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Day 660 The Water, The Dream, and The Tastiest Calorie Value Ever!

Day 660

The Water, The Dream, and The Tastiest Calorie Value Ever!

Thank you for the incredible support of the Positive Effect Water Challenge, sponsored by Kenz at and me. The response has been wonderful and there’s room for more! Drinking 64 ounces of pure clean water every day for three weeks seems simple enough, so simple in fact—that I decided to try it out today, and you know what? Piece of cake! I mean, uh---it was easy. I always order water at restaurants, it’s always in my fridge at home, and I often turn it into something else with a flavor packet. But 64 ounces of good old refreshing--pure H2O in one day, well…I’m really ashamed to say this---but, honestly, this may be the first day I’ve accomplished this seemingly simple thing. Why have I been so reluctant to do what many medical and fitness experts universally agree is a proven way to enhance weight loss and increase overall health?

I guess I better answer that question. Uh---because, I like flavor? Maybe it’s because I’ve never really been thirsty? Or maybe it’s because I’ve lost weight successfully without much focus on my water consumption? Or maybe it’s a combination of all three. But here’s the deal: I can’t argue with the obvious health benefits of drinking enough refreshing water. My transformation has been successful, yes---but it’s a far from perfect performance. I guess if you wanted to take my approach and make it even better, one of the first things you would want to do is increase and be mindful of water consumption. My body needs it, yours too…and this three week challenge is just long enough to develop a new habit. I hope you join the challenge today! It starts Monday the 12th and concludes Sunday the 31st. Just let Kenz or me know by leaving a comment of participation on one of our blogs.

I’m really getting back into the groove of my morning non-weighted strength exercises. The squats, push-ups, and sit-ups seem simple enough---but really, it doesn’t take many to churn that wonderful burn. While the coffee brewed and I thought about what to eat for breakfast---I worked it good, always pausing to feel my abdominals before wrapping. These poor little abdominals have been so neglected and protected---It’s nice to give them the attention they’ve needed for so long.

I decided on a nice big three egg white-one whole egg omelet with ham and cheese. The entire thing checked in at 220 calories, so I added a banana—something sweet, to end up at 300 before heading to the studio.

If you’re a regular reader, you already know---I travel back in time 365 days, everyday---just to see what I was feeling and experiencing. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it just entertains, and sometimes it reflects some of the core philosophies that have made this time the last time I’ll ever need to lose weight. From July 7th, 2009:

After blogging about eating the Hershey Bar last night, several e-mails and comments came in mentioning how it would be tough for them to eat just one. How it would be a trigger for some. And I just wanted to say I completely understand that! I've been the guy who buys and consumes a six pack of chocolate bars in one sitting. I know what you mean. So what keeps me from doing that now? What's different? Well, I've decided that nothing---no emotion, no circumstance, no favorite food, no celebration, not anything will make me overeat again. Do I crave things? Of course. But I allow myself to enjoy some things occasionally, so it's not like I'm telling myself “you can never have that.” I can have anything I want...but---it must fit into my calorie budget that day. If it does, then I have to decide whether or not to “invest” the calories. If it doesn't, then maybe tomorrow it will.

But what really keeps me from going nuts and eating a half gallon of ice cream like the old Sean is this: I know that straying from this road means certain death at a young age. If I throw it all away and get back up to 500 pounds, I'll be dead for sure before I'm 45. But in order to control my love of ice cream, I allow it, in a sensible-responsible portion. Usually in the form of a low fat vanilla soft serve cone. I know that might sound over the top dramatic, but that's exactly what it takes for me to transform. I have to take it that seriously. Not taking it so seriously in my past attempts is why I always failed. It was too easy to just say “oh well...just this one time.” And then the next thing you know, it's over...another failed attempt.

The great thing about changing the way I think about eating and exercising is, I no longer crave or look forward to some kind of future binge. I couldn't imagine doing that now. Every other time I tried to lose weight, I always looked forward to having a good reason to cut loose and eat whatever and how much ever. I don't have those fantasies anymore. That's a real good sign. That's the sign of real mental change. Because let me tell you something, I was bad...I was real bad.

These mental changes are bigger and more dramatic than any physical change you can see, believe me. I understand that we're all at different stages of our developing transformations. Maybe you're already at this point too, but if not...just hang in're going to get here, and when you do you'll now what I mean. Counting calories isn't something I'll do forever. But I needed it to show me what a portion was. I needed it as a way to see exactly what 1,500 calories a day looked like. That's why I count calories. Someday, when I'm completely at goal, when I spend time everyday sculpting my new body with weight training...I will not need calorie counting. I'll be able to enjoy a responsible meal, healthy snacks, normal portions. The mental changes made will insure that.

I’ve always had a love for acting inside me. But only since losing weight have I had the confidence to explore the actor in me that was just dying for direction. Tonight at rehearsal, I had one of those moments where I was in my own little world. I was on that stage, I was saying my lines---I was acting---but inside I was thinking: Is this really me? Seriously? It’s sometimes like a dream, I swear—I don’t want to ever wake up from this amazing fantasy come true. On Day 1, I couldn’t have imagined how this transformation road would change my life---and here on Day 660, I don’t think I can even fully comprehend where it’s headed. It’s freedom my friend. Freedom to live and dream without limits. Choose this freedom, because it is a choice, and as much as I pride myself on my ability to communicate---I can’t fully describe how incredible it feels. You have to feel this for yourself. And you can do it.

