Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9th, 2014 I'm All About That Bass, No Trouble

November 9th, 2014 I'm All About That Bass, No Trouble

Finding the rhythm of this journey is nice. I know I've found my rhythm when I can have life hand me a stressful/emotional situation and I can handle it without sacrificing the integrity of my plan. It goes back to the philosophy about the plan running "in the background" while life happens in the foreground.

As long as they run parallel to one another, then neither life or the food and exercise plan get in the other's way. If I choose to not handle life--and I relegate it to the background, there's horrible consequences--and if I allow the plan to run in the foreground, it will undoubtedly get in the way of life.

It's a rhythm and a balance we find, different for each of us, and imperative for success.

For me, it's a bass line playing in the background. It's smooth and calm, it's wholesome and fun, it's rhythmic and constant, there to remind me why it's important for me to keep the rhythm.

Because I could easily get out of rhythm, out of sync. Oh yes, I could totally start moving to a different rhythm. And when I start to get out of rhythm is when I must turn up the volume of the bass line--letting it thump, and jumping back in sync. 

Turning up the volume might mean reaching out for support a little more than I already do, it might mean getting out and into some good exercise, and it might mean preparing a good, calorie friendly meal at home. Today, I...

...made three meals at home. I exercised well. I reached out for support. Yep, I turned up the volume, slightly. 

I pay close attention to the bass line rhythm of my plan and I follow it come what may. Instead of abandoning the rhythm when things in the foreground get challenging, I embrace the rhythm a little more. I dance a little closer, a little tighter and I find peace and comfort. I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no trouble. ;)

I had some mushrooms and sirloin tip steak that really needed to be cooked today, so I made them fit into lunch and dinner. Oh my goodness, these two dishes were over the top good!! I get excited when I get creative in the kitchen! See the tweets below!

I had a great exercise weekend! I did a nice 5K yesterday and another tonight. Two days, two 5K's--and I feel fantastic. 

I'm headed to bed tonight with 1,690 calories consumed, 432 calories burned during my 5K--and my net calories after exercise at 1,258. To me, that's staying in the groove and keeping the rhythm quite nicely.

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  1. Tricks of staying with the program! Thanks for the tip on turning up the bass Sean. Life and our program need adjusting as if we are in a sailboat fighting the sea. Sometime it is smooth sailing and other times we can be sailing through storms. Sounds like you feel very good (as you should) with getting that exercise back up to snuff too. Congrats on another day well done.

    1. Yes, indeed! You're very welcome, Nancy! Thank you for your continuous support! I like your sailboat analogy! We can make it through the storms!!

  2. Great job on all that e excise and the meals look yum! Hope this week is a great one?

  3. Loos like a fabulous day! And great exercise, too! Well done, Sean! Love this post so much. My storm came last week when my husband had decided he did not want me to lose weight any longer. He wanted me to eat ! I almost caved, but I held my ground. I did not let his comments get to me. I survived my biggest storm yet in over a year.. for that, I think was a victory! After ward I asked him to try to get a little healthy, not for me, but for him. He grunted at me and I ate my spinach salad! LOL
    Your day of food looked wonderful, too! Congrats on doing so well!

    1. Oh, Rosie, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you didn't let the comments get to you, too much. This is somewhat of a natural reaction from people closest to us because they fear our change will dramatically affect them, or simply because it's different--and different isn't the most comfortable thing to process.
      I'm so glad you're strong enough to make it through that storm.
      I'm certainly not a relationship expert--and definitely not qualified to give advice, but I will say this--you're the one--and the only one who should have a right to say whether or not you continue losing weight and getting healthier.
      With that said-- I wouldn't hold this against him too much--remember, this kind of reaction happens often...
      Perhaps he'll notice how much better you feel when you're taking extraordinary care--and how it can improve your relations, not hamper it--and then he'll be more supportive.
      Wishing the two of you the best, always.
      It was a BIG victory!!! Congratulations to you!!!!!
      Oh the food, Rosie---it was very good!!

  4. This is an awesome post - really. I was in sync for so many months with my own plan running smoothly in the background - it all seemed so easy with few issues. It's been quite syncopated in the last few months - more jazz, less classical (for a musical reference). I'm working hard to get it back to 4/4 time.

    1. LM-- I totally understood where you are from your musical description. "More jazz..."
      4/4 time, you got the rhythm, D!! Thank you, so much! Your blog looks wonderful on my blog roll!! Thank you!

  5. Awesome post as usual, enjoy reading every word of it. Maybe use that bass to get your strength conditioning program rolling? I'm going to keep pushing this until I know your doing it. . Not backing off this so may as well start now. LOL Snowstorm today, started my p90 today after throwing around 2000 bales this past weekend.

    1. Your level of exercise when you're working is on another level, my friend!! You're giving good advice, Jon-- that's a fantastic idea... And i appreciate your encouragement.
      Congrats on starting P90--and I hope the snowstorm isn't too bad for you--I know that dramatically affects your work.

  6. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding how the food added up today. Never mind.

    1. Justin-- I bet I know what happened--you added the "Calorie Cutting Strategy" tweet... That one was an example of what it could have been with a little less ingredients!
      Hope you're doing well, Justin!


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