound! The salmon from earlier this week, $5.99 a pound because it was "reduced for quick sale," and I didn't waste any time cooking it!

What's interesting to me is how I once used the "I can't afford to eat well" excuse as a barrier between me and developing a food plan--when the truth is, back in my 500 pound days, I spent much more money on food.

I spent some time at mom's this evening, before working some at the studio. I'm going to bed early for a Saturday night because there's a good chance I'll be activated for severe weather coverage sometime between 1-3am. This will either be a long night of rest or a nap before middle-of-the-night work.


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