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Day 665 The Most Water In One Day and The Great Escape--Revisited

Day 665

The Most Water In One Day and The Great Escape--Revisited

Morning non-weighted strength exercises started my day at 4:30am, followed by coffee, and some scrambled eggs, and uh…more coffee. It was mid-morning and not a single ounce of straight, pure, refreshing, unadulterated water had been consumed. Seriously Sean? Remember---your name is attached to this challenge---wow, come on! I spoke with Kenz around the same time I was giving myself this little pep talk---and she encouraged me, she’s great like that. I downed the first bottle quickly; the second was spread over a few hours, and the third was finished by the time I finished with spinning class. I consumed an additional 15 ounces by the end of the evening, after play rehearsal---and so---yeah, I kicked this water challenge first day in the rear with 75 ounces of straight water. That is easily the most pure water I’ve consumed in one single day, this entire journey---and I’m not proud to say that, I’m just saying…it’s true.

I can’t find my fancy water bottle anywhere. Maybe a daughter of mine is benefiting from that nice bottle, not sure---I hope so, because I’m not. I’ve been using the same plastic bottle—refilling over and over. I’ll be getting another dedicated water bottle soon! Until then, I’ll recycle this Deja Blue bottle---at least until I misplace the lid. I always seem to lose the lid! I was so impressed with mom---I picked her up late tonight for a little three day Ponca City getaway, and she was carrying a beautiful eco-friendly water bottle. Mom is rockin’ this water challenge! I’m so happy for her!! And here’s a ‘like mother-like son’ example: Mom said, “I did it, I did the 64 ounces today—and it’s the most pure water I’ve consumed in one day, ever.” Me too mom, me too!

My broadcast day started at 6am in the parking lot of Ponca City Medical Center. We were live on location for the “Lose To Win” final weigh-in. I love being a part of this program, I do---the people make it so wonderful. Lisa Love, a regular reader and commenter on these writings, popped in for her final weigh-in—and it was so cool to see her and have a picture snapped. Lisa!! Congratulations on your success and it was awesome that you could be there during our broadcast. It was just wonderful!

One after another, all morning—people were streaming in, weighing—and going about their business with a spring in their step and a smile on their face. One team weighed in together, and wow---I’m not allowed to share their amazing progress, at least not yet---but everyone on the team absolutely gave it everything---and the results were phenomenal. The award ceremony will be the 22nd in the historic Poncan Theatre. The hospital has asked me once again to put on a tuxedo and MC this big event. I’m absolutely honored!

I made it home this afternoon with a plan. I would nap for a little bit, then hit the 5:30 spinning class at the YMCA, followed by a fast trip home---shower and dress---and straight to play rehearsal at 7pm. It was tight and very hectic, but I’m proud to say---it’s done!

Spinning is something I seriously look forward to doing. The once dreaded cycling with an instructor shouting gears and sprints is now a complete pleasure. The seat doesn’t even hurt anymore, it just took me getting comfortable—that’s all. I drew bike 11. Hmmm…it’s not 12, but no complaints here---11 worked just fine. I was just happy to be back in a spinning class!

Play rehearsal was good, real good---and my food was excellent today. And of course, I totally conquered day 1 of the PEWC!

I traveled back into the archives today, a little further than I normally go---all the way to February 2009---where I found this excerpt about the prison we’re escaping. From February 20th, 2009---Day 159 “The Great Escape:”

For too many years I felt imprisoned by my obesity. I guess I always realized that there was a way to escape, but the escape plan seemed too unlikely. Maybe impossible is the word. Maybe not impossible, I mean, really I knew it was possible, but escaping was just something I dreamed about and talked about when no one was looking or listening. Like a prisoner behind bars, I just accepted that there were things I couldn't do as a 500-pound man, things I probably never would do, or so I thought. I tried to escape several times, but I allowed my emotions, my fears, and my habits to drag me back like guard dogs at the gate. And just as an escapee gets extra time, I'd get extra pounds after every unsuccessful attempt.

Escaping from the prison of obesity forever isn't something that can be done without careful planning, understanding, and opening your mind to learn. Writing about my feelings and experiences everyday and trying to grasp a thorough understanding of what hasn't worked and why, and what can work and why, is like studying the blue prints and guard assignments of the prison. As I go from 505 pounds to a normal healthy weight, I'm breaking down every obstacle that stands in the way. What's amazing is, some of those obstacles, the psychological hang-ups--have lost their power over me like a guard giving a prisoner a wink and looking the other way.

