Friday, March 9, 2018

March 9th, 2018 Answers To Questions

March 9th, 2018 Answers To Questions

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with good support.

This week has been hectic in many ways. It was nice to make it to Friday night, relax, make a good dinner, visit for a little while with mom, and finish some work late tonight at the studio.

As more people sign up for my March 24th workshop, I'm getting a few questions.

"Do you teach how to do your plan?" No! My plan is specifically designed for me. This workshop will help you create a plan that's specifically designed for you. Certainly, some elements and structure, the accountability and support--plus perspectives and concepts that have been key for me will be important parts of the workshop.

"Is this like a motivational speaking thing? And are you going to try to sell us a product of some kind?" Two questions there--First, inspirational/motivational speaking will certainly be a part of this workshop, but a very small part. We've got work to do and only three hours to do it! Second, NO--I do not sell or endorse weight loss products. This workshop isn't a come-on for something else. It's a workshop designed to help you develop a plan--not a diet, and there's a big difference. The workshop will help you create the YOU Plan that could be the start of your very own transformation.

"Is it only for people that have a hundred or more pounds to lose?"  Not at all. I've worked with people who started out wanting to lose 20, 40, 60--100, 200 pounds and more. The amount of weight is relative. One person's 40 is another person's 100. Developing and embracing a plan in harmony with your healthiest weight will very naturally get you there in time no matter how much time is needed. It's not a race and the scale isn't the primary focus--it's all about the plan that fits you. Once you have a plan that fits, maintaining consistency will be much easier.

If you're within driving distance of me in Ponca City, Oklahoma and you're ready to register--click the link and I'll see you on the 24th! If you have a question, text it to me or call and leave it on voicemail--either way, I'll get back to you quickly! 580-491-2228

In my experience, it's critically important to take pause for not only deciding on your on-plan approach in particular circumstances but also pausing to remind yourself of the importance of you and how your plan boundaries are set to ultimately take extraordinary care of you. Clearly defining those boundaries has been paramount to the consistency of my plan.

Maintaining the boundaries of our non-negotiable elements fosters growth in every other area of this process. When we disregard those boundaries, it stunts our growth and the result is often: We feel stuck and feel like we're doing the same thing over and over.

If consistently maintaining the boundaries of our plan is what brings growth and a natural evolution of the plan--and that consistency is what brings about positive progress, then we must first look at the plan--and make sure it's something we can maintain.

If it's too extreme, we're setting ourselves up for disappointment.

But if we start small and with simplicity, and it's something we can work with inside the boundaries of the plan--that's when something magical starts happening. The challenge becomes the action of releasing judgment for what we might perceive to be an imperfect or incomplete plan--when all we're trying to do is get started from a place where consistency is the focus--and trusting that this approach will allow for a natural evolution of our plan. On the opposite side: If we decide we can't move forward unless everything is perfect within some elaborate "ideal" plan, we're setting ourselves up for a serious struggle with starts and stops.

One of the biggest threats to my consistency is emotion/stress levels.

One thing that's really helped me in this area is to examine not only my current state of mind and emotion but also my expectations for food at any particular moment.

Do I expect it to take me away from and improve emotional/stressful circumstances? 

Or Do I expect it to simply provide energy and nourish me physically?

Looking at my own expectations pushes me in the direction I need to make more progress toward handling things in ways that truly work, instead of me constantly relying on and believing that escaping into the food will help.

The food does provide a temporary reprieve from the circumstances at hand, but it's never improved the things I avoid, ever. In fact, when I turn to food for these things, it compounds my issues. I try to remember that often.

My continued recovery depends on a daily practice of my plan. I often refer to the different elements of my plan as my "rails of support." I hold onto those rails every day. If ever I wake and say, "look, no hands," get ready to witness a hard fall.

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  1. Waving Hi, Sean!!! Glad that the food template of your coaching is customizable. I've seen too many food recovery groups where the template would have resulted in Type 2 diabetes for me (fruit, oatmeal are no's due to disease risk)

    Glad you are not embedding all those tweets. My laptop almost prevented me from commenting due to the long scrolling and screen re-sets. Onward and here's to another food sober hour, meal, day, week. :) Karen P


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