Friday, October 20, 2017

October 20th, 2017 Daily Practice

October 20th, 2017 Daily Practice

After waiting over three months between my last two weigh-ins felt way too long, my maintenance weigh-in plan was revised to once monthly--and I missed it last week. After five weeks (better than fourteen weeks!), I made today maintenance weigh day. I owe big thanks to my doctor's office staff. They're always accommodating me on weigh-days without an appointment. That office has witnessed it all-- my initial weight loss, my relapse/regain period, and the last nearly four years of taking a stand--or as I like to put it, "the comeback from relapse/regain." I don't own a scale at home. I haven't during this entire nine-year experience. If I did, I have a feeling I'd be jumping on it too much and in that, I'd run the risk of getting too wrapped up in a number. I love my weigh days to be special trips to the doctor. It's official. It's not too often. And especially now, it's just an accountability check--and a measure of how my food plan is working in support of my continued healthy weight maintenance. I'm grateful to report, it's going well.

This number represents a 1/2 pound loss in the five weeks since my last weigh-in at 211. I love the tight fluctuation. It's steady, calm, and feels great. I feel very blessed.

One of the most important things for me each day--and it's just as important as the other elements of my personal plan, is the daily perspective I keep in regard to my continued maintenance success. It is never a given. It is never guaranteed. It's a daily practice of this imperfect plan of mine with the understanding and healthy respect for the fragility of it all. And that perspective keeps me well. An attitude of gratitude coupled with an awareness and importance level on high enables my daily embrace.

I don't think referring to tonight's event as an emcee thing is accurate, actually. I made some opening announcements at the Arts and Humanities Council dueling pianos show. I'm on the board of directors of that amazing organization--and considering what I do for a living, I get picked for that duty at these shows.

Amber joined us at the event center for the show and dinner. And she brought me birthday gifts! Cologne and a coffee mug! She knows me very well!! I turn 47 Monday. Amber is doing very well in her pregnancy with my little granddaughter. She's eating pickles like crazy!! "A big jar a week," she said!
We can't help ourselves. We love laughing and being goofy.

The weekend is looking good. I have a location broadcast tomorrow 11-1, but that's it as far as radio duties. I have a planned outing for lunch and shopping with mom on Sunday, and will likely get my grandson Noah for awhile at some point this weekend. Courtney sent me pictures of him decorating his pumpkin for Halloween--just adorable. He painted his pumpkin blue because scary pumpkins aren't orange and he insisted on creating a scary pumpkin!!

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