And when I tell people “you can do this too,” it's like we're a group of prisoners planning our great escape. The teamwork and accountability to each other is a key element in seeing daylight here. Unfortunately, not everyone will make it out this time. Some will get caught by emotions, stress, and a deep seeded belief that escaping is nearly impossible. But for those of us who do, our letters and stories of hope from the outside can serve to inspire the imprisoned and help them understand the blueprints and guard assignments a little better for future attempts.

I've been the one caught by the guards so many times. And when I would settle back in my cell, I'd just accept it for a little while, forgetting about the freedom others speak of, not wanting to hear about what was possible...just focusing on what I perceived as nearly impossible. I was waiting for the right time to make my run. Then one day I realized that I had to escape now or else die too young within those stone walls. I didn't have time to wait for “the right time” to magically happen. My time had to be now regardless of the emotional and psychological hurdles that stood in the way. I'm navigating this escape plan with guidance from those that have gone before me. I'm always studying past escape attempts and analyzing where and why they failed. I can see daylight from here my friend, and it looks so good it makes me want to cry tears of joy. Let's go for it!

Cathy Cole—the director of the “Lose To Win” program at the hospital, called me earlier and told me of several who didn’t make the final weigh-in. My heart breaks for them—especially one in particular. My hope and prayer is that they simply couldn’t show up because of work or vacation---and that they’re doing fantastic. But if they are struggling---if they’re slumping down in their cell---still imprisoned---I want them to know: I’ve been there---and you too can escape. I’m here for you my friend. Send me an e-mail. People in this weight loss blogging world really do care---it’s a fantastic—supportive bunch!

Mom is staying a few days at my place! I’m so excited to have her here. I’ll take her with me to play rehearsal tomorrow night and we’ll also workout together and we’ll meet our PE WC goals together!

Thank you for reading! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Pictured with Lisa Love, right after her final weigh-in for the “Lose To Win” Challenge! Lookin’ Good Lisa! You can do this---and you’re proving it! I still have a hard time looking at full body shots of me---But really---that's crazy of me, because it's light years from this...

Full 500 pound-plus body before picture…At the OAB Awards with an award-winning colleague!

An unusual lunch really…but delicious---enjoyed at the studio today while I worked.

Showing the H2O who’s boss! PE WC---Repeat after me---I need to…uh, use the restroom now.

You’re welcome to join late…really, I mean---come on, we would love to have you participate! If you’re in already---Thank you! Kenz and I would love to hear how you’re doing!!


  1. Sean,

    I thought I was pretty good with the water, but your challenge has kicked me up a notch.

    Thanks (gotta run to the ladies' room now!).

  2. Okay I took your water challenge and I am getting better. I am up to 24 oz as of yesterday. I hope to beat that by 8 oz today. I am down to one diet coke a day. I am headed for your challenge of 64 oz a day. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  3. I would have to say the current full length picture of you looks great! You look so much taller now too. :) I completed my first day of the Challenge too with 9-8 oz glasses of water. I think I already have that blown out of the water today though. LOL I also relate with the last sentence under pictue of you drinking the water; me and the bathroom have seen way to much of each other the past 2 days. LOL

    Keep up the good work man!

  4. Plz add me to the water challenge, sorry bout being late but haven't been able to get to computer due to stupid enforced bed rest but I'm raring to go with this water stuff :)

    Anne - lose2live.blogspot.com

  5. I am so proud of you for meeting your water goals yesterday. I rocked them too, and it sounds like many of us did! :) Yay for us!

    Enjoy time with your precious mom..:) I can't wait to give her a big hug!

    The picture with Lisa Love is outstanding. You are both beautiful inside and out...

    Now let's finish rocking Day 2 of the PE WC. ;)


  6. Glub, glub, glub... I feel like my eyeballs are floating!

    One hint to everyone: make sure you get all your water "drunked" before evening. Unless you want to make lots of trips to the Throne Room in the night!!


  7. Ya know...I just have to say that you're looking pretty hot in your latest water pic. I mean, it's safe to say I think you're gorgeous all the time, but damn babe...just sayin'...;)

  8. Halfway done on my wine challenge... will p[ost gibberish once all 64 ounces drunk down and slepp

  9. i saw in your post mention of a loose to win program. cane you elaborate? i have not heard of it and it sounds really interesting

  10. Sean, You look THIN in that picture with Lisa Love. You do! I'd tell you to run out and buy that shirt in as many colors as you can--but, I think that you look thing--because you are!

