Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 679 Confidence In Me and Double Pita Pizza Calorie Value--Rocks!

Day 679

Confidence In Me and Double Pita Pizza Calorie Value--Rocks!

The alarm sounded at 4am, so I reached over, turned it off, and just laid there awake. This is Monday, the first workday of a busy week, and the first day of week three in the Positive Effect Water Challenge. So many things were going through my head. My radio show, production projects at work, a business trip Tuesday in Tulsa, "Wanda's Visit" tonight and again on Friday at festival, working out, Kenz arriving Thursday night. Yes, this...this is going to be a big week.

But still, I just laid there, as if to say give me a minute here! I'm so happy these days, like genuinely happy...and it's not like everything is perfect, it's certainly not. I just have this incredibly positive vibe I carry, a place mentally where anything is possible and obstacles are only speed bumps along the road, positioned perfectly to keep my feet on the ground while giving me a nod to move forward with confidence. This is a very nice place to be, and it's not about being 13 pounds from goal. It's about being happy and confident in who I am and what I do, something that hasn't always been as clear in my life as it is right now. Ok, enough of this introspective feel goody stuff, Monday is waiting!

I made my way from the bed to the bathroom, then to the coffee pot, and then to my chair. I decided that before my email was opened or my blog was checked, I'd do a minimum of 60 non-weighted squats. Wow, I can tell that I've allowed myself to fall out of the habit lately---the burn starts way too soon.

I enjoyed a banana early, then I prepared breakfast to go: Two whole eggs with mushrooms in a Joseph's 60 calorie pita, the whole thing was 210 calories and I was set for a good morning! I also found some time to make a couple of pita pizzas for dinner! I love those things, I do...and they're so easy. I love mac and cheese too. I didn't have any today, but I read about it today. From July 25th, 2009:

I spent 400 calories today on mac and cheese. This is very unusual. I can count on one hand how many times I've had mac and cheese in the last 315 days. I love it too much! I started out with a very small portion, then decided to “invest” a little more. It tasted amazing! So, nearly a third of my calorie budget in mac and cheese---then I tossed the leftovers in the trash. There wasn't that much left, and it sounds wasteful. I can't add the amount of calories I've consumed before in the name of “don't waste it!---here, let me put it on my waist!” We actually have changed the way we cook around here. We simply cook less. Much less actually. We're saving money and saving calories. We've had several meals that look like it's not enough, but then everyone gets a serving of this and a little of that, it's all gone, and everyone is satisfied. No seconds, no leftovers, and no picking while it's cooking---because, hey...there's just enough! It's taken some getting adjusted—because we always cooked so much! But our perspective has changed, our focus has changed, our lives have changed.

Getting in front of an audience tonight with this production was a wonderful experience. Last year's "Call Me Henry" was so dramatic, and it was a wonderful experience--but the laughter I heard tonight took me back to my stand-up days. The audience was amazing, so in tune with our every word and expression, that they were laughing in places I hadn't expected. That feedback from an audience is something you just can't get in rehearsals, and it felt incredible. It put any doubt to rest for me, and I think the rest of the cast and crew feel the same way. We have a serious contender at the theater festival. The performance will be Friday afternoon at the Nancy O'Brien Performing Arts Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Can't wait!

Dinner tonight was late. I had over 600 calories coming, probably a little too much by this time of night, but I was actually hungry--and I'm hardly ever hungry. I could have had dinner before the performance, but I've never been a pre-show eater. I'm too consumed with the performance to relax and eat. I prefer eating when the show is in the books. A couple of ham, mushroom, and mozzarella pita pizzas sounded perfect.

I used two of the Joseph's 60 calorie flax, oat bran, and whole wheat flour pitas, 30 calories worth of pizza sauce (1/4 cup) total, one thin slice of black forest ham between the two for 25 calories total, an ounce of mozzarella on each for 160 total, and 15 calories worth of fresh mushrooms. Look at that picture below...wow, looks like more than 350 calories for sure, but no---that's it! 350 total for both together! That's an amazing calorie value! I added a banana and a little peanut butter to reach my calorie goal tonight, and everything was wonderful!

The PEWC is becoming almost effortless for me these days. At first, it wasn't easy, I'll admit. But now, I haven't a problem hitting at least 64 ounces--often getting the first 40 down relatively quick. The benefits are incredible--I feel it in so many ways. A bunch of people are participating---and if you're a proud member, let us know how you're doing! I had really hoped to post more water drinking pictures---and I'll post some more soon, I've just been moving so fast lately. I'm excited to post yours, so email them--please! We're on the last week of this challenge, but the hope is--that this three week challenge will develop a healthy water consumption habit that will continue to benefit long after this Sunday. I know it will for me.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,



Breakfast at the studio


Makeup! Just a little for the stage...More pictures coming soon with cast and crew, absolutely!

350 calories of pita pizza goodness!

I couldn't find this PEWC member's name on her blog...so I'll refrain from using the name from the email...but---I love her strategy for effortless water consumption: She uses a straw! Very nice my friend. I also love her blog name and address, visit her today at www.immyfavorite.blogspot.com


  1. I can't believe those pizzas are only 350 calories!! They look so yummy!!

    I love to read your story everyday....not just because you're a huge weight loss success, but because you are now truly living and feel so great about yourself!! It's an inspiration :)

  2. Can I just say you look incredible, and I've put a word in with our mutual friend that he needs to pop over here if hasn't already and check out your progress. So much has been going on in my world that it took me a while to catch up on yours. Wow...But I'm so happy for you that you are happy. Be good and true to yourself. You deserve it.

