Friday, September 7, 2018

September 7th, 2018 Really Cared

September 7th, 2018 Really Cared

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

My son-in-law's father passed away a couple days ago. It's a devastating loss for KL, his mom, his brother, Amber, and everyone who loved him so much. He was only 58. That's way too young. My original plan was to head down to the small town of Thomas tonight for tomorrow morning's funeral service, but after a long day here, I've decided to get up very early and make the drive. I think that's much safer than making a late night drive tonight.

Little Raegan grabbing her Po Po's hat. I instantly liked Kenny from the first time I met him--it was also the first day I met who would eventually become my son-in-law-- the long-haired bass player hard-rocker looking dude who would eventually marry my little girl. In fact, Amber and KL also met one another face to face for the first time that day. Before that day, theirs was an online acquaintance, or eh...romance. Kenny had an attitude and easiness that was a real pleasure to be around. I occasionally do an impression of him saying one of his favorite expressions, "don't care," because it was delivered with such peace and calm and an irresistible likeability. It was one of his favorite phrases and often it was opposite his actions, the ones that showed he really cared, and cared a lot. Rest in peace, Kenny.

I was once again invited to serve on an annual curriculum advisory committee for an area college's mass communications department. The meeting was last night. It was truly an honor to be invited--felt good, really did. The meeting started with a meal, a trip through the college's cafeteria line. After surveying the options, I decided on somewhat of a holdover until a later dinner. It was the best choice for me and my plan in that circumstance.

I was happy to serve by offering my opinions and advice on how broadcasting/journalism students can be better prepared upon exiting college and entering the industry. If I'm being totally honest, and I am--being invited also served a need in me-- a validation type thing. I've had a consistent thirty-year career in this business yet, I never attended college and here I am being asked for my input from an institution of higher education. Just a little interesting to me. I started at sixteen years old and "self-educated" was the path I took. And although I'm confident in my talents, abilities, and intelligence, a part of me holds onto negative thoughts when I think about my lack of higher education. It's silly maybe, but normal, I believe. Anyway-- that was some raw and real...okay, moving on... 

I took the morning off today and slept in very well before reporting to work in order to get things done that had to be done today. My washer and dryer decided to stop working, so a trip to the laundromat was also on the agenda late afternoon. Lunch today was during a client recording session at a local restaurant. I'm very familiar with the menu and it was very easy to navigate within the boundaries of my food plan.

I visited with mom some tonight, taking her a few things she wanted--then made it home to prepare a good dinner.

I'm hitting the pillow early for a Friday night considering the 4am alarm.

I'll not promote the upcoming 4-day/4-hour intensive with Life Coach Gerri and me too heavily tonight-- or the upcoming 8-week support group session that starts Wednesday, but I will say: If you have questions and want to learn more about either of these opportunities, contact me directly via text or call at 580-491-2228 or send an email to me:

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