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March 27th, 2016 A Precious Gift

March 27th, 2016 A Precious Gift

This was a wonderful Easter. Except for getting home over an hour later than expected, it was just perfect. I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, continued my abstinence from refined sugar, exceeded my water goal by four cups, engaged in spot support communications via text and phone and spent the majority of the day in company of loved ones--and really, that's such a precious gift.

There was a topic I wanted to elaborate on--but this is clearly not the time. I must drop in bed. I'll save it for another night. Instead--I'll tell the rest of today's story with pictures and captions--and the Live-Tweets of the day as it unfolded.

 photo Noah In My Arms_zpsq1b7tqsi.jpg
This was Noah's first official Easter egg hunt. Courtney, unfortunately, had to work today and couldn't be there, so Irene, Allen, Amber, KL and I accompanied Noah to his age group and waited for the huge firetruck to start the egg hunting frenzy with a blow of its extremely loud horn. When the time came, it slightly startled our little man!

 photo FullSizeRender 2_zpsdtrj9a6x.jpg
He has grown beyond the 'frightened of people in costumes' phase--and straight into the, 'this is cool,' phase.

 photo IMG_9953_zpssllpvvw0.jpg
We all gathered at the restaurant prior to the big hunt.

 photo IMG_0063_zpsusv3dxs8.jpg
Noah and I made the trip to see mom this evening. We enjoyed a late dinner out and a great Easter evening visit before heading back home--and taking little man to his Nana's (Irene's) house for a sleepover.

I rarely have a day that includes two restaurant meals. Today was the exception. I feel like I navigated well. It helped that both places were really easy for me to navigate. Instead of tacos at lunch--I made it a salad, knowing I'd have tacos later. Beef for lunch--chicken for dinner. I enjoyed some variety--including an unusual breakfast. Mainly, I enjoyed the time spent with everyone--and Noah, oh my, that little guy owns my heart.

It feels so good to be at a healthy weight, enabling me to keep up with him--and not just the physical part of that equation--it's also about not being in a constant food fog. It's hard to express gratitude and appreciate important things and others, when under the influence of the food fog. Before I elaborate any further--turning this into a big exploration of thoughts and experiences, I better go to bed! Another time...

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  1. So glad your little man had a great day .. He is so cute

    What is this I read about you eating a "salad" for lunch ... Oh my I must be dreaming lol

    Glad you had a lovely Easter

    1. Thank you!! He's the best! My aversion to salad is specifically to a cold--leaf lettuce based veggie salad with some kind of dressing... I've never had one! However, if you put a certain word in front of it--and the ingredients on top, I can do it!
      Guacamole salad, taco salad, fajita beef salad, grilled chicken salad... never with a tradional salad dressing--always with a sour cream/salsa type combination...
      Oh-- and the lettuce... for me, it must be shredded, not leaf.
      I'm a bit particular when it comes to acceptable salad boundaries. LOL

  2. I saw 'salad' too and was surprised.

    1. :) I know!! The kind of salad you'll never see me eat--is a big leafy lettuce type thing full of veggies and topped with a traditional salad dressing! But the more savory creations--like the one featured on this day--with the shredded lettuce, hot fajita beef--sour cream and salsa---oh yeah, that's an awesome thing I can do!


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