    Great job.

    And I'm still PEWCing. :D


  11. Deb, he looks great! You are so right!

    Sean said...

    "Cathy Cole—the director of the “Lose To Win” program at the hospital, called me earlier and told me of several who didn’t make the final weigh-in. My heart breaks for them."

    Sean, I can only imagine how you feel. It is so easy to give up when you feel you have failed. It makes me sad that some chose not to follow through for whatever reason.

    And I look like a big fat cow in that picture, but thank you for posting it:) It means so much! LOL.

    Take care and God Bless!

  12. PS...I would love to meet your mom. Maybe some day:)

  13. Wow Lisa...way too harsh about yourself. You're a very pretty woman so take those mean words abot yourself back! It is so. not. true.

  14. First I would just like to say that your weight loss journey is truly inspiring and simply amazing. Congratulations on the success.
    Second, I'd like to say "I'm in!" for the PEWC. What a great idea.


  15. Rockin' the PEWC out here in IL. 80oz today of fresh, clean H2O!

    Sean, a great pic there of you and Lisa! I agree with Deb about grabbing a few more of that style. Looks good on ya. Oh, and no over shirt! You, sir, have come a long way. :)

    Lisa, I agree with Kenz; way too harsh. You look wonderful! Comfy jeans, comfy shirt, and a good-lookin' man on your arm. lol What's not good about this pic?

  16. Hi Sean...wow you're looking GREAT! I'm Liana, and have just started on my weight loss challenge, well into DAY 4 now. I've been reading your blog off and on for awhile now, and have been truly inspired by your journey. Now I've come out of the closet, just thought I'd introduce myself. Yup...on the water challenge too, and OMG peeing heaps!!! LOL

  17. Hi, I stumbled across your story on aol.com and found myself here reading recent blogs and looking at your pictures. I just want to say congratulations on such a great accomplishment! You look amazing and I am so happy for you and your improved health! ~Girl who would love to have something inspire her Mom to lose weight.

  18. I just read your story on aol and here I am reading your blog. I have also started (a few months ago) to loose weight after years of piling pounds (and creating excuses ...). I am one of your "followers" now and I'll keep reading... Oh by the way: you look fantastic!!!

  19. Sean,

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey. I too keep a blog following my lifestyle change. It has been a very slow quest, with a lot of ups and downs. I am proud to say I am down 40 pounds from my all time high. I still have another 50 pounds to go to reach my goal.

    I'd love for you to check out my blog if you get the chance. http://stooooo1.blogspot.com

    Keep up the good work.

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  21. So far so good on my "personal water challenge". Only H2O for drinking since Monday. Between 2 to 3 quarts a day and I'm feeling great. Hope you can elaborate on the "win to lose" after the awards. Would love to hear the success stories. What's the day and time you are speaking in Tulsa? I sure hope my schedule allows me to go. Thanks again Sean & Kenz for the water challenge.

  22. I've been slacking on my water intake lately - maybe 5-6 glasses a day - even on my big workout days.
    Thanks for posting this challenge, I'm encouraged to get back on the water wagon! I'll be walking over to the sink in a few minutes to fill my 24oz camelback bottle for the first of 3 times today :)

  23. Just found you from AOL... congratulations on the story! Something every blogger would love to have. You had me hooked on the first mention of coffee. :)

    I am excited to follow your story. My weight ups and downs center around gastroparesis - an evil little illness. I worked out and could not lose weight. I finally found what works for me - walking with my 9 year old daughter calling out to me, "move move!" :) Then I use my teen son's weights and do crunches.

    Nice to "meet" you!


  24. How do I join the challenge?

  25. I think this is amazing. 3 and a half weeks ago I started a diet very similar to this(1600 calories) it's hard and with everyone around me already skinny sometimes the inspiration is not there. This gives me drive to do it for myself and thank you for putting yourself out there and making me feel not so alone and this diet feel not so impossible.