  3. Yummy! Both food pics, and I had mac and cheese last night, Lean Cuisine, not as good as the real stuff, but I was counting calories:)

    I think I got carried away with my first pita pizza, I added too many veggies and not enough mozzarella, but it was still good. Onions are a must, and I love mushrooms and bell pepper. I can live without the meat. My pita slices were smaller as well, I cut them in quarters? What was I thinking? I made it much more complicated than it had to be.

    Take Care and God Bless:)

  4. What is it about people who have been obese and mac and cheese? It's my downfall. I love it cold, hot, warm - you name it. I have some low cal recipes for the stuff, with brown rice noodles, but it's just not the same. It always amazes me how many people struggle with this food. Weird.

  5. Sean, if you have time, will you please let me know in what part of your Walmart you find the pitas? I've checked mine from deli to bakery to freezer section, and I haven't seen them.


  6. I am so making those pizzas. They look great and for 350 calories? You are THE man!

    Glad your performance went well! I bet you are so excited for Thursday!

    Good choices!
    Jodi :)

  7. Dude, stealing the pizza idea! Oh and thanks for adding me to your follow list. I posted a push up challenge to you in my blog tonight. I thought it may amp you up for weight training. I could use a challenge to so it works out. Let me know what you think. My email is jsg14342@cox.net if you wanna discuss it.

  8. Hi Sean,

    Your journey has inspired me. Your story was on my Yahoo homepage a few weeks ago. I've read some of your past blog and read your daily posts.
    I started on my journey 11 days ago, and I'm doing fantastic! 1500 calories and whatever exercise I can do. I decided tonight that I am going to read your post for whatever day I am on, besides today's. So tonight I went back and read your Day 11 post.
    I can't tell you how reading your journey has given me hope and the budding knowledge, that yes, I can do this, too!!

    Thank you!

  9. That pizza looks awesome. I will give the pita pizza a shot the latortilla wraps allowed me to have two massive beef burritos for dinner for 500 calories the other night. I was stoked. I am trying all the calorie value things I can. Thanks sean.

  10. So...you're probably the only person on the planet that will believe me when I tell you this, but I took a box of mac and cheese out of the cabinet earlier today. I didn't really consider eating it (because while it's good, it's not my favorite.) But for whatever reason I took it out and wondered how you'd feel about eating mac and cheese. I'm constantly amazed by the way our brains work together even when we're apart. Crazy.

    Anyway, it is going to be a big week, and I'm excited about it.

    And I'm so proud of you for rocking this challenge. I know it wasn't easy at first, but I also know that you own it now. Keep it up babe...You're doing so well.

    I'm putting my order in for a pita pizza..maybe Saturday? Just saying.

  11. BTW - I found the pitas in the deli section of my Walmart this morning! They must have been sold out when I last checked. I brought them to work with me to share with my WW group. I can't wait to taste them!

  12. For anyone who is having trouble finding the Joseph's pitas at your store - there is an online store you can order from! www.josephsbakery.com is the address. I'm loving them as well - and I've found that they are really filling, as opposed to a piece of bread, which has only led to another piece TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT! Congrats, Sean, on your show. I'm sure you'll do well at festival!

  13. Sean,
    Thank you for all of your wonderful tips. We just found the pitas and we also bought the Joseph's Lavosh flat breads (100 cal) they taste wonderful. For breakfast we enjoyed a delish veggie egg white scramblei in a flatbread wrap for 230 calories. Talk about filling, they were huge. Joseph's is already a can't do without staple in our household! So long regular and diet (cardboard tasting bread)! Hello to awesome food.

  14. Sean,
    Love the mac and cheese!and after having a momma that cooks good ole southern food it was a staple in my LIFE. Not sure if I could throw some out?! Will be trying a low calorie/fat version this weekend! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  15. Sean,
    Thank you for your great tips, and for sharing your inspirational story! I have been following you for about 2 weeks, and you've inspired me to chronicle my journey as well (http://randompiecesandthoughts.blogspot.com). No followers yet, but I'm doing it more for me (Yay!) than any other reason. You also inspired me to try the pizza. Ran to Publix to get fixins during lunch. Have you tried the FLATOUT double pita flatbreads? The flax and oat is 100 calories, and toasts up really crisp, so that when you fold it you get some nice texture.

    Thank you again for sharing!

  16. You know, I forgot to mention this last night, but I kind of assumed that out of the two of us we'd first see pictures of me having my makeup done. Just saying. Ha

  17. (yesterday...)
    A tumbleweed slowly rolls across an abandoned street as

    Sean says, ” maybe someday when we meet, we'll have a foot race. You game? ;)”

    Foolsfitness slowly hovers his hand over his sneakers, his eyes squint and fedora set low on his brow… “You calling me out? How is November 11, 2011 your place? You’ll need time to train.”

    11-11-11 that’s right, it’s a magical date where anything can happen… You game Sean?

    At Foolsfitness we don’t take getting called out lightly…- Alan

    (way to go on the theater project Sean. Glad you like that picture yesterday. Also I tried those joesephs pitas, they really do rock)

  18. Tammy, you prolly won't read this, but I found the Pita's in the bread section at the Ponca City Walmart, not deli, to the left of all the bread with all the tortillas:) So, just in case they move it, you will know where to look:)

    PS...why doesn't my pic show up on here? It doesn't on my end anyway.

  19. It doesn't show up for us to see either Lisa..are you just putting in a name or are you signed in through something?

  20. Ohhh, share recipes! I would especially love to hear the measurements and ingredients for those pizzas!


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