It’s official: I’m severely addicted to the Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran, and Whole Wheat Flour 60 calorie pita breads. Out of anything and everything I could have picked for dinner tonight, I chose to prepare two personal mushroom pita pizzas. The two pitas were 120 calories, 150 calories worth of mozzarella, 15 calories worth of mushrooms, and 30 calories for the pizza sauce. It adds up to: One of the most delicious calorie values I’ve ever enjoyed! 315 total calories---and look at that picture below…wow, now that’s eating!

Oh, by the way---The AOL profile is being released Friday at 2pm CDT. You can check it out then at AOL’s I’m so honored that they’ve included me! If you would have told me 660 days ago, that I would be associated anywhere close to a web page dedicated to health and fitness, I would have laughed really hard. Somebody pinch me.

Thank you for reading. If you’re new to this blog, and seriously interested in my approach---I highly recommend you read from Day 1 for a complete perspective of this journey away from morbid obesity. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

So incredibly delicious—and at 320 calories total, an amazing calorie value!

Birthday money with a big 500 pound-plus “before” face…

Picture snapped today---wearing a Yankees t-shirt gifted to me by someone special. And seriously, you know they must be special---because I’ve been a KC Royals fan since birth—My uncle Keith will be so disappointed to see this picture.

Join today and let's get hydrated! Yay for water!


  1. Sean, I always drink that amount of water (or more each day), so I guess I am in.

  2. Sean, Sean, Sean... a Yankees shirt? You should be ashamed.

  3. I never tire of seeing before and after photos. That is just amazing! I love your old thoughts as well as new. Mmmm those pita pizza pockets look yummy.

  4. Hey Sean ... I must have misunderstood. I left a comment on Kenz's blog about drinking water but never really said I was in on the challenge. Well, count me in if you could please. I don't usually have a problem drinking my water, but some days I might slack a bit. I'll try out the challenge. Thanks!

  5. Sean, K C Royals fans will forgive you!!! We know that the shirt and someone in New York are special to you. GO ROYALS

    Sandy in Belton Mo

  6. Oh my gosh...that pizza looks scrumptious!!!

  7. I'm in!! Crystal light packets in the water is ok... Right?

  8. I love the fact that you still take such great pleasure in eating good food! I think many people forget to enjoy what they eat...far fewer French people are obese (compared to Americans), and one reason for that is, I believe, they savor delicious meals. Today I picked a basket of beautiful bing cherries from my own tree and felt so happy while eating a delectable serving!

  9. Ummm. PEWC. Is thatpronounced, "Puke"?

    Sorry. Couldn't resist. I joined the challenge on Kenz's blog--but didn't catch the acronym til now. :D


    I'm just tooo funny, huh? lol

  10. I posted on Kenz's blog, but I'll state here as well that I'm in on the water challenge. Perfect summer challenge with the heat and outdoor activities.

    Even though I'm from around Chicago, I love a good thin crust pizza. I make mine with a low fat/low carb/whole wheat tortilla, a serving of pizza sauce, veggies (mushrooms are a must!), and some low fat cheese. For 3 points, I'm in pizza heaven!

    I need to stop reading your blog at night. LOL After looking at the pics of yummy pizzas for the last 3 days, I'm now hungry. Good thing I have some points left today. Midnight snack!

  11. Sorry Royals fans..I'm not trying to convert him. It's Jeter shirt..and everyone loves Derek Jeter! :)

    The pita pizza is continuing to rock my world. I want one so I'll look forward to you making me one soon. You're going to be a busy, err, busier guy. :)

    The water challenge is going to rock! I'll update our participants in the morning..:)


  12. Was yesterday your birthday? If so, Happy Belated birthday!

    I like the pizza, save the mushrooms (not big on those)! Good choices!

    I actually got pulled back from drinking 64 oz of water because of retention, can you believe it!? Something good for me, was actually not good for me. Don't figure. I'll get there!

  13. George SteinbrennerJuly 9, 2010 at 7:16 AM

    Sean... *Darth breathing* welcome my young apprentice to the dark side *Darth breathing*

  14. You know what? I'm in. I am committing myself to you and this challenge and I will take this first simple step to a healthier me.
    Thank you for the challenge I needed!

  15. I am having a HORRID time trying to get my water in! It works best for me if I drive through kwik serv or sonic and get a 44 ounce ice water (then refill it later with 20 more ounces). Somehow my mind thinks it is less "watery" and more "soda". LOL crazy. Regardless, I've even quit that..and that's not me IN!

  16. Anonymous from 10am---your name? So we can include you on the list...

    If you don't mind...

    Steinbrenner---Do you drink enough water?

  17. OK, I'm in with the water. Just so you know, reader, 64 pounds are 1,8 liters. Just in case you are metric =)

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