  26. Dude, Your'e HOT!!! Betcha havent heard that in a long time!!! Sincerely,

  27. Congratulations...It's really cool to see all of the people you have inspired here. I am not an over weight person but have watched a lot of friends struggle with their weight. You hit the nail on the head with the calorie count and portion controls...I remember when I was little and my mom would order petite portions...where did they go??? Now it's all about super size...I want petite portions back...we just order one meal and share...sometimes between three of us....at any rate keep up the good work..I forwarded the link to your blog to all of my friends list so they can read your story as well...lifted my spirits this morning...thanks for sharing and caring...

  28. I'm a new follower of your blog and just want to let you know how impressed I am. You are such an inspiration! Wow! Can't wait to keep reading! :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  29. Also a new reader and you've done an amazing job. Just wanted to share my 'water experience.' I gave up diet soda (and regular soda) and caffeinated drinks over a year ago because I was trying to get pregnant. Since then, I drink so much more water and when I feel thirsty, the first thing I crave is water. I think the more water you drink, the more your body starts to associate feelings of thirst with water, instead of whatever you were drinking before. And it is really good for you. I hope you have the same experience.

  30. Lisa, I think you and I have the same problem. When I see a really large lady in a store, I am always asking my husband "Am I as big as that lady?" In our minds, we are much larger than we really are! Think about it...in high school, I thought I was fat. When I see pictures of me back then, and remember that I weighed like 115 lbs, that was CRAZY! You look great, Lisa! And it does get much harder to lose the weight as we get older. But it is NOT impossible! And we can do this! btw, has anyone here read the book I saw on Oprah "Woman, food, and god"? Just wondering if it has some good info.

  31. Very Inspiring, you have a new member on the PEWC. I got the fat card pulled on me at a water park and will be losing 42lbs. by next summer. Way to go and glad your family is doing this as well.

  32. Thank you Kenz, Heather and Sara for the kind words. I am pretty sure I am not as big as the picture portrays:) But I was just happy to finally get one with Sean. He was an inspiration in my life long before he ever lost weight, so this journey means more than anyone will ever know.

  33. Hey!!! I was surprised to see you on the newsfeed for AOL!! Congratulations!

  34. I just found your blog. It's great to know that others are also successfully losing too. The hard part is learning how to maintain. I changed how I looked at dieting too, and now maintain a 100 lb weight loss for seventeen years!

  35. Also saw your story on AOL and wanted to stop in and say what an awesome transformation! Your water challenge is a great idea, too ... I've always had a hard time getting enough.

  36. Lisa, you do NOT look like a big fat cow!

  37. Like many others, I saw your story on AOL and followed it to your blog which I'm sure will be overwhelmed. Your success is inspirational to me as well as many others. I only need to lose 20 pounds, so surely I can do that if you were able to lose your weight! I'm starting today and joining the water challenge as well. Keep up the good work because you're having such a wonderful effect on others.

  38. 64 oz on Day 1 and 2 for me. And feeling good!

  39. Sean,

    I just saw the article when I logged on to my AOL account...how amazing and to be honest looking at the pics of you now I would have guessed you weighed about 180...not 270 something. WOW! How amazing and I'm sure you feel better as well! Looking great! Keep up the good work! You look fantastic! Like a totally different person!

  40. Tiziana ter HaarJuly 14, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Hi Sean!

    When I read you are planning on writing a book, I thought I should mention to you, you already have the title! The title was hidden in your last quote in the article about you. You stated: It's just in me

    I immediately thought: that is a GREAT title for his book to be.
    Just so you know :)


  41. Please help me for those of you who have lost more then 100 lb please e mail me cindy900@hotmail.com. I have just turned 50 last month. I have had 3 open heart surgeries
    When I was 31,35,36 years old I had a rear case where tumors that grew in my heard one in a million case. I was in and out of ER’s and OR’s for 10 years of my life I almost died 3 times due to Doctors not finding what was wrong with me 3 times it took a female Doctor to listen to another women. I had a heart attack Christmas 2008.
    I need to lose 145 lb, and have tried all my life Atkins worked for me I lost 70 lb. When I stopped I gained it all back again. I have lost a granddaughter who was in ICU for 8 months and died, my son who lost his baby and his wife 2 months after his baby died leaves him. He got in a little trouble with the law so I am dealing with that, I lost my home to foreclosure this past Dec,7 2009. My life has hit rock bottom. I wanted to get the lap band I feel that is the only way I can do it. My doctors say with my heart condition it could kill me, I don’t know what to do I do not have any friends in Fort Myers Florida. So I do not have some one to do this with. Please help me I have to worry about consuming to much water.I eat out of stress.

