Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 661 Weigh Day Success---Closer To Goal and We've Already Won

Day 661

Weigh Day Success—Closer To Goal and We’ve Already Won

Today started rushed, but I somehow managed to get in my morning non-weighted strength training exercises and breakfast before hitting the door. I’m paying very close attention to my sleep schedule of late and more importantly, how I feel after sleeping. I’ve been feeling incredible lately, certainly not as exhausted and sleep deprived as the previous few weeks—it’s very good.

Today was weigh day---I love weigh day, almost every one of them along the way have been pleasant experiences. I like the routine at the doctor’s office, when they just wave me on back—they already know why I’m there. They didn’t always know---there was a time when I had two visits in the same week, for completely different serious issues related to my morbid obesity. Those days are far behind. I walk in today, and instead of concerned looks, I get smiles from everyone. That feels really nice. My weigh-in today showed me 246.2, a loss of two more pounds---and bringing my total lost to 259 pounds. After gaining a pound last time---I’ll gladly accept a solid drop of two. And so we slowly march to a most joyous goal, just 16 little pounds away from goal. Hmmmm, this is going to be fun! It already is fun.

A friend asked me today if I would still plan the big blowout party at The Marland Mansion after I hit goal. Uh—yes---a big party indeed---not sure about the location at this time, but a blowout of sorts, absolutely! I’ll give you plenty of notice, so if you’re close enough to travel---or have just always wanted to visit Ponca City, Oklahoma-USA, and you’ve followed this blog regularly---you’re invited!

I spoke tonight at the “Lose To Win” Weight Loss Seminar, just for a small amount of time. Monday is the final weigh-in for this two-month weight loss challenge. My brief talk was about how Monday isn’t the end. It was a nice lead in to Fitness and Life Coach Melissa Walden's talk about "How to continue your journey." I talked about how this two-month program was simply a good foundation for the participants to carry a much lighter load the rest of their lives.

These changes we’re making, they’re not temporary changes---in an attempt to win a contest. These changes are the forever part. Later this month, large checks will be written for the winning teams and individuals---thousands of dollars in fact, but trust me…if you’re embracing weight loss with a new attitude about food and exercise, and a determination and importance level that cannot be compromised---then you’ve already won it all. Trust me, I wouldn’t trade how I feel now for any check, no matter the size. If you win or lose the money---it doesn’t matter---because we’re claiming victory everyday.

I traveled back a year and discovered this excerpt in the archives. I’ll never forget this crazy e-mail I received:

I always go back and read what I posted the night before. Often times I wish I would have said a particular thing a better way—or offered a better example. Today I read last night's post and I really got in to it good. I was on a first class ramble! And then I realized a large portion of that post could have been summed up in one simple sentence:

If it's simply a means to lose weight, and not something you plan to do for the rest of your life, then it's temporary, and so is any success you experience while doing it.

OK, maybe not a simple sentence, but you understand what I'm saying right? I plan on eating normal food in normal portions—an honest healthy combination of fats, proteins, and carbs-complex and simple carbs too. I plan on maintaining an active lifestyle, I plan on living. It's hard to argue with that approach, but people will and have.

I'm not going to mention their name (not a blogger I recognized), but in my e-mail in-box today I found a very rare response. I was told that just because my approach works for me it doesn't mean it will work for everybody the same. The author of this e-mail went so far as to call me “self-righteous.” I wondered if they had the wrong person! You talkin' to me? Hold on, let me put on those cool sunglasses. You talkin' to me? Are you seriously talking to a man that weighed over 500 pounds for nearly two decades, been deathly obese his entire life, tried and failed at every other approach to losing weight, and now has broken it down into the most simple terms of “eat less-exercise more-and hold tight and defend your journey with everything you got?”

Really? Self-righteous? Wow. I prefer “correct.”

I've finally discovered the best most natural correct way to lose weight. And if that somehow threatens your perception of how to lose weight, you just haven't reached this point yet. I'm not talking about the point of success where I proudly stand, I'm talking about the point where you give up all the nonsense, where you drop the excuses and rationalizations, where you get completely honest with yourself about your behaviors and you stop trying to find the next best thing in the world of weight loss plans and products, it's a place where you discover that the best solution doesn't cost anything at all and it doesn't require eating “just this” and “not that.”

