Saturday, February 17, 2018

February 17th, 2018 Very Capable

February 17th, 2018 Very Capable

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded today's water goal, and I stayed connected with excellent support.

I didn't think about being out of coffee last night. Not once did it cross my mind. It didn't until I woke this morning--and it was my first thought! I didn't hesitate for a minute--shoes on, looking like I just crawled out of bed because, well--I did... and I made a fast trip to Aldi. I needed eggs too! I must have looked half asleep because the clerk knew exactly what had happened--perhaps I'm not the only one. I discovered a dark roast coffee that's super cheap and really incredible! Glad it happened the way it did because I wouldn't have known about this inexpensive premium coffee had it not.

I interviewed Bryan Ganey this morning for an episode of my podcast. I also spent some time working on getting ready for the local 3-hour workshop I'm facilitating on March 24th.

Bryan Ganey, wow-- if you haven't purchased a copy of his book, "Impossible-How I lost Nearly 400 Pounds Without Surgery," I highly recommend you grab one from him at I can't wait for you to hear his episode of Transformation Planet! After reading his book and now speaking with him for a lengthy conversation, I'm blown away by all we have in common and how our philosophies and daily practices mirror one another's in numerous ways.

By the way--If you're local to me or within a reasonable driving distance, I'd love you to come to my "You Plan" Workshop on March 24th in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  The goal of this workshop is to inspire you, first and foremost--and also help you formulate a "You Plan" to help get you started along your own transformation road. All attendees will have the option of being added to an attendee exclusive private Facebook accountability and support page for ongoing support.

I'll be the first to tell you, I don't have all the answers and I certainly don't know it all. I work the plan that keeps me well each day. I'm VERY capable of returning to over 500 pounds--easily in fact. I maintain a healthy respect for the fragility of it all and a humble spirit and attitude. And so far, it's kept me comfortably in maintenance.

I'm also capable of communicating in a powerful way--expressing and explaining perspectives that help keep me well and might work for you too. As a mentor, I can help you identify key practices and elements that just might make a difference for you. If you can make it to the workshop, great-I'll post the registration link below. If you're not close enough to make a 3-hour workshop doable and you're interested in working directly with me as one of my private clients, please email or send a text to 580-491-2228 --I'll get back to you quickly and we can arrange an initial phone conversation to discuss how it works.

Here's the link to the Eventbrite "You Plan" Workshop registration page:

I spoke to my youngest daughter earlier today. She has her hands full with Noah being sick (he's better!) and doing her best to prevent her, Oliver, and everyone else in the household from getting sick. Courtney is ready for the flu season to end and she's ready for Ava's arrival.

After a visit with mom this evening, I spent some time with Amber. She's really close to the day Raegan arrives. She's ready for this pregnancy to be done!

I feel incredibly blessed and I'm constantly visiting my gratitude list.

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