Friday, February 23, 2018

February 23rd, 2018 It Isn't, Of Course

February 23rd, 2018 It Isn't, Of Course

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed connected with excellent support.

This day has been on the calendar for a long time. I knew it might be challenging--and it was, but it was also really good. After work and running a few errands, I made it home for a very short refresher nap. It was actually less than 30 minutes. I had to be up and ready for emceeing two back to back events, an awards ceremony hosted at four different locations and a concert at the theatre.

I was at the formal wear place this afternoon when a very nice lady complimented me on my weight loss and continued maintenance. She asked, "do you just not eat?" I said, "I actually eat quite a lot in maintenance mode." She then added, "probably not good stuff, right?" I quickly added, "Oh no, plenty of good stuff, I don't eat anything I don't like." Then I realized it wasn't the time or place--and I didn't have time to launch into an explanation of my personal plan perspective and practice. Her perception is common-- I hear it a bunch. Just recently from another, "so what do you eat, just salads?"

I recognize the perceptions because I once held those kinds of beliefs too. It's classic diet mentality type thinking that says getting to a healthy weight requires deprivation, hunger, and eating things we don't like because that's what we gotta do to lose weight. And it isn't, of course. It took a big shift in perspective for me to realize how wrong I once was.

Getting dressed up and being a big part of two events tonight was a wonderful experience. I received several compliments on my weight loss and maintenance. Almost everyone I had a personal interaction with tonight mentioned it--and maybe because I was dressed well, I don't know-- but now, I handle those much much better. I simply say, "thank you." There was a time when I'd try to talk them out of their compliment. "Awe, well, I'm getting there" or "Yeah, I could do much better with (insert whatever I was feeling insecure about in my plan.)"  A simple "thank you" is enough.

If I had simply been an attendee of the awards banquet, I likely would have eaten at the event. I could have made it work--It's called living life on life's terms. I could have done it. I would have called ahead and inquired about the menu just to make sure the food fit the boundaries of my plan. I reserved the idea that I'd survey the offerings and make a decision on dinner with the information I could gather. After surveying the wonderful options, I chose to wait for a late dinner at home because each thing looked like multiple ingredients--and all good, but it wasn't obvious what it was--and I could have asked, but I was working....and that's the other thing. When I'm "working," I always like to wait until the event is over before eating a meal.

My first event ended with five minutes to spare before I needed to be a block away on the stage of the Poncan Theatre for the arts and humanities council concert. It was raining, too. I literally ran down the street in the rain.  I can't do something like that without immediately being flooded with thoughts of how at my heaviest, it would have been impossible to move as quickly. I made it just in time. I walked into the theatre, was handed the announcements from a fellow arts and humanities board member and a microphone from the sound tech--then I made my way backstage to the band to get their intro and a plan for starting the show. 

After a quick store run and a super quick visit with mom, I made it home to prepare a late dinner.

Now it's time to drop in bed! What a day!

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