  42. Hey Sean, I just saw an article on AOL about you. I'm from Atlanta, and just wanted to write that your message has reached other parts of the US! I guess the message I've really been taking to heart from your blog is that you can help yourself succeed by finding others to help you, and that your making your challenge a public one helps you. Great job, Sean! I'm amazed at your devotion!!

  43. Sean, You look Great, Keep up the good work. I did the same thing last year, kept a journal, daily, of 1200 calories, and lost 50 lbs. I still try to stay close to that, to keep myself honest......Gyll

  44. Wow!!! what an accomplishment........ great job Sean!!! YOU will be my inspiration to start MY NEW HEALTHY LIFE!!

  45. Hi Sean, I just read about you on My Fitness Pal and what an inspiration you are. Good luck with the water challenge, that is hard for me in the winter but I am doing much better this summer.

  46. enjoyed reading this. Thanks. Maybe someday I will follow your lead.

  47. Very impressive! What a lot of people don't realize is that getting fit/losing weight becomes addictive. After a while, it's like brushing your teeth. It's something you do without thinking...it becomes a part of life!
    Thanks for sharing your story it's truly inspiring!

  48. Hello,

    I found your blog on the AOL site, and I had to check it out! I'm on a mission to lose about 50 lbs (I technically only need to lose 30, but I really would like to be back to what I weighed when I got married before I had my daughter). I was wondering if you had a program you started for doing the 5K. I've heard there are a few that start you walking first, then work into running after a few days. We'll be getting a Bowflex on Friday, so I'm hoping that will help a lot. I started this week working out in the pool for about an hour each day. I'm hoping that helps!

  49. Sean,

    Sorry that I found your blog after 22 months, but better late than never. Congratulations to you and those you have inspired on your weight losses. I am a 50-year old man who has been imprisoned by my obesity for far too long. I am blessed in so many ways: I have a great family who loves me unconditionally. I will never submit to weight loss surgery or weight loss drugs. Despite my failure up until now to achieve a healthful weight, I am convinced that I can do this in a "natural way" with portion control and CONSISTENTLY smart food choices. I have not made it all the way back to the beginning of your journey, but what I have read on your blog is inspirational. Your words give me hope that what seems like an insurmountable obstacle can be done with patience, intelligence and daily commitment. I learned about your blog from the AOL home page when I logged in today. I am hoping that this is a sign from my Higher Power that today can and will be the first day of my personal journey toward a healthy and complete life. For now, I will say thank you for sharing what you have shared with the blogging community. I look forward to reading more of your motivating blog entries in the future.

  50. I found your inspiring story on my aol homepage as I was signing on today. As I was about to finish a 23 oz. bottle of water I read about the PEWC. I have always agreed when people say that 64oz. of water a day keeps you healthy and fit but never had the motivation. A challenge, just what I need! Thanks! Now, off to refill....

  51. WOW! Are you married?? Oh wait, I am. And you're too young. LOL

    All kidding aside, you have truly inspired me! Thanks for your blog and B/A pics that I recently discovered. I have lost the same 50 pounds over and over for years and gave up. Now, I will try again. Congratulations on your success!


  52. Just found your blog as a result of an AOL ad. LOVE IT! I've bookmarked you, I intend to jump on board with the water challenge, and I'm confident you're going to be one of the things that kicks my butt back into gear. Since July of 08, I've lost 142 pounds. I have 38 left to go, but the last 6 months have been slow-going. I haven't gained, overall, but am not down a significant amount from where I was in the winter. Thanks for the extra push!

  53. Needless to say, I saw this on AOL and had to join your blog!!!! I myself have lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for 5 years. But still have 20 more to go.
    I want to join the water challenge, but having blonde moments and can't figure out how to join it.
    I most always consume way over 64 ounces a day anyway, but just wanted to be part of this amazing challenge!!!!
    CONGRATS to you for your accomplishment!!! Your a fantastic inspiration!!

  54. A real-life story on how weight loss helps to fit into your favorite sexy bikini can be accessed right at our weight loss blog.

  55. Whoa Sean, when'd you get lanky?!? ;) Hot!

  56. I will begin the water diet, I have a mental block where I beleave I just can not lose my waight. I pray this works and this story has inspired me. I have had 3 open heart surgeries
    and I want to live so bad. But I have to lose 130
    lb I am at 271 now and need help.


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