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Day 655 Busy Friday, No Complaints, Fried Fish, and Traveling Back A Year

Day 655

Busy Friday, No Complaints, Fried Fish, and Traveling Back A Year

It was a very cool thing to enjoy my first guest post on my blog yesterday! Kenz did a fabulous job, and if you haven't had a chance to read it, back up a day! I've never written a guest post for someone and I've never invited anyone to do that for me. It was nice. And Kenz made some extremely important points in her writing. Thank you again Kenz!

Yesterday was busy, but really—today showed Thursday what busy is all about. I needed to rest last night and that's exactly what I did. I opted to “sleep in” until 5am, skipping my normal routine again, in the name of more rest. Because I knew I would need it today. My schedule was set. The radio show from 6 to 9am, in the production studio until after 10am, then straight to the first of two public appearance/broadcast remotes. The first being 11am to 2pm, the second—2pm to 6pm. Then back to the studio for more production business until at least 8pm. But seriously, I'm not complaining.

I'm very fortunate. I love what I do, always have...and that's the difference. And this schedule of late? Not typical at all. This is the exception, not the rule. It's summer time, holiday time---and everybody wants to be on the radio...two times a year in this business, that's it---when it gets crazy busy like this: Summer time and the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So---no, not complaining, but seriously---exhausted none the less.

I have yet to make it to the doctor this week for my sleep apnea consultation. I knew by Wednesday, that was something that really shouldn't wait, but will until early next week. I've enjoyed more rest lately, and it's made a big difference for me. I'm not feeling the apnea symptoms like I did for a little while, so we'll see. I will let the professionals tell me what I need. That's important.

My workout schedule has suffered tremendously this week. If you're a regular reader, you know this already---this is nothing new. And really, in the below excerpt you'll read about a midnight swim last year---and maybe you'll think like me: It's all about our priorities. A year ago today I was headed to a friends swimming pool at midnight...really? Because I had to have a workout, regardless of my busy schedule.

I prepared myself food wise today, rather well. I started with fruit and a Cliff Bar. I've never been a big “bar” person, especially if it is supposed to replace an actual meal---but like many of us, in the name of convenience, and if it's something really good---like an all natural Cliff Bar, then OK...maybe this time....and the next time if my schedule gets nuts like this again.

My first remote broadcast was from the Oklahoma Blood Institute. It's the annual fish fry blood drive! And once again I wasn't eligible to donate again until the 23rd! But anyway---I did my research on fried catfish---4 ounces: 259 calories. That's breaded and fried. An average size fillet checks in at about 200. I can do that! I already know that I would enjoy a wonderful catfish lunch courtesy of the blood institute and the catfish master, Mr. Mark Sanders! Mark is a regular donor (110 times) and a big supporter of the blood institute. He's also an avid fisherman, having caught, cleaned, and now cooking enough fish to feed everyone who donates blood today. What a great person. We're pictured together below!

My second broadcast found me set up at Wal-Mart---and of course, if I get hungry there, I can just walk in and buy something. I did, about 4pm. A banana, some string cheese, and some Powerade Zero. I was satisfied! While doing this second broadcast, a listener approached me in complete jaw dropping awe. It's been a while since they've been around...and it's not the same Sean they remember---on so many levels. But the only level they understood at that moment was “I hear your voice and it's the same, but it's like it's coming from a stranger!” I loved that. Very, very cool. I replied, “Thank you very much---I'm a very different person.” They responded with, “You look so happy.” And you know what? They're soooooooo right. I've never felt better and I've never been happier. I'm in a very good place right now.

Traveling back into the archives today, I found this excerpt from July 2nd, 2009---exactly one year ago today--and what a wonderful day it was:

I had a personal appearance/remote broadcast this morning. They were grilling hot dogs, the bun length kind. The 170 calories each kind. I really didn't want to invest 430 calories in a hotdog and chips, but I needed to eat something before the broadcast ended, so I had a hotdog minus the bun, dipping it in mustard. There are so many more wonderful ways to “spend” 170 calories, I hated to do it with a bun-less dog, but sometimes you just have to make the best possible choice based on the circumstances. After the broadcast I picked up a Wendy's grilled chicken go-wrap with regular mustard instead of the calorie laden honey mustard. I also ordered it without cheese. I whittled the calories down to 180 for that thing by making those changes. I normally leave the cheese on, I mean really, you know about me and cheese right? But I was “paying” for such a bad calorie value in the hotdog earlier.

On the way home I stopped by the Oklahoma Blood Institute for their 3rd Annual Catfish dinner blood drive. I wasn't donating today, not till later this month for me, but they still insisted I try the fish. I did and it was amazing!

I grilled some lean burgers on the grill tonight. Only 200 calories each make these a wonderful treat at least once or twice a week around here. I added an actual bun for 110, some onions and mustard and 20 calories worth of ketchup...oh, and a half piece of American cheese for 30 calories.

After dinner I received a phone call from a friend. He wanted me to come over and “show my body” to his company. What he meant was, I hadn't been in the same room with this friend of his since I weighed over 500 pounds. It was way more than a “wow reaction,” it was a “I can't print what he said” reaction. And he just wouldn't stop mentioning the difference. It was real good.

After spending the evening with these friends, I enjoyed a really good workout in the pool at midnight! Oh my, yes...midnight swimming! After completing my workout, I just floated on my back, staring at the stars above. It was a wonderful way to unwind after a big busy day. I also planned on walking at least a 5K tonight, but those plans changed with the advancing hour. I did get a good workout in the pool, so this day wasn't a complete exercise bust!

I'm headed to Stillwater tomorrow for a birthday party celebration for my mom, Kelli, and all of the other summer birthdays. Everyone is meeting at Sirloin Stockade. Oh boy! A big buffet restaurant---I've handled this before, this time will be handled much the same, like a normal---responsible eating person. This being normal with food thing is really nice. It's a real blessing that has and continues to positively change my life---completely.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

With Mark Sanders at the OBI Fish Fry Blood Drive. I'm actually wearing a KPNC polo pullover. Talk about facing my insecurities head on. No over-shirt again today! You know how many station pull-over shirts I've never bothered to put on simply because they either didn't fit—or I was too insecure. It's nice to be in a place to overcome all of that stuff. I may not be 100% just yet in that pursuit, but I'm getting there! I was caught laughing at something--when I smile this big---my eyes become so small.


  1. I had the opportunity to eat hot dogs and/or burgers this afternoon so I chose half of a burger and skipped the hot dog. I'm all about getting the most out of my points, and you're right..there are so many better options.

    I love the pic with you and Mark...I think it's pretty hot when you cheese it up. Just saying.

  2. Hi Sean, I haven't read your blog in a while, but it seems you are still on your wonderful journey to the best you possible. I love that you still live life along the way and make life fit your daily calories!
    Congratulations and thank you for continuing to inspire!

  3. LOL @ your picture! That is the biggest smile I have ever seen, and your eyes are smiling with you. Almost a wink, LMBO...I love it;)

    Take care and God Bless!

  4. Such a happy picture! Makes me smile to look at it. :D Deb

  5. Sean,

    Can't sleep, and was wanting to tell you that Mark looks so familiar! I know him from somewhere but not fishing. I bet he would make an awesome fishin' buddy! How sweet it was of him to do that for OBI!

    One other question. What do you use to keep your teeth so white? I will buy whatever it is. Lemme know at your convenience:) lol

    Your friend always...


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