Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 654 Something Familiar and Something New

Day 654

This morning started with a familiar rush. I refuse to function without
coffee, I know--that sounds horrible. It's certainly a choice, no doubt.
With little time for breakfast, I grabbed some thinly sliced ham, a banana,
and an orange. It was the best breakfast I could throw together with mere
minutes before my show was to start without me. A show without a host?
Wouldn't be good for me, not at all. What is good for me is the sleep I've
enjoyed. I wasn't rushed this morning because I was sleep deprived, hugging
the pillow until the last second. No, I was sleeping later because I wanted
the sleep. OK, maybe I didn't plan on sleeping as long as I did, but once
again--my choice.

This day absolutely challenged me in a number of ways. I had deadlines to
meet, people literally waiting at their desk for my production to arrive as
an MP3 in their email. It was a long day indeed. Not typical really and
I'm certainly not complaining, and honestly---I created some of the urgency
by underestimating the production of it all. But it's done, this day--these
projects...done, and it's late.

I posted my blog yesterday, later than I ever have in the history of the
DDWL. It's a Thursday---I should be working out tonight, but no---my
original plans weren't planning on today's schedule. So I'll rest.

I've never had a guest post on this blog. I've written every single day.
So this edition will be a first. I plan on occasionally asking for guest
post from the weight loss blogging community---and the first one comes from
someone very dear to me, Kenz at I'm very private
when it comes to discussing matters of this nature. With that said, let
me add this: I have an incredible amount
of respect and admiration for everything that is Kenz. She's on a most
incredible journey. So it is with pleasure that I welcome Kenz to my blog
for a guest post. I'm thrilled she accepted the invitation!


I've never written a guest post so I'm honored to be writing my first for Sean. :) We have a lot in common, and one of the many things we share is a love for healthy living and weight-loss. While we go about it differently, what's most important is that we're traveling down the same transformation road.

I've been reading Sean's blog for quite some time (though not as long as many of you.) And somewhere down the road he became my "Weight-Loss Super Hero." There have been times in which I thought "'s so much easier for this guy! He is totally committed to change." And it's true - he is totally committed, but he works at it every single day. I know..I've watched him do it.

When he cooked my first omelet I watched him as he calculated the calories. And every meal we've shared came with thought first. At this point, it seems like second nature for him just as counting points is to me. (I'm a Weight Watchers member. Just saying.) But it didn't start that way for me, and I'd be willing to bet that Sean had to make an extra effort to count calories in the beginning as well.

At this point in my journey, I've lost over 100 pounds, and it is still just as important to consider everything I eat today as it was 456 days ago when I started. Sean and I have both faced obstacles in weight loss. And we've both experienced ups and downs along this transformation road. Sean experienced a one pound gain last week, and I experienced the same gain yesterday. But one thing upon which we completely agree is that we have to keep moving forward because that is what is required for permanent change.

Sean often says "I know enough not to go back." And I feel the same way so I do my best everyday to remember that this is a very personal journey. I'll continue to lose at my pace, and he'll continue to lose at his. And I hope that if you're on the same journey you embrace the changes you make as you make them because each of us has our own story to tell. Losing weight is real, it's personal, and it's one of the most important decisions we will face everyday for the rest of our lives.

Sean inspires me to do my best, but I'm motivated daily by my own goals and dreams. And I hope you are too because that's the only way we will succeed at this long term. And we will succeed.

Thank you, Sean, for being who are you to all of us...and thank you for being who you are to me.

Good night from New York...

Oh...and good choices..;)



  1. well well well....
    Nice guest post Kenz and sean!
    wonderful really.
    How cute are the two of you?
    Okay, I'll stop being obnoxious now and start that blanket for my nephew.
    have a great night you two.

  2. :D Loved this! And I like that "transformation road" too! A great, great analogy. I wish I had thought of it first!! :D Deb

  3. Sean,

    Glad you hugged that pillow. I do it quite You know, I have learned to pace myself:)

    Kenz, it's nice to share your life with someone you have so much in common with:) I wish you and Sean the best in your journey.

    As for me, I do a pretty darn good job at guesstimating calories and portions, although I do read labels! I figure if you can hold more in the palm of your hand per serving, then you've gone too far:) lol.

    Take care and God Bless, and Sean, keep hugging that pillow:)

  4. PS...Now pass that pan of spaghetti:) Oh, j/

  5. Brilliant minds think alike:) HaHa

    Were you at Walmart last night? I was walking in and heard your name and looked over and saw the KPNC van but you were nowhere in sight:) I would have made you take a picture with me if I would have seen you. The van was gone when I was leaving...lucky you. lol

  6. Sorry Lisa! I was still signed in..I'm the one who was thinking about the pan of spaghetti as I read..ha

  7. LOL Kenz...I thought of you too when I posted the PS! And spaghetti sure sounds good!:)

  8. Is is weird that I'd like some for breakfast? :) I think I'll have egg whites and fruit instead, but a girl can dream. ;)

  9. Wonderful post! Thank you so much! This is strange, commenting my own blog, but---very-very nice!
    You make so many wonderful points Kenz---where do I begin?

    First---Congrats on your wonderful success!
    I agree, our transformation roads are unique, but very similar on the deeper levels.

    That statement, I believe, is true for anyone along this road. The means to lose---calories, points, or simply responsible portion control--and exercise---that stuff drops the weight, for sure.
    Where our transformation roads become almost identical---is where we start diving into the mental aspects---the determination, our steel curtain zone, that resolve we share to consistently move forward---that strength and caring for ourselves, the mental gymnastics are almost identical---separated by our individual motivations...and you totally get that.
    You're amazing.

    My best always,

  10. Lisa!!

    I'm sorry I missed you!! We totally could have taken a picture!!


  11. Sean,

    There is always a next time:) I even heard your broadcast at OBI, but was on my way to eat with some friends. I told them I wanted to go donate blood so I could have some fresh fish that your friend had caught himself and cooked for everyone. I almost had the group talked into donating blood with me:) Catfish is my very favorite! I did donate not too long ago, and almost fainted, but it was worth it.

    Will I ever be able to reply in one sentence?

    Take care and God Bless!


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