Geez. I promised myself I wouldn't let that crazy e-mail bother me. I didn't reply personally at all and I don't plan on it. But—if the author of that “self-righteous” nonsense is reading this post, here's my advice: Go back and educate yourself by reading my blog from day one. Then come back and tell me what you think. I'll guarantee your attitude will be different. I've only had three e-mails of this type before and only a couple of nasty comments in all of the last 297 days---so, I guess that's pretty good. I'm betting that this person read a passionate comment I left on someone’s blog, clicked my name, found the e-mail on my profile---and started typing. It was refreshing to find an actual name at the bottom instead of an anonymous type thing. I'm much better now. I just laughed for no good reason, I'm sorry. I guess I laughed because I planned this paragraph to be just a few short sentences, and the next thing you know...oh well.

The Positive Effect Water Challenge is growing! It starts Monday July 12th and ends Sunday August 1st. Can you drink 64 ounces of pure clean water everyday for three weeks? If so, Kenz and I challenge you! If you already drink enough water, then you can still join and share your tips and success along the way. Just leave a comment here or on Kenz’s blog saying “I’m in,” or something to that effect. We’ll update the participant list soon. Your name will be included---and if you have a blog or some kind of website, we’ll make sure your name has a link. Feel free to right-click-copy the logo below and put it on your site.

The preceding paragraph was for you, if you’re interested in joining us for this challenge. Before we begin please be aware that there is such a thing as drinking too much water. Please understand that our personal goals are to drink 64 oz. per day, which is widely accepted as a healthy amount of water consumption. Sean and Kenz are not medical or nutritional experts; they are just really cool weight loss bloggers. Please consult a qualified physician before starting any weight-loss regimen.

I actually dropped in bed shortly after 10pm tonight. Can you believe that? Wow---I’m going to feel so rested on Friday!

Thank you for reading! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Reflection. When I notice my reflection---it still stops me in disbelief. I LOVE feeling this way and seeing that profile reflection. I feel like that kid in the “dentist” youtube video, “Is this real life?”

One of my worst profile shots---Picture with family a few years ago. Irene is pictured here---she’s since lost over 100 pounds---and of course mom is losing, Amber lost weight, and so is Courtney! I know everybody involved despises this picture.

In studio…very recent.

Not so recent…very sad looking before picture.

Before picture with Courtney, my youngest daughter

Courtney---80 pounds smaller and burning her girdle!!!

It starts Monday! Come on---You can do it! Join today my friend, will you?


  1. Keep those "horrible" pictures, Sean. They are the ghosts of Christmas past and we all have to remember where we've been to appreciate where we are today. Congrats on another loss, my friend.

  2. The water challenge is a fabulous idea but it lacks pizazz. "Positive Effect Water Challenge" is too hard to say with no good acronym possibilities. Now, if you had, say, "People Increasing Drinking Dasani for Life Everywhere", that would be more snappy. I could get behind the P.I.D.D.L.E. movement (so long as I was wearing waterproof pants). Plus it has built-in sponsorship potential!

  3. P.S. I would join the challenge, but I drink at least twice that every day. I too had problems with the lack of flavor for a long time but just worked on getting past it. Of course, the Pacific Northwest does have the best water, even right out of the tap :)

  4. Hi Sean

    Great challenge and something I need to concentrate on - I am in


  5. I've been to the Marland Mansion and it is awesome! Okay...this water challenge has me personally making some other "challenges" for myself. Like more sleep, more fresh fruits and veggies, more exercise, etc. And oh yeah...starting Monday the first day of the challenge...the only liquid I will consume for 3 weeks will be water. Now that will be a challenge indeed. Thanks for the inspiration Sean & Kenz!

  6. totally rocked that article Sean!

  7. I want to do the water challenge! What a great plan!

  8. Hey Sean,
    I was so shocked to see your face show up on my Google Reader tonight. Never before have I had a fellow Ponca Citian featured on a blog that I follow. Especially one that I added from a bundle suggested by Google. The "fitness bundle" I added a few weeks ago included the thatsfit blog.

    It was great that you were featured on the thatsfit blog. Hopefully it will inspire more people to embark on a journey of healthy living.

    Good luck on the last few pounds.


  9. Love the before and after pictures :)

  10. I see you just as you saw yourself in the reflection. I'm so happy for you and with you...<3

  11. I love all the pictures you include in your post!! Truly an amazing journey!!

  12. Nancy KruckebergJuly 10, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    I'm following the PEWC--I have been doing this for years! At least 64 oz. of water a day--and I measure it! But I'll be your best cheerleader!
    Can't wait for the day when you can share that you have reached your goal--you are such an inspiration